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little jimmy
07-12-2011 1:03:52 PM EST
tough to check a video in 16 min unless you have no life which apparantly some of you dont

Melissa Lord, # 69 wife
07-12-2011 12:24:32 PM EST
12 fan, did you recheck the video??? Unless my husband's car is all of a sudden Black, then you really need to stop accusing people of something he had nothing to do with... And btw, why do you hide behind a fake name.. Makes yourself look fake, just saying...

12 fan too
07-12-2011 12:07:52 PM EST
I will check it again, will let you know ron!

Ron Lord #69 Re: 12 fan too
07-12-2011 12:04:55 PM EST
Check your video again because i was in 6th on the outside when that all happened, that how i got threw the wreck. i never pushed the 42 into the 55 check your video again.

12 fan too
07-12-2011 11:07:30 AM EST
In my video, it looks like the 55 jumped the start and then chopped the 42, at that same time 42 jumped on the brakes and 69 ran into the back of him and that turned the 55. That's what made everyone crash behind them. The 55 needs to maintain his lane on the start and stop jumping them. He has the same problem at star. and to add the 55 didnt spin out he kept going. and was put to the rear for jumping the start. He was warned twice and he still did it. GO derek!!

#12 FAN
07-12-2011 9:15:04 AM EST
Good job Derek! They were not playing nice this week I think you got spun out 2 times? Started last and got to 2nd before spining off the back straight, did something break?? Keep your head up you have more wins comming!!

little jimmy
07-12-2011 8:37:46 AM EST
well then the 72 was equally an ass running the 42 up into the tirewall on the 1st lap..tit for tat!

07-12-2011 8:32:22 AM EST
42 drove like an ass in the outlaw heat. he shouldnt have been allowed to race the feature.

running loose
07-11-2011 10:26:43 PM EST
Hey mike, you do know the 42 passed the 55 twice cleanly,and the 55 kept jumping the start and the flag man warned him if he did it again he would be sent to the back.....right??? I dont like the kid but I cant say he did wrong when he didnt. The 42 was fast and I dont know how many time the 55 chopped him and the 42 kept backing out of it.......dose anyone know if he was legal, I know there was talk that they where going to check him out closly?

Leon 13K
07-11-2011 10:16:31 PM EST
RE: last night..... Are you joking? no honestly seriously? If you saw the past few weekends Super Stock races its been more out of control then the outlaws this year. we got guys driving all over each other threw each other dumping each other into walls with full blow late models. An Enduro with $10,000 race cars. Monadnock has its issues too don't get me wrong i was leaving after last year for hudson full time.

running loose
07-11-2011 9:41:17 PM EST
The race in the outlaws was a good race, just took too long. and to answer Hmmmmm question, three driver got flat tire because the lights went out. the 10, 42 and the 62.I dont like the 42 but all got there spot back. It was not there fault the light went out. You all would be mad if it happen to you and you didnt get your spot back

car 02 where are you
07-11-2011 7:51:07 PM EST
went to hudson with the kids to cheer for 02 outlaw love watching him come from the back all we got to see is one rough race hope hes there next race

last night
07-11-2011 7:21:26 PM EST
Hudson is a joke. Where else can you have a track lose all the back stretch lights TWICE and have no control over any of the races run? The 42 outlaw was way faster than the 55, no doubt there. The 55 kept chopping him down and got what he had coming to him. He also jumped that restart before he got into that last incident. Oh well, as long a syou know Hudson sucks before going there, it is still a very entertaining race to watch. I'd never bring my car there for sure. I like Monadnock where they atleast have a little bit of order... not much, but way more than Hudson

Meegan Lord #24 Thunder Light
07-11-2011 6:37:10 PM EST
Hey guys does anyone have the outlaw feature from last night?.. our camcorder is being difficult and will not upload to the computer a view from the upstairs would be nice. Just wanted to post it on facebook to show someone something.

07-11-2011 5:49:23 PM EST
That race was a joke! Never seen so many cars leave the track and get spot back ever! 42 got a early Xmass gift.

07-11-2011 5:20:39 PM EST
Speaking of old guys, good run last night 11 RR

little jimmy
07-11-2011 3:29:03 PM EST
who was flaging last night?

07-11-2011 12:57:23 PM EST
thanks car31 we try to our best for ronnie and his nephew in the 55 outlaw.it just show the old man still has it to win races.wish the payout was better but it all about racing and having fun.we dont have sponsor just do it out of pockets.

07-11-2011 12:43:46 PM EST
is it just or did the 42 hav the flat befor the lights went out ????????????

car 31
07-11-2011 12:43:04 PM EST
you know i didnt mind ronny winning , though i wouldnt have minded if we got by him but he did a great job, good job guys !

07-11-2011 12:38:58 PM EST
i work on the 55 outlaw car its pretty sad people have to take us out to beat us.cant anyone beat us clean and i dont know what webber problem giving the 42 car his spot back.go ronnie robinson winning the rookies another car from robinson racing team just like the 55 outlaw.

Leon 13K
07-11-2011 12:36:39 PM EST
im lost as to how the 42 pits and keeps the lead? nothing against him. just dont know how that happens.

hey n
07-11-2011 11:43:02 AM EST
ok light issue but not when he was in the mess with 55 and 2 other cars

07-11-2011 9:00:56 AM EST
Hey get your shit right. 02 wasn't there because of stuff that happened at STAR with his car, so it has nothing to do with Hudson. And 62 was there. pay attention much? obviously not. As for getting the spot back, if you listened to the announcer at all, the 10 AND 42 got their spots back because they got into issues when the lights went out. I ain't takin sides here at all, just showing everyone the facts. I could care less about anyone in that class, but at least know what the hell your talking about if your gonna say it.

Dereks dad
07-11-2011 8:57:37 AM EST
RE: Running mouth, I mean Running loose. Dereks car is 100% legal The car always weighs between 1368 and 1378 after a feature/heat. (I never heard of a weight rule change) Bring your durometer over and check the tires. As far as you "Ruling" on this you are still a noname. I love the nonames that come on here and run the mouths all they are is trouble making liars. If ANYONE has a problem with us/car come over and lets talk we are all nice guys no need to hide behind you computer. Dereks is a GReAT kid that is having the time of his life racing cars too bad a couple of "dicks" have to rain on his parade. Good luck to all the racers an see you next race.

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