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1 on 1
05-10-2011 8:07:05 AM CST
"Recon John" was the only on to beat "The villan dillon" back in the day. They had some great races. That was some funny stuff.

05-10-2011 7:18:19 AM CST
Shane dillion or ron lord

bitch sessions
05-09-2011 10:00:31 PM CST
funny how cars that are not legal or street stocks in the rookie division.. seem to want people to shut up in here when they are discussing rules. Cant compete in other tracks so they come to Hudson take the division away from true rookie cars.

1 on 1's
05-09-2011 7:46:12 PM CST
who was the best 1 on 1 racer of all time at hudson speedway ?

car 31
05-09-2011 11:39:36 AM CST
why is everything a bitch session , if you dont like his tire prices its simple....dont buy them from him. no one said you have to ,just make shure you buy the right tire and it wont matter where its from !!!

05-09-2011 3:18:20 AM CST
Dont understand why there is an issue that your required to run the tires stated? All the rest of the rules are out the window.... Run what you can afford to put on your car !!! Why a tire guy at Hudson ridiculous????

05-08-2011 9:44:39 PM CST
My picks for the Championships are rookies 8ball roadrunners either the 7 or the 47 thunderlites 42jr outlaws 42

johnny r 11x
05-08-2011 10:04:34 AM CST
NOTE-- tire warehouse has falkins, it just takes a week after you pay to get them. thats how it is in manchester any way. price was $100 with free mounting and disposal. but if your at the track and need tires, would you bring tires, mount and dispose for less then $120 with gas prices like they are, i know i wouldent. thats a fair price, plus even street tires have gone up.

05-08-2011 8:09:43 AM CST

Jessie   jessie@angrypork.com
05-08-2011 6:15:10 AM CST
No, first race is on the 15th.

05-07-2011 8:05:25 PM CST

so wait, is there a hudson race tommorow or not ??

05-07-2011 4:31:51 PM CST
who's gonna win the championships

johnny r 11x
05-07-2011 11:41:25 AM CST
pit gate opens at 3pm i just paid $100 a peace at tire warehouse on gold st mounting was free but it took a week to get them but thats ok

05-06-2011 3:25:08 PM CST
what time do gates open at star tomorrow night

Leon 13K
05-06-2011 2:35:24 PM CST
also having a local garage sponsor i get all my mounts and dismouts for free, only a $2 disposal fee (basically paying the tire truck price) i know some people dont have that luxury so for others thats a good deal. i dunno. just hard to pay out $20 more a tire

Leon 13K
05-06-2011 2:28:43 PM CST
120 is nuts. you dont dispose of old falkens when they are no good you throw em on an enduro car and run them till they shred. haha! 8 inch American Racer mini stock tires go for $117 with mounting. im with Loren $105 is reasonable. but i can buy them on tires.com for 100 a piece free shipping delivered to your door via UPS

8 ball
05-06-2011 12:03:28 PM CST
no more flag pole figure 888888 now

Joe Gilbert
05-05-2011 5:34:45 PM CST
They doing any Figure 8s this year?

car # 26
05-05-2011 4:29:35 PM CST
so u pay 100 at town fair 5 to dismount 5 to mount and 5 to get rid of old tire that brings u to 115 so for 5 more u dont have to drive to go get them time and money saved

05-05-2011 8:25:44 AM CST
It also includes the convienence of having the tires right there at the track for you. No having to pay for shipping or money for gas to go pick 'em up.

Jason Carroll   jason@angrypork.com
05-05-2011 7:28:52 AM CST
Keep in mind his pricing includes mounting and tire disposal.

05-04-2011 8:06:49 PM CST
hey tire guy will you for sure have tires (falkens) this saturday cuz i would rather help you out but integra is right 120 thats crazy can get online for 85 pluss add 10each for shipping or town fair for 98 w no shipping cost an takes 3 days so il offer you 105 ea and il probably get at least 6 throughout season up to you dont mind paying a little more to get at track but 120 is to much let me kno if dont hear from ya then town fair it is

05-04-2011 9:21:18 AM CST
120 for falkens thats crazy 100 more reasonable

05-04-2011 9:15:35 AM CST
good morning! best wishes to snuggles whos going into the vet today due to a kettle cough illness brought on by the harsh winter, snuggles will have shots updated too! we met snuggles via mr. bojangles who ive owned since 2003 and is celebrating an 8th b-day soon! best wishes! for assistance in feline freinds contact squeaky 475-9837

Race fan
05-04-2011 8:05:31 AM CST
No kidding! And a dollar will last forever if you dont spend it!?!? The point is that the Indy 500's will last the season and still give great performance where as the American racers lose performance right away. Some guys put 4 new ones on every week. (last years champ)

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