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re:calico cat
05-20-2011 12:42:13 PM CST
I would put the cat on the track duct tape a camera on his head .. we could have our own Gopher cam!! Kitty cam

05-20-2011 10:47:22 AM CST
hello! i have a 7 month old calico kitten whos playful and adventurous! he seems to take a liken to racecars, what is it a good starter division for him?

05-20-2011 8:44:37 AM CST
looking for a thundelight/ roadrunner for sale around 900 race ready! let me know

05-20-2011 8:40:22 AM CST
anyone looking to buy a race car spend some time in craigslist and search on "race car" there are cars from all divisions in NH, MA, VT, ME.

Re: eh
05-20-2011 8:00:34 AM CST
like what ?

05-19-2011 11:49:06 PM CST
not for $1000 its all there but needs some work to be competitive.

car 23
05-19-2011 9:20:33 PM CST
do u guys think its worth it to buy dat red number 7 thunderlight car from last year ? that escort ?

Re: 26
05-19-2011 9:10:50 PM CST
If people want to push an issue on here they have every right.. so take ur sorry azz car and shove it

car 31
05-19-2011 8:52:57 PM CST
roland i agree 100 percent !

car # 26 roland
05-19-2011 5:22:38 PM CST
everyone just shut up and race if he sucks so bad go out and beat him most biching dont even run in that class.

Leon 13K
05-19-2011 5:18:29 PM CST
rules like that had an original intent of keeping high dollar teams from dropping down and dominating. The rookie stocks are not ROOKIES anymore. Appropriate actions were taken. You cant say they only care about car counts cause they are out one car for the next two weeks. If something like that happens again i'm sure the penalties will be harsher. The track DID something! as always for some people, nothing short of his head would be acceptable.

05-19-2011 3:33:12 PM CST
Well its ok for dickless to take a lap car out.. and there is no need to change the rules? He is from a higher division he doesnt belong in a rookie class!! Just what I thought Star is going to be run like Hudson.. All they are concerned about how many cars show up.. regardless how much of a azz the driver may be..

05-19-2011 3:15:33 PM CST
steve dickey's a faggot, just leave it at that (:

Leon 13K
05-19-2011 11:56:15 AM CST
yea thats smart.. start taking people out that you dont like.. When someone innocent gets collected then what? or worse someone gets hurt cause of it. Hes very aggressive. It dont matter in what weather it be rookie stocks or a charity kart race or anything. No reason to toss him out for good just cause hes been in higher divisions. The principal of that rule is no longer needed in today's world of racing. The rules need an update really. It also says in the rules leave your doors clear and the track will assign you a number

05-19-2011 10:03:55 AM CST
HEY NOW! We're all friends here...

05-19-2011 9:59:11 AM CST
If you call him a showstopper? A showstopper who can drive a race car clean and win!! Maybe drivers should get together to give him a taste of his medicine.. have a little pot going in the pits who can!!

Re: Andy
05-19-2011 9:54:02 AM CST
I agree with Andy. That's one hell of a car.

05-19-2011 8:51:24 AM CST
they will never kick dickie out they need him to stir things up ...the new showstopper.... they will never let him win.... he is just there for the show......

Race fan
05-19-2011 7:41:05 AM CST
Star has no rules on the website (only mod rules) So it is what it is till they post some. He sould have passed on the outside and we would not be talking about it, but he did'nt. After watching the video it looks like everyone has some work to do if they want to catch him or you could just have him thrown out!? Having him thrown out sounds like the easy road. Alot of drivers drive crazy in the rookies just because he is fast dont cry. I bet if he ran around the back after driving bush cars everone would be braging about beating him.

05-19-2011 7:09:40 AM CST
why are people bringing up rules? what rules... there are no rules! drive what you bring! pretty sure that's the only rule that applies!

Send Dickey Home!!
05-19-2011 7:02:56 AM CST
well its up to Star that they send Dickey home!! Dont let him in the pits... Simple rule as stated a HIGHER DIVISION driver is not allowed in a lower division!! Do something STAR before you have goon like this driver hurt someone!!DONT RUN STAR LIKE HUDSON LETTING DRIVERS TRASH OTHER CARS BECAUSE THEY ARE IDIOTS!!

Nichols Racing
05-18-2011 10:10:37 PM CST
On a more positive note, after watching the video, hats off to John Swain. The guy can really put a car together. Not only is that car fast, but it was handling extremely smooth! No sawing of the wheel in or out of corners, just point & go. Nice job, John.

05-18-2011 7:05:53 PM CST
are u guys talking about steve dickey?

2 weeks
05-18-2011 4:36:56 PM CST
thats not enough. hes an over grown little kid with a bad temper. Anything he races in he acts like this. rub against him and he wrecks you in return. its not funny its not a joke. He has no reason to even be in the division...."NO drivers from any higher division at any track, past or present, will be allowed to compete. Star and Hudson Enduro drivers are allowed and will retain their Enduro eligibility." straight off the Rookie Stock Rules. send his backside down the road till he can behave, or let some other track deal with his childish antics

spectator 73
05-18-2011 4:27:46 PM CST
your mother lol.. that was perfectly explained, if i can remember john swain owns that car and if hes smart hed take off his last name on the visor hahaha

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