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05-24-2011 10:45:45 AM CST

05-23-2011 10:04:04 PM CST
its not like he didnt have time to check on her,, he sat his ass in his car for 15 minutes on the infield while track officials worked with her. He never got out of the car

05-23-2011 9:39:44 PM CST
I know Walsh, and I dont think he would dump someone on purpose, its unfortunite that he didn't stop to check on her. I hope Jessica is OK.

05-23-2011 5:59:25 PM CST
stop asking so many questions and just buy a car. by now you could have built 3 of them.

05-23-2011 3:42:09 PM CST
if you guys were to buy a roadrunner/thunderlight from craigslist right now or from the ones listed on this site, which car would you buy?

05-23-2011 2:20:14 PM CST
to all the new and even some veterans out there, you have heard it before and here it is again. the race isnt won on the 1st lap it takes 8 duri ng qualifying and i believe 20 during the feature so lets use our heads and show each other a little respect , jessica will heal but what will happen with someone else another time?

Peter masson   mistapetey@gmail.com
05-23-2011 1:45:49 PM CST

FOR SALE : Street Stock/Super Street. #67 raced at Star Speedway. Complete race car plus all spare parts! Including all wheels and tires, 10 bolt chevy and ford 9" rear end set ups, disc brakes on both.Stock exhaust manifolds with exhaust system, or Headers with exhaust system. Complete engine and 3 speed manual trans., call for engine details(all good brand name parts and prof. built), includes spare block and engine parts. This car was never bent or wrecked, it is a race winner at Star Speedway Super Street division. This car will fit in at most tracks in many divisons. $5,000firm. Everything to go racing. We will seperate engine and car call for pricing. Race car is located in Lowell, MA For more details please Call Steve Masson (978)458-9083

Re: Captain Know-It All
05-23-2011 12:26:07 PM CST
Is Walsh a new division? Sometimes silence is golden.

Leon 13K
05-23-2011 10:34:26 AM CST
Walsh i believe.

05-23-2011 8:33:47 AM CST
What division are you guys talking about?

sunday race
05-23-2011 8:30:50 AM CST
well if someone wants to sign their name to a death wish for that division.. so be it.. they dont want to enforce any rules because it money in their back pocket for Hudson regardless who gets hurt

05-22-2011 9:14:39 PM CST
how much do u guys think the cars worth?

Leon 13K
05-22-2011 8:29:43 PM CST
2500 for a car that apparently has no brakes. he didnt even get out of the car to go see how she was after the wreck. wow. idc you dump someone like that you should atleast check on the person. or something.

RE: dink
05-22-2011 8:08:05 PM CST
and that guy wants 2500 for that car ya ok my ass

05-22-2011 7:08:14 PM CST
congrats to the #5 (Welsh) for not only driving threw the Del Sol but then not even having the decentcy to even approach someone that got taken off the track in and ambulance to check on their condition. Class act let me tell you.

05-22-2011 8:13:21 AM CST
the race is on yahoooooooooooooooo

Leon 13K
05-22-2011 7:36:52 AM CST

been too long, cant wait to be HOME! Preditions for today RS - 30, RR - 47, TL - 24, 4cyl - 17e, 8Cyl - 88.

05-21-2011 5:14:42 PM CST
FORSALE 2000 chevy cavalier caged stock car. Used in Thunderlights! Standard shift, new brakes and rotors, new rear wheel barrings and hubs, new competition clutch, removable steering wheel,new headers and cherry bomb muffler, kirby racing seat, electric done over with power panel switches. Comes with tandum wheel heavy duty trailer with wench and electric done over and lights. Ready for racing! 603-809-9173

05-21-2011 3:27:37 PM CST
ok Steve "swamp donkey" dickey. you always were your biggest fan

swamp donkey
05-21-2011 2:21:38 PM CST
Who ever he is or whatever he has driven, he puts on one hell of a show.

05-21-2011 6:39:05 AM CST
The PASS TOUR had a race that may have had many wrecks but atleast they werent trying to destroy cars like dickey... Plus a Modified driver as I heard Dickey was and know he is in a rookie car how embarrasing...

swamp donkey
05-20-2011 9:22:48 PM CST
When is that guy in the 1 rookie stock going to be racing at star speedway again? He was worth every penny I payed to get in and watch that night! all the other races were boring. Mod race was a fright train and the pass tour was a wreck fest. that rookie stock race was awesome!

roland car # 26
05-20-2011 3:28:57 PM CST
we can use the cat inplace of the tire for the flag pole race with the camera on his head to see what it looks like to be the tire getting smashed around

Re Cat
05-20-2011 1:32:38 PM CST
What division, put him in an outlaw, unless he,s a pussy

re:looking for thunderlight car
05-20-2011 12:44:03 PM CST
The person looking for the thunderlight cars there are a few on craigslist.. go look!! dont let the price scare you away bargain with them!!

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