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"The dog" is a joke
06-06-2011 12:15:19 PM EST
monadnock sucks! bunch of inbred hillbillys the only one that comes to Hudson cant even hold his own. when the Grand Enduro guys come over they have to bring Strickly's to race the enduros and cant even beat the 10 car. sad really. If they want to come over let them. we all know they wont step foot on hudson soil in solid numbers. Their Youth division cant even get around the track without some jabrone telling them how to pass each other.

discrepency cont'd

search you tube thunder light feature race 6-5-11 .... it won't let me post the link here ;-(

fan of 42jr
06-06-2011 11:31:48 AM EST
42jr got robbed,hopefully they will get it right next week.

disqualification discrepency
06-06-2011 10:56:22 AM EST
If this was a caution lap earlier in the race, 1st and 2nd place cars in the Thunder Light Feature would have gone to the back, and the 3rd place car would have moved to 1st place position, so .... why didn\\

fan of 42 Jr
06-06-2011 10:38:36 AM EST
The 42 Jr clearly won the thunder light race ... Lord never crossed the finish line. Search youtube thunder light feature 6-5-11 for the video it's REAL clear that she spun in front of Jarrod ... Soucy drives CLEAN. Now that she's got a win will they start her in back next week like they should ?? She's only in front EVERY heat, EVERY feature, EVERY week ..... what gives ?? Webber needs new glasses after that call .... the proof's in the pudding - it's awesome that you caught someone that had a half track lead !! Jarrod good luck next week !!! You had her covered buddy ;-)

not happy

wont let me post youtube link.go to youtube jarrod soucy

not happy

absolutely ridiculous the 42jr was penalized for contact that was the result of Lord loosing control. Watch YouTube video and you\\

Jason Carroll   jason@angrypork.com
06-06-2011 9:10:35 AM EST
Thanks Johnny, It is hard to tell what happened in the video, but no big deal....everything zip tied right back together!

Re: Neon
06-06-2011 8:59:20 AM EST
it does have a cage and belts and everything else just needs a motor, do you know where i could get one ?

johnny r 11
06-06-2011 8:44:25 AM EST
to re johnny 11 does it have a cage, belts, and seat in it. sure its worth it. is it a 5 spd., auto is ng for hudson or star, but perfect for canaan or lee. single cam motors are a dime a dozon, and thats what you want. but keep in mind, 4 dr is heavier and you need a set up, and a few thing to make it down the straitaway in second gear.

RE; Any Division?
06-06-2011 6:49:19 AM EST
HAHAHA. id like to see that

RE: Johnny11
06-06-2011 6:27:33 AM EST

i am thinking about buying a 99 neon on craigslist, it needs a motor, do you think its worth 500 bucks ?

johnny r 11
06-05-2011 9:52:53 PM EST
jason good win today. i finaly saw that vidio, if you look, when you went in to the infeild i was in the second groov. there was a red car behined you, i couldent tell what #. i slowed for the caution lt. and got hit, and i thought i hit you on the strait for the same the next lap, with no yello flag, that sucked. its hard to remember though.

Monadnock racing
06-05-2011 8:48:35 PM EST
Hey we have the best divisions and would beat any division at Hudson! So Lets see how good you guys are and lets put your money were your mouth is!! Lets have the Monadnock Dogs eat up the Hudson Pussies!!$$$$$$$

06-05-2011 11:31:02 AM EST
so randy is all done, good.

Nichols Racing
06-05-2011 11:04:15 AM EST
Bob Monroe works the flags at Hudson most Sundays and helps with track officiating at Star. Mike Walker is currently the flagman at Star. And to Jen, food & drinks are allowed in to Hudson, but the cooler must be no larger than 14", no glass or alcohol (town regulations)

re jen
06-05-2011 9:19:28 AM EST
just no alcohol

fan base
06-05-2011 9:16:29 AM EST
good question, does he still do star, i havent been in a few weeks.

Jen   dagenaishalfdozen@yahoo.com
06-05-2011 9:13:40 AM EST
Haven't visited Hudson Speedway in several years. Can you bring your own food and drink in?

missing bob
06-05-2011 9:13:11 AM EST
Will bob monrough still be the starter at hudson

a fan
06-05-2011 9:10:50 AM EST
Does star have also have race results some where

06-04-2011 10:47:47 PM EST

if anyone knows of a honda crx or a honda civic hatchback for sale or one that could possible be made into one, please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

star speedway
06-04-2011 10:46:24 PM EST

awesome time at star!!!! man i wish the amount of cars and fans that we had tonight there showed up every sunday for hudson, well we'll see how tommorow goes! goodnight everyone!

06-04-2011 4:12:59 PM EST
I've been going to Hudson since I was a kid. I brought my kids there and now they are all adults and I still go. Had a blast last year. Very disappointed on Sunday, May 29th. Not much racing. Way too many yellow flags that were not necessary and it cost a couple of racers their place in the standings. Spectator race had only a few cars and the flagpole had only 2 and 1 left the track. I love Hudson Speedway and I will continue to go. It's a fun day at a cheap price. I just wish there were more cars and definitely wish the flag guy would control his yellow flagging every a wheel skims the dirt! So all you racers...get your butts to Hudson and give us a show. :-)

hudson all day baby
06-04-2011 10:44:06 AM EST
the name says it all ^^^^ bring it on mondadnock

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