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03-11-2010 4:12:54 PM CST
well the extra money could come from 50/50 raffles? Maybe try local company sponsoring a race? Not only would you get the proceeds but possibly that company buying tickets to show up to see the races. The fan base is there and I guess extra division would bring extra ticket sales and pit sales as well.

03-11-2010 6:57:56 AM CST
Kyle, I agree with all of your poitns. 50 lap rookie races now and then would be great, increased purses would be nice (but not sure where the money would come from), and the pits are crowded. My thought tho, was that if there are going to be a lot of cars showing up anyways, why not run them in 2 divisions? If 30 rookie cars show up to run as rookies or 15 rookies and 15 strictlys show up, they will take up the same amount of pit space. I do, however, agree that if you advertised them as two different divisions you would have people showing up for the strictlys who weren't already showing up for the rookies...so there might be some more pit congestion. Maybe the solution would be to run them on weeks when the outlaws were not there? Just make sure 2 of the 3 divisions are always running? Who knows, its all speculation, I'm just thinking there will be a lot of rookies this year and it might be better to split them into 2 more even fields.

03-10-2010 4:17:19 PM CST
If they were to open another division were would the cars be pitting? when the outlaws are present it already fills the pits.. Its a good idea but with the crowds that were present last year it could lead to higher amount this year. How about making a 50 lap rookie race or a 50 lap outlaw race beef up the purse if possible. need to get the current divisions in line first then possibly add more to the program if space permits. we get the pits to crowded we are setting ourselves up for someone to get hit or run over.There are cars running every weekend that need to be teched more than running over the scales.

03-09-2010 9:52:44 AM CST
Last year at Hudson the rookies ran with a consistant pack of 16 or so cars, with fields as large as 22 at different times throughout the year. Been hearing a lot of teams are buying/building rookie cars, add in the confusion at the other local tracks this year there is a good chance Hudson will absorb some other local racers, making one think that there could possibly be fields of 30+ this year. If this many rookie cars show up, should Hudson run a strictly division? There are cars in the rookies that are obviously strictlys already, why not split them into two divisions? Thoughts?

2010 Hudson Classic   tommyv173@comcast.net
03-07-2010 11:19:01 PM CST

ATTENTION Hudson Speedway Management. If you are interested in having a Small Block Supermodified race at the speedway this summer give me a call at (603) 203-0945 or email me. Thank you

03-03-2010 9:01:27 PM CST
Rules? what rules? Spec race is run what ya brung. i WOULD NOT bring anything out that you dont want getting wrecked. good chance its going to get rubbed on or in some cases just dumped by a wreck that was pulled out of some junk yard

Robert Bureau   r.bureau01@yahoo.com
03-03-2010 11:08:07 AM CST
Hey anyone know what the rules are for the spec race and drag email me r.bureau01@yahoo.com

Race Season...
03-03-2010 10:13:11 AM CST
is less than 2 months away!

roland coutu car #26
03-01-2010 6:35:46 PM CST
anyone know were there are a set of 81-88 monte carlo doors for sale chep that are not roted for a street car?

roland coutu car #26
03-01-2010 6:34:05 PM CST
the wagon he scraped ill look at the caprice thanks

02-28-2010 4:52:45 PM CST
Roland, There is a Caprice on Craigslist for 200 bucks. Also a big old wagon that was going to be a demo derby car looks to not have any damage. alos i think they wanted 300 for that.

roland coutu car 26
02-25-2010 12:37:54 PM CST
i thinlk we should have a demo derby or school bus race,or trailer race. what happened to the chariot race?

02-25-2010 12:22:22 PM CST

roland coutu car #26
02-25-2010 12:03:52 PM CST
any one know were there is a good figur 8 car for $100to$200 looking for wagon or chevy caprice, monte carlo,metric car? let me know whats out there.

John Esburnett
02-24-2010 5:55:09 PM CST
sorry the thunder "lite" rule

John Esburnett
02-24-2010 5:53:42 PM CST
hey gage did they change the thunder kite age rule too 11 years old?

nick pappadeas
02-24-2010 3:06:04 PM CST
any body with some owtlaw stuff for sale 9 inch gears clutch aasb. brake masters with remote res. give me a call 603 635 2075 ask for nick

nick pappas
02-24-2010 7:39:09 AM CST
hey shane how can i get in contact with you

02-24-2010 7:22:17 AM CST
the road runnners with a acura i got

John Esburnett
02-24-2010 7:08:48 AM CST
Alright...hey gage what car are you racing?

02-24-2010 2:30:17 AM CST
thanks John Esburnett but he like to hit and say its not his fult and dont wrry about the 42 wrry about the 2

Rick Woodside
02-23-2010 3:37:44 PM CST
Hey Shane whats happenin brother good to know ur still alive out there cant u race surfboards or something lol

8jr. Outlaw
02-23-2010 3:33:34 PM CST
anybody lookin for anything to do with montes or metric chassis parts Mike Borodoka is cleaning out his inventory panels rollcages partscars rookie cars motors supenssoin parts everything & any thing any reasonible offers not refused call 978-957-2089 Mike

shane dillon
02-23-2010 2:54:11 PM CST
no im in costa rica. haha thought it would be funny to make a wave haha.

old hudson fan
02-22-2010 9:20:13 PM CST
shane dillon - now theres a name from the past. where are you located now? are you racing anywhere ?

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