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lepage #31
06-14-2011 7:25:36 AM EST
what track races in the rain? who would pay & go sit & watch a race in the rain.and if nobody payed to go watch the race & you didnt get payed then ya would bitch about that too.grow up and wait for the sun & have some fun

ha ha
06-13-2011 11:38:49 PM EST
Hudsons thunder lites can beat most of ur 4 cylinder enduro car

06-13-2011 11:31:49 PM EST
What only v8 enduro guys have the balls to come to hudson what happen to all those 4 cylinder cars leon comes but thats it both tracks are hurtin 4 cars so who cares just come an race an have fun we have a 5o lapper enduro the more the merrier

car 31
06-13-2011 7:39:24 PM EST
are you saying a car wont spin the tires in the rain unless the motor is built..i can do it in my truck and it has 185000 miles on it and its bone stock, so do explain please.

RE #31
06-13-2011 3:56:16 PM EST
If the rookies didnt have built motors, they wouldnt spin that much in the rain, it would give the stock (legit legal) cars a better chance

06-13-2011 3:44:39 PM EST
Tires wont grip in oil and antifreeze but when thats dumped all over the track they still send you back to green flag. the only REAL reason we dont race in the rain is because bob would loose a top of cash when no one comes out to watch the rain races.

car 31
06-13-2011 12:21:05 PM EST
tires wont grip well in the rain , thats why we dont run in the rain

who cares it rains
06-12-2011 11:28:30 PM EST
why you so concerned about a little rain and safety not concerned about that on dry days?

car 31
06-12-2011 10:39:11 PM EST
i have talked to someone employed by the speedway and they havent heard anything about this race.

hudson vs monadnock
06-12-2011 9:54:08 PM EST
Going to the different tracks Monadnock and Hudson can say one thing..can tell a track that conducts themselves with regards to rules and watching out that drvers dont try to kill themselves thinking they are putting on a show in front of fans

06-12-2011 11:42:01 AM EST
All you need to do is call the track an there machine will tell you TODAY HAS BEEN CALLED DUE TO WEATHER

06-12-2011 11:19:50 AM EST
How do I find out if the race is cancelled before driving up there?

06-12-2011 11:16:34 AM EST
look at the radar very closley its not gonna hit hudson

06-12-2011 9:58:58 AM EST
How's it looking up in Hudson? Going to dry off in time today?

06-12-2011 9:01:53 AM EST
if the all the hudson guys go to monadnock on july 23rd there gonna kick there butts

06-12-2011 8:57:14 AM EST
y is the 25 car ahead in points of the 10 car he beat him every week and the 25 car was lapped

Leon 13K
06-11-2011 11:22:49 PM EST
31, id love to talk to you about it at the track. i need to free up some cash first but if you have seen mine... its a shocker that its lasted as long as it has to this point. lol

06-11-2011 8:42:32 PM EST

looking for a race ready crx or a crx that can be built into a race car, lemme know

car 31
06-11-2011 7:36:54 PM EST
leon if you need a trailer i have one for sale it will fit a full size car on it and it has a winch for 4 hundred bucks..its well worth it

hudson slika
06-11-2011 10:48:40 AM EST
rain rain let get cars out there to dry track.................................................................................

06-11-2011 10:18:46 AM EST
I feel left out you called out everyone by name except me lol

johnny r 11
06-10-2011 6:05:01 PM EST
this is for you old rockers out there. i was in plymouth last night,and after the hole town losing power, some smart guys took cabel and wired a generator to the flying monky music thearter. start time was 7:30, but at 9:00 robin trower played, remember him. he is at berkly collage in mass tonight, get a ticket and go,trust me. talk about a gutar hero, the dude is 64, still with the same line up. the sound was just unbeleavabel, better now then he ever was, im telling you go see him, they were awsom.

? 4 u
06-10-2011 5:15:00 PM EST
Are u gonna put the 2011points on the website

06-10-2011 2:39:50 PM EST
Cat-Nip for everyone if my kittens get to start on the pole for the powder-puff race!

Leon 13K
06-10-2011 11:17:57 AM EST
wish i had a bigger trailer, id LOVE to race some v8's but could never fit one on my little car trailer. POlus the Grand Enduros look a lot more fun.

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