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06-08-2011 12:20:42 PM EST
there a four cylinder race car on craiglist race ready for $1800 if anyone looking for one

Re:weights etc
06-08-2011 11:58:02 AM EST
this is getting ridiculous about weights etc when are you all going to wake up Hudson Speedway doesnt give a damn about who does what to their car especially if its a well known driver.. they dont want to loose a car to track so they let things go!! why do you think many weekends you have seen serious accidents.. its $25 in their back pocket thats all they care about!!

06-07-2011 10:20:29 PM EST
Great race Meegan Lord #24! And nice write up in the Lowell Sun as well. You go girl!!

car 31
06-07-2011 8:58:19 PM EST
you can check the weight of the car , but im sensitive about my weight

06-07-2011 1:33:07 PM EST
Maybe they should start checking the weight of the people in the stands. Get over it, after all they are just kids or did somebody forget that?

to Louis Maher
06-07-2011 1:27:16 PM EST
hey do you know of any place around here i could get cheap crx parts ? i know you said you got a crx for real cheap , please let me know, thanks !

reply to Leon
06-07-2011 1:14:45 PM EST
great pic. These(all) kids r talented....I wonder if we would have the same verdict if Sunday's race was btween the 55 and 42jr, somehow I doubt it. Keep the good work kids !!!

Leon 13K
06-07-2011 12:48:45 PM EST

Thats the finish from LAST week, This weeks seems to be just as close! these kids have better FINISHES then any other division on the track Everyone in that division, Keep up the great work

06-07-2011 9:52:48 AM EST
congradulations to Meegan for her win at hudson in the thunderlights

06-07-2011 9:13:17 AM EST
not sure if the guy thaat says the thunderlites are taking each other out is going to hudson or westboro lol those 5-6 cars race CLEANLY with each other every wk ive seen this yr. occcasionally theres rubbing but you know the cliche!

at the track
06-07-2011 6:44:53 AM EST
Although I was at the track I do not go for the thunderlights. but way to go kids !!!! However , I see no one has moved on, and now were picking on a kids car. The car gets weighed every week if there was an issue i'm sure it would of been addressed by the appropiate ppl. So sad ppl have nothing better to do then pick on kids. Good job kids keep havin fun out there and forget the haters.....

to pit fan
06-06-2011 11:29:48 PM EST
the 42jr car was lite last year but has been within 5 pounds every time i have been there this year. An from being teched myself over the hudson scales every week they are different one week it can be 15 pounds heavy an leave it on the trailer all week just put gas in it at the rack the next week an be 10pounds lite

06-06-2011 10:21:39 PM EST
anyone can go over when a car goes over the scales and look at the numbers. very well could be under weight. it was set up for Don to be a road runner then Jarrod gets in it. no way its going to be the right weight. that car STOCK is light. much weight would need to be added to make it legal.

1 on 1 car or race car
06-06-2011 8:42:24 PM EST
is anybody looking for a 1 0n 1 drags car or a possible next year 4 cyl race car ?

car 31
06-06-2011 8:04:36 PM EST
the best thing is none of you can take the win away from her ! thank god.... way to go meeeeeegan

06-06-2011 7:18:37 PM EST
u ppl r ridiculous that u need to pic on a bunch of kids and try to discredit them. Move on and find something else to complain about...

fan of 42 Jr
06-06-2011 7:01:47 PM EST
re: pit fan Are you a track employee ?? That's a bold statement, thinking you know what #42 Jr weighs

pit fan
06-06-2011 6:27:44 PM EST
the 42 jr thunder lite is 81 pounds lite right side thats way he is so fast they should enforce the 1200 right side weight rule

johnny r 11
06-06-2011 6:23:12 PM EST
yo re neon, call a yard, or buy a neon on craigs list hopefully wrecked that runs good. i dont have one for sale.

always at hudson
06-06-2011 6:09:25 PM EST
I understand in the thunderlights all you get is a plastic trophy if this is the case then why are you all trying to take each other out for it all of you are under age and should be more careful with each other because if someone gets hurt badly then the trophys not worth it good luck to all anyways

06-06-2011 5:31:01 PM EST
Who do you think has the best looking car in each class?

To monadnock
06-06-2011 5:30:07 PM EST
I think just about EVERYONE at hudson would be glad to race anyone at monadnock. Id like to see your guys run with the rookies or the outlaws. We dont have the best endouro car count but we have plenty of rookies, roadrunners, and outlaws. Come on down and see how your cars face agiansted ours.

who cares
06-06-2011 3:58:51 PM EST
I dont think the issue was who won it was for DQ for something that didnt happen..Let's move on and get over it bad calls happen all the time.

Meegan Lord #24 Thunder Light
06-06-2011 3:46:59 PM EST
Sorry i just want to make a direct comment to "hudsonfan" UM.. who do i hit every week? can you please inform me.. cause i have not hit anyone in the last 3 weeks of racing.

Leon 13K
06-06-2011 3:40:30 PM EST
umm sopme of you are clearly blind if you say she didnt cross the line. the car slid bout 30 feet past the line infact. You are grown adults on here taking something from CHILDREN! 12, 13 and 14 year old boys and girls that are out on the track for fun and a "plastic trophy" For gfos sake, you people are like them parents that go bananas on the side lines of a little league game. only difference is they dont do it from behind a key board! ............. your all arguing a Ball and Strike call. from the tower on a split second you see a car get loose and another drive under without lifting. This isnt Texas Motor Speedway... this isnt The Indy 500... we dont have 75 cameras with instant replay all over the track. a call was made weather its right or wrong with now way of reviewing it in a moments notice. the call was made in favor of the 24 and life goes on. Jarrod should be commended for how he held him self when told to pull off from the top 3. he didnt hammer the gas spinning up rocks and smoking the tires bouncing off the rev chip like alot of the adults in that situation would have done. congrats to Meg on her win, congrats to Jarrod for holding himself well and showing sportsmenship in not acting like a little kyle busch when he could have got mad and done just that. these kids are talented and all will have many more wins down the road.

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