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looking for racing equipment
11-02-2010 12:08:17 PM CST
anyone getting out of racing and have equipment for sale let me know racingkid2008@yahoo.com

11-02-2010 7:17:40 AM CST
Thanks to Hudson and the Webbers for another great year. See you all at Hudson and STAR in 2011.

Roadrunner Points
11-02-2010 6:57:36 AM CST
Whats up with the Roadrunner points?

to rob g
11-01-2010 9:24:04 PM CST
The mustang was running with the open rookie cause all he had to run were race tires an the roadrunner run street tires. He came down from Lee after they where done. He was running 10" slicks.

rob g
11-01-2010 8:48:52 PM CST
did anyone vidio the open rookie race on 10 30 10what was up with the red mustang started in the rear and finished 4th want a clip on that whaT A SHOW

11-01-2010 2:55:39 PM CST
car is pretty bad but still drives good did not howler i was gana do flag pole but that dident happen call me we can set something up 978 804 0380

to 86rr
11-01-2010 12:13:06 PM CST
im interested in the integra you have, where are you located? was it a howler car? how rough is it? could possibly pick up this weekend

11-01-2010 10:14:38 AM CST
Thank you to all the people who made this year’s Howler possible. It was a great time.

hudson fan
11-01-2010 10:11:54 AM CST
how much are rookie stock tires and where do you get them?

4 cly enduro
11-01-2010 9:11:53 AM CST
I cant belive some people!! You cant see the flag man!?!? Like I said in my first post I saw the whole thing. He was getting BLACK flaged for at least 8 to 10 laps that I saw maybe more. The flag man is not up there for his heath he is up there for the drivers heath/safety! Lets say he missed the black flag for the first 2-3 laps that still gave him at least 5 laps to see it. This is a big boy and girl sport and if they don't follow rules this is what happens. With a little common sense this could all have been avoided. I myself don't want anyone to get hurt no matter how much a mooron they are. Every time something like this happens it risk's the tracks well being (the town won't keep issuing a license if some one gets killed) accidents happen but the ones that can be avioded hurt everyone the most.

11-01-2010 8:50:27 AM CST
dont forget, there are lights on the track when the red flag comes out. i know it's hard to see threw the smoke at the begining but when you have 30 cars left running it's not that hard.

enduro racing
11-01-2010 8:33:00 AM CST
You have a very good point about the flags,some enduro guys are grabbing a car showing up at the track not having a clue about racing and the flags. It would be interested to find out how many enduro drivers actually are at the drivers meeting? I see most of them in the stands then going to their cars prior to the race. Maybe the track should have a mandatory driver meeting for the enduros only to go over the flags etc... Possibly calling out their names in the meeting and if they are not there they dont go onto the track. I think some guys are showing up just for the thrill of crashing someone showing off in front of their friends or family. If you are in the pits and see someone that is going to be in the enduros with you talk with them ask them if they understand what the flags are etc? We are all one group and should look out for each others safety and provide a great race for the fans. The fans are looking for banging crashing but not looking to see someone get deliberatly hit to either injure or get killed.

4cyl enduro
11-01-2010 7:35:41 AM CST
when theres over 100 cars what do you expect is going to happen. its not as easy to see the flags as you may think. its a mess out there. your lucky if you can see your hood.

11-01-2010 7:24:05 AM CST
in racing there is always going to be the risk of getting hurt. you can not control it. BUT, you can cut down that risk a lot if you have safety on your mind. i love the howeler. who doesnt want to see "carnage"? but at what expense!?? i have been racing since 1999 and not once have i ever been in a car with out a roll cage. it boggle's my mind why you enduro drivers done protect yourself more. i know some will say that it's enduro's and can not afford a roll cage or fire suit, but how much is your life worth? i wrecked my car this yr 2 race's into the season and even with my roll cage, racing seat, and 5 point harness i broke my foot. had i not had one of those, it would have been a lot worse. i know before i hit the track again next yr, i will have all my safety equipment checked. will you? you can have the biggest balls in the world. but that means $#it when your lying in a hospital or pos worse and having your family watch you... jmo

4 cly enduro
11-01-2010 5:55:02 AM CST
"This was his first enduro" That is my point. I could care less about dumping cars thats part of the game and you get what you give. My point is paying attention if he did, this would not have happened. They have a manditory drivers meeting and should make all "new" drivers stick around for a flag lesson. You can't even ride go carts without having to listen to the rules first. Bottom line is his own ignorance is what got him in this position. AGAIN I hope he is ok.

roland coutu car #26
11-01-2010 5:28:34 AM CST
there is nothing wrong with showing a pic of the car.its just what can happen. i bet that kid will be back when he is better,im sure. i would and lots of others would and do too.

11-01-2010 5:01:05 AM CST
there are kids that read this too, watch your language.

4cy; emduro driver update
10-31-2010 9:51:33 PM CST
first off to the guy above me idn if you race in the howler but it was the kids first time hes 19 u dont really pay attention ive raced it 6 years now and i only know its a red fleg by the lights on the track he was having fun and sorry buddy but "dumping people" is y people like the howler its part of the race now on the "cluless in enduro" ur a douche bag that kid wants people to se his car hes not a pussy thats y he knows shit happens maybe your clueless dude im his best friend im not braging just showing people the car like he wants me to do so fuck off

an other veiw
10-31-2010 9:18:16 PM CST
i would go out there in a shoping cart rotted fram broken suspention what ever hamer down didnt mater any thing i could get so im crazy i got balls no one messes with me then one day mr ambullance driver came to town brains are what i was lacking when that monty drove through me safty is not being a pussy its just plain smart jr is right cause any thing can happen

roland coutu car #26
10-31-2010 8:12:07 PM CST
we all know what can happen when u go out there, u take the chance.i do every year. never 1 time have i run a car in the howler with a bar at all in it.if u play buy the rules it not that bad if u dump every 1 u will get pay back.i have done it my self. this past weekend at the howler i hit one of the full size vans head on got hit in the driver side buy a nother car had 2 flats and striped the steering box. thats how hard i hit the van . i felt it and im sure he did to.HOPE EVERY ONE HAD AS MUCH FUN AS I DID. and i only made 3 laps just have fun and stop the crying yes someone got hurt but its not the first time and it willn't be the last.we are racing not taking a walk.

clueless in enduro
10-31-2010 6:50:02 PM CST
what friend brags online going to put pictures on line to show how his buddy almost got killed.. some of you enduro drivers are just clueless

need better rules for enduros
10-31-2010 6:38:35 PM CST
this just proves that some guys going on the track racing dont care .. what the flagman does or say shame someone has to get hurt cause they cant tell what the colors of a flag man mean or just plan ignorant in racing. There is more to racing then putting a helmet on your head

Johnny Reefer 11x
10-31-2010 4:59:24 PM CST
to 4 cyl enduro update,i have been there getting t boned memorial day 07 at hudson on purpose. broken leg hip pelves ribs culapts lung head injurie.i now walk to the left better due to left side wait (metel plates). Hopefully he went to brigams, thats who saved my life. No bars is nuts. I didnt see what that other guy said, but i did watch a volvo with the hood up taking out every one he could. He failed trying to get the winner two or three times. take it from me, its retarded to go out there with no bars,it reely is.Any way, hope your friend comes out of this.

4 cly enduro
10-31-2010 3:52:18 PM CST
First I hope he is ok! I saw that whole thing happen if he was paying attention to the flag man this would have never happened!! He was getting BLACK flagged for at least 8 laps prior to the hit for a flat tire that was sparking very bad. He was to busy dumping anyone that he could in stead of watching the flag man. The only problem with driving that dirty is that it's only a matter of time before someone dumps you back and thats what happened, he got dumped right in front of a bunch of cars with nowhere to go but right into him. Again if he was paying attention he would be telling good howler stories today instead of getting surgery. Hope he gets better soon!

4 cyl driver update
10-31-2010 3:04:47 PM CST
the kid who got tboned is my buddy i gave him the car i was out of the race by then he was hit so hard that his seat broke off its rails and his shifter is bent ill put pics up later he went into surgery this morning dislocated hip and a 2in section of his femer is missing up by his hip got it bad but hes hanging in there thanks for the concern

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