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car 31
06-19-2011 10:37:59 PM EST
im pretty shure they were going the normal way it was the flagpole race they dont turn that around

RE: 1on1
06-19-2011 10:34:02 PM EST
what happened?

re: race fan
06-19-2011 10:29:02 PM EST
Yeah the guyn that hit the wall in the 1on1 drags is fine. he was in the stands after getting checked out by the EMTs. That's why they shouldn't be going in the worn direction like many people have been saying on here.

race fan 2
06-19-2011 8:24:26 PM EST
does anyone know if the guy that hit the wall today is ok heres hoping so

car 31
06-19-2011 12:42:27 PM EST
jessie , im not shure sir george could jump high enough to reach your back !

06-18-2011 9:50:51 PM EST
Bring it! Sir George the Fierce has my back!

06-18-2011 9:03:57 AM EST
CARS #07 and #31 youre haters... youre just jealous the animals you bring to the speedway dont meow.. stop hating on my felines, they will fight back if they feel threatened..

car 31
06-17-2011 9:39:10 PM EST
bring george some sunglasses

06-17-2011 7:39:26 PM EST
Squeaky, I will not respect your kittens... I am allergic to them. George would probably like kittens to play with though.

06-17-2011 3:10:13 PM EST
Will you people respect my kittens if i bring them to the track with me?

Leon 13K
06-17-2011 11:15:26 AM EST
i think thats so far off from the truth "Fan" everyone has been great to me at least. I dont think its anything about lack of respect. I think its just old school rough and tumble racing on an old "rustic" Race track.

enduro fan
06-17-2011 10:55:44 AM EST
Schedule say 4cl enduro sat at star and 4cl enduro sun. at hudson why not change one to have an 8cl enduro this weekend?

06-17-2011 8:41:03 AM EST
There is a difference in running hard and running people over... many drivers at Hudson have no respect for other drivers nor their safety.. thats what makes hudson different from other tracks

Leon 13K
06-16-2011 11:25:10 PM EST
yes they tell you that its ok for this week but it needs to be changed if you come back. Just nood and agree to the tech guy

06-16-2011 10:03:56 PM EST
Monadnock may be a nicer track but NOWERE races as hard as hudson. Even the Thunderlights Race really hard.

car # 26 roland
06-16-2011 9:09:11 PM EST
at hudson the rookies are able to run headers and at monadnock thay gave some people a hard time about it .

4 CYL Enduro
06-16-2011 8:13:28 PM EST
Does anybody know of a decent 4 cylinder enduro for sale with a cage and seat? I've been browsing Craigslist, but can't find anything

car 31
06-16-2011 7:10:33 PM EST
well id love to go but i dont want to drive an hour and a half and say we cant run

The Truth
06-16-2011 12:28:15 PM EST
cause i don't think its Monadnock speedway its self, rather just a person (or persons) that are trying to get cars to go there, and get cars from Monadnock to go to Hudson. The two tracks are built alot alike.. atleast alot more alike then any other tracks in the area. not really a bad idea. Peter Fandaca ran his #135 outlaw in the super stocks last year.

car 31
06-16-2011 6:44:23 AM EST
i have already talked to monadnock and they havent heard of this race thats bing put together, so first id set it up with them before you decide to try it .

06-16-2011 4:50:37 AM EST
the 55 outlaw couldnt run at monadnock because they said didnt fit there rules to elagal.the air cleaner sticks out of the hood and the rear of the car is open and not closed in.the camera guy took pictures of it when we were there.

06-15-2011 9:39:19 PM EST
So if the 23rd don't work for you, all of you need to get together, and pick a time and date that does work. ALLLL get together, talk in your gravel and grassy pit area covered with "flag pole car" parts and poison ivy shrubbery, pick a date haul over and do this up. Young Guns, Lightning Stocks, Thunder Stocks are waiting. i HAVE heard that certian Rookie Stocks and Outlaws CAN NOT run in the Super Stocks divisions however, best call ahead on rules for clarification HOWEVER, we had a Super late / Pro stock run in the Super Stocks the other weekend so i'm not sure why they would not let the 55 run.

06-15-2011 12:11:32 PM EST
does anyone know where i could get a 4cyl Mustang? it doesnt matter if its race ready or what condition its in. if so please let me know

Leon 13K
06-15-2011 11:49:34 AM EST
By "Racing for points" obviously i mean at Monadnock.

Leon 13K
06-15-2011 11:47:34 AM EST
I will def be back to run road runners. but Just not excited about enduro's like i used to be over there. the idea of going right dont interest me. Ill be the first to admit this too. my geo went FASTER turning right then it did turning left, i could keep up better with ex road runner cars that were set up to go left only. Its hard to set a car up to go left at one track, then have to undo everything just for chance that we MIGHT get turned around at Hudson. I love hudson, i love the Enduros but when we are racing for points at a track all year then you have to change stuff it takes away the fun for me anyways. Its just a personal thing i guess. Ill run road runners any weekend i got money tho, that is not a problem at all :-)

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