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Russ Nutting
03-24-2011 1:30:46 PM CST
Has anyone talked to Russ Nutting, the tech guy, about what he's going to be teching over at Star for the Rookies?

Jason Carroll   jason@angrypork.com
03-21-2011 6:49:07 AM CST
Johnny, I'll be back out there with the Infiniti, glad to hear you'll have the neon back out there! Lots to do in the next month!

03-19-2011 5:46:01 PM CST
no time to work on car gana miss start of season sux

johnny reefer 11x
03-19-2011 4:11:42 PM CST
hey jason, hope you and the missis had a good winter. did you build a new car, or will you run the same one like myself. right now im stuck between coats painting a car. its to nice out to be here.

DJT   DJTexc@verizon.net
03-19-2011 4:10:25 PM CST
Rookie Stock for sale, Roller, just put your engine and trany in and go racing. Seat, belts, fuel cell, gauges, roll bar its all there. $1,100.00 or B.O.

Jason Carroll   jason@angrypork.com
03-18-2011 9:18:55 AM CST
Look to your left.....the schedule is up.

wundering fan
03-18-2011 9:15:19 AM CST
what the f are they waiying 4 to post the schudle may be christmas

03-17-2011 9:45:05 PM CST
ment just wondering on the grade.

johnny r 11x
03-17-2011 3:19:01 PM CST
good one, i wonder what grade just a fan is in.

Leon 13K Road Runner
03-17-2011 3:01:47 PM CST
on track meet and greet day/night would be great. Monadnock and Twin State do one a year. I love being apart of that as a driver and would love to see Hudson do one. That is if im in a high enough grade in school to figure out how to get to Hudson.

03-17-2011 7:12:51 AM CST
GREAT IDEA and didnt they years ago allow the fans to come down on the track and do autograph signing pictures with the drivers?

03-17-2011 12:04:12 AM CST
Have a bunch of monte stuff if any one is looking 603-488-5362

03-17-2011 12:04:05 AM CST
Have a bunch of monte stuff if any one is looking 603-488-5362

just a fan
03-16-2011 10:38:12 PM CST
i think they should offer little things like giving kids rides arond the track in the race cars like they did back in the day.

Re: Leon
03-16-2011 12:47:22 PM CST
Leon,I have been a fan of Hudson for almost 30 years. At one time Hudson had bleachers at the top both sides and Full. The place still looks the same other than what was just mentioned. There has been years there wasnt even racing every weekend. So you have a good heart thinking all these wonderful things,but never going to happen at Hudson. The days unfortunately are numbered and with Star opening this maybe the nail in the coffin, regardless how much history this place has. It will be a sad day when it does,but your just to young to understand the economy and reality.

Just wondering...
03-16-2011 12:10:23 PM CST
Leon what grade are you in?

Leon 13K Road Runner
03-16-2011 11:55:22 AM CST
The topic of repaving came up at Monadnock and the figure was something around $140,000 to do it RIGHT. its not going to happen. Could put down some patch in the 2 big holes and maybe seal it? The problem is once you do that you will not be able to have the flag pole races anymore. The cars running around on rims, dragging parts and grinding stuff around, the asphalt will just get ruined. Face it stuff isn't as good a quality today as it used to be, Pavement is no acception. think of how fast highways and roads fall apart laity.

all great ideas/but lets Race
03-16-2011 10:19:27 AM CST
As you pointed out the track condition possibly has another 1 -3 yrs before its gone completly. Just a matter of time some sunday a good wreck and metal from a car goes into one of those cracks rips up the track and thats it for racing. The parking in the fields cant happen it was purchased by a contractor for house/condos. Contractor was smart he would open it and charge like $5 a car. Or make agreement with the office building from the pits. Get the parking out of the pit area could enlarge the pits.

johnny r 11x
03-16-2011 8:03:47 AM CST
back in 70 or 71 wend the tate bro. got the track from the late oscar riddlen, they paved it. but thats big $$$$$, that will never hapen. would be nice though to patch that hole in the middle of the back strech on the out side.like i said, a little paint, and a little carpentry wouldent be to costly with free labor.

03-16-2011 7:26:14 AM CST
Buy the land across the street for spectator parking, then buy the houses on the 3rd and 4th turn area and knock them down and put another pit area. When that happens pave the track. Also free slushies for drivers and crew. I gotta play the Powerball and if I win thats what I will do.

silly season at Hudson
03-15-2011 9:57:44 PM CST
painting putting up new bleachers now paving is this silly season at Hudson or what?

03-15-2011 6:40:03 PM CST

how much do you think it would cost to get hudson repaved ?

Leon 13K Road Runner
03-15-2011 1:04:57 PM CST
Personally i dont have the history at Hudson but ill tell you what, over the last 3 years... its become my "Home Track" any open 4 cyl shows ive raced at that ask for your home track when registering i PROUDLY write in Hudson International Speeedway! No other track provides what Hudson does. it might not be the most beautiful looking place in the world but damn it looks dont mean anything. the greatest weekly RACING goes on there even if the divisions rules are a general guideline of what to try. we all know and understand thats how it is and you get some great racing with "open show" type rules in my opinion. Fresh paint, mow the grass, pick up the parts of flagpole cars, stack the tires fill in the holes and were ready for another great year at hudson international

Just a Spectator
03-15-2011 11:21:47 AM CST
From a casual fan that attends just several times a year.... Is Hudson a great family outing on occasion? Absolutely! Affordable? Yup. Unique? Where else can you see spectator drags and a flagpole race? Could the track use some spit and polish? Sure. Are there capital expenses that are needed? I don't know, but suspect there may be and if the track is already in the red, that may be a challenge. I'll bet, however, that those brighter than myself could figure out ways to do it. Many have already been mentioned.. Maybe some different things.. What about venues other than what is offered today? Monster trucks? Demo derby? Concert?.... It would be a shame to lose a precious resource like Hudson Speedway.

03-15-2011 9:38:25 AM CST
i wish they had strictly at star.

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