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Nichols Racing
02-25-2011 7:46:36 PM CST
Never believe the bull***t you hear at a T-Bones in Hudson. The plans for Hudson are the same as every other year for the last 65+ years. Hudson WILL be open early May. Don't fret about the schedule. It will be coming along. Don't worry. It will have little change, if any, from previous years. Get ready for another great season at Hudson International Speedway.

johnny R
02-25-2011 8:52:07 AM CST
they never put the race dates out till one month before, why should this year be any differant. relax, you will be racing in may.

whats the deal with racing at Hudson
02-24-2011 9:01:41 PM CST
Did I hear right that Hudson has decided not to run this year and just have racing at Star? or is this all rumor? Makes sense that a schedule isnt getting posted??? This info was coming from a table at T bones Hudson

Changed price to B/O
02-24-2011 3:14:44 PM CST
I had several inquires If I would do Best Offer so I have changed the price to reflect that. Will even throw in fire suite LG and few helmets if you stick to the asking price rookie /street stock for sale 02-19-2011 10:32:42 AM CST HAVE A 1979 CAMARO ROOKIE/STREET STOCK 350 2BBL 30 0VER AUTOMATIC 2 spd SOLID CAR TURN KEY $3,500 B/O.. contact racingkid2008@yahoo.com

02-23-2011 8:03:36 AM CST
definetly with the 11x. i saw that car run last year and everything he says about it is true.

02-22-2011 8:16:36 PM CST
am i better off buying that 11x neon race car or racing with the elantra?

re jason
02-21-2011 10:31:38 PM CST
buy a car already built may save you several hundred dollars... if it has an 8 cyl in it so what enter it in the thunderlights just put some 4 cyl name on the side and your alset!! all the other divisions dont go by the rules. why start something new...

02-21-2011 9:01:30 PM CST
I saw two people go through all the work of building a car [hyundia] they both blue up. one on the first day, first warm up, second lap. the other i cant remember,not long though. dont waist your time. buy the time you add the costs, pay for the car, cage, seat, cell, belts, ext. you could buy a race ready winner for the same money

02-21-2011 6:48:50 PM CST
does anybody know what websites you can go on to get racing parts and such for a thunderlight/ roadrunner race car ?

winning roadrunner $1600
02-21-2011 4:24:37 PM CST
johnny reefer prepaired 97 dodge neon, race ready. $900 worth of speed parts, plus work that i do makes this car a winner. two feature wins in 2010, top three car on any day. i missed 12 races, and still got 5th in points. this is the third winning neon i built, you can win to with my help $1600 603-494-9238

hey jason
02-21-2011 12:39:45 PM CST
your suppose to stay within 1985-1997 models.. in the thunderlight division..according to the website.Rules at hudson well lets just say most drivers that come into Hudson do their own rule interputation... your choice if you abide by the rules but you wont be competitve if you do!!

02-21-2011 11:24:09 AM CST

do you guys think a 2001 hyndeui elantra is a good car for thunderlight divison ?

rookie /street stock for sale
02-19-2011 10:32:42 AM CST
HAVE A 1979 CAMARO ROOKIE/STREET STOCK 350 2BBL 30 0VER AUTOMATIC 2 spd SOLID CAR TURN KEY $3,500 CASH FIRM.. contact racingkid2008@yahoo.com

River Hunter
02-18-2011 5:35:42 PM CST
Bobby Santos III has qualified for tomorrows Nationwide Race at Daytona. Maybe he will be at Star this year for a race

02-16-2011 1:39:33 PM CST
looking for 80's monte body panels for rookie stock. 620-0189 thanks

02-15-2011 8:58:10 AM CST
Hey JOE COOL, Mustangs or VW is the way to go with the thunder lites. All you need is a good cage and some experince and your kid (or you) would be great.

Leon 13K Road Runner
02-14-2011 11:24:14 AM CST
The money is part of it, thats a huge purse for a mid season race. i dont know if it even counts towards the weekly STAR championship. but i think its the love for Star Speedway and the love for RACING thats bringing so many people out for it. The racing community is pretty close and knowing that the profits are going to help those who were turned away in 2008 and 2009 when asking for their earned money, these guys are going to help each other out. June 4th is going to be the biggest night in Modified racing in the north east in many many many yeats. Allstar caliber drivers and teams are coming out for that one.

Star being nascar licensed
02-14-2011 9:55:30 AM CST
I thought with the schedule they have done .. that some of the big attractions would show up if it was 'nascar" sanctioned... because the race would not count towards points outside their sanction??? I know they are coming for the money but why race at a track and cant get both?

Leon 13K Road Runner
02-11-2011 11:25:45 AM CST
Someone creect me if im wrong on this but Star is NOT going back to NASCAR as far as i know. Claremont MIGHT but they have an issue with monadnock also being a NASCAR track and them both running saturday nights now. Hudson has the rules posted, its pretty simple to follow just print it off and check you car. Lots of gray areas to work with which can be used to your advantage. are the rules the same for both tracks? id have to think yes

No schedule for 2011 here
02-10-2011 9:44:00 PM CST
So it looks at this point is Hudson not doing a schedule on line? Or is all the racing going to be just at Star this year?

02-09-2011 11:48:27 AM CST
In reference to "TECH" inspections i believe they didnt for the most part at hudson was to keep getting cars every weekend.. STAR had Nascar sanctioned races in the past and I believe they are required by nascar to do tech inspections(correct me if I am wrong). So i would go through your car get it as up to date as possible to what they require. I dont know if STAR has their NASCAR license back as of yet..but with tech inspection it will finally make all divisions fair for all that compete

02-09-2011 7:24:06 AM CST
I see on the Star website there is a point of contact, Russ Nutting, for questions regarding tech in the Rookie, Road Runner, and Outlaw divisions. Does this mean there will actually be tech inspections? Anyone know what they will be looking for? These divisions have been rud wide open for the past few years, just wondering if that was going to change and if I'm going to have to make any changes. Thanks

02-09-2011 7:20:45 AM CST
Get a mustang they fly. The little kid that raced thunderlights in the first few races last year moved up to road runners won races with the older people and used the same car!!

02-08-2011 1:39:49 PM CST
As I mentioned earlier go onto craigslist and in the search area type "race car" go to the different states nh,me,vt... you may luck out there are several cars in maine right now that may be perfect for your division and cost..Good Luck.....

02-07-2011 9:00:17 PM CST

does anyone know where i can find a cheap crx under a grand ?

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