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car 31
07-07-2011 2:19:15 PM EST
hey thanks race fan ill pass that along to the driver ..

Leon 13K
07-07-2011 12:56:08 PM EST
its pretty Clear that the "powers that be" dont read this. if they did this part of the site would be pulled

Race fan
07-07-2011 12:32:56 PM EST
This weeks winners, TL 42, RR 07, Rookies 31, Outlaws 12.

07-07-2011 10:51:02 AM EST
Davey jones.. I'm whatching nature take its course as i view my kittens breast feed..

Davey Jones
07-07-2011 9:05:34 AM EST
so whats everyone up to

nice mouth
07-06-2011 7:51:46 PM EST
u no there r kids they go on here and read this crap..I mean really?????

07-06-2011 7:34:12 PM EST
31 it may be hurtful but true

car 31
07-06-2011 6:53:53 PM EST
well thats just hurtfull....lmao

dick head
07-06-2011 6:51:30 PM EST
rules rules the only rules at hudson or star is to suck fat webbers dick ask the 21 teams im sure they know

07-06-2011 9:10:26 AM EST
I see an image of E.T oh wait thats the 31

Ken Robinson   speedracer13440@yahoo.com
07-05-2011 8:18:20 PM EST
Wow thanks guys for all of that cool info! Hopefully I can get it all done this year so it'll be ready for the 2012 season.would it be possible to contact ben brown to see if he had any photos or videos of the car while he had it?? I live in Utica,NY,but the car is being worked on in Rome,NY at the welding & fab shop.I assume Corrie got it from Ben & then I got it from Corrie.I tried to get some more info on the car from Corrie(pics,vids,anything),however I havent heard from him since I bought the car;he hasnt returned any calls or emails.I tried looking for archived pics at all of those speedway websites but I couldn't find anything there either.The car once it's done will run at Thunder Alley Speedpark in Evans Mills,NY.Any photos or videos of the car would be greatly appreciated! I think it would be cool to contact Ben & show him what the car looks like now;if he's still around.Thanks agin guys you've been great!

Ken Robinson   speedracer13440@yahoo.com
07-05-2011 8:06:05 PM EST

and if you look real close at this pic,you can see the old #37 in the lexan....

Ken Robinson   speedracer13440@yahoo.com
07-05-2011 8:03:01 PM EST

...and here is a pic with the new body on it;from the left side....

Ken Robinson   speedracer13440@yahoo.com
07-05-2011 8:01:16 PM EST

OK here is a pic of what the car looked like when I got it....

Leon 13K
07-05-2011 3:47:15 PM EST
i thought the 10 Corrie had was a Jetta, i might be wrong about it. that was before i started racing there and only remember him racing one time in 2009 with it. Black #10 i think.

07-05-2011 1:54:57 PM EST
I love that people complain about a 14year old racecar driver...The people Derek races against get to drive to work, drive to the grocery store, drive to pick up thier 14 year old kid...the only time Derek gets to drive is at the track. He has to drive his Huffy around all week, and he still has better skills than all these clowns!! How can you not love this kid? Keep it up Derek!!

vw owner
07-05-2011 1:04:23 PM EST
im pretty sure that the car in question was bought by corrie merrit and run in the roadrunners at hudson in 2008-2009 he even won a few races with it. He's at hudson every sunday and would prolly answer any questions you may have.

Re :Derek
07-05-2011 11:39:38 AM EST
I get a kick out of reading all these people bashing Derek.. If someone can go to an OUTLAW from his division and be competitive... He deserves all the praise and support he gets.. So he beats your brother father sister on the track in the outlaws... Isnt this what Hudson Speedway is all about gaining the knowledge moving up in divisions?

Nichols Racing
07-05-2011 10:53:55 AM EST
There was a VW Scirroco that ran under the # 37 that belonged to Ben Brown of Epping. It was run at Star, Lee, White Mountain. It could be the same one.

Ken Robinson   speedracer13440@yahoo.com
07-05-2011 8:58:56 AM EST
hello;my name is Ken,and I am looking for any information on a race car I bought from someone in MA. back in 2010.The car is a vw scirocco;and the previous owner claimed it was raced previously at NH & MA.The car used to have car #'s 10 & 37.any photos of this car or any other info would be greatly appreciated,as the P.O. didnt tell me much.my email is: speedracer13440@yahoo.com thanks in advance! Ken

car 31
07-04-2011 5:15:06 PM EST
dont be a hater slika doesent suck , he just blew the rearend gears i gave him 2 years ago ...lol

slicka sucks
07-04-2011 4:22:56 PM EST
whats wrong with the 8 ball is he all washed up? is he a one hit wonder? im sure his next good finish will be from the pole

poor kitty
07-04-2011 2:03:42 PM EST
oops sorry i just ran over 2 cats maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

07-04-2011 1:02:27 PM EST
enough of this race talk.. lets talk cats!!!! put your name and how many felines you own!!!!!!

RE: Derek
07-04-2011 12:34:33 PM EST
Derek: stop trying to defend yourself. all these no name son here are idiots that know very little to nothing about racing. you are one hell of an amazing driver with a strong car. i'm sure it is just a legal as the next one. the point of the outlaws are to have open rules. keep up the good work. seems like you have a sloid crew and a great grasp on what is going on when you are on the track. we'll all be hearing your name in Nascar soon. maybe then everyone can stop bitching about a kid who kicks the crap out of the competion

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