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raceer# 26
04-01-2010 9:09:29 AM CST
thts the day with mods will be at thomspson speedway

Clean Up Day
04-01-2010 7:36:10 AM CST
According to another message board, Bob Webber Jr. would like to have a clean-up day on April 10th or 11th so not to interfere with Lee open practice. I believe he's still looking for feedback, when are people available?

03-31-2010 11:45:12 AM CST

any clean up days coming up for hudson

John Esburnett
03-30-2010 5:06:39 PM CST
26 days away

03-29-2010 3:35:49 PM CST
Wasn't the #34 part of the Wilmington racing team?

team 1
03-27-2010 8:48:31 PM CST
hey Mike Caterino are u still living around billrica,ma that was along time ago.u should come back and run it in the outlaws.if u dont win in that class u can run the rookies like everyone els.

John Esburnett
03-27-2010 7:22:51 AM CST
the outlawsrules are on the side of the screen

Mike Caterino
03-27-2010 2:40:47 AM CST
What is this "Outlaw"div I just saw at Hudson? Man I would love to race again at Hudson after all these years. I thought they were only having 4 cyl races? Would love to bring back the old #34. Won the Street Stock Champ in 1995 at Hudson(the 50th year anv of the track)

John Esburnett
03-24-2010 5:08:10 PM CST
I think that they should bring them bak because I saw rosebud race 1 time this year in the out laws

roland coutu car #26
03-24-2010 4:43:27 PM CST
ya that was a fun class to watch what happened to them?

John Esburnett
03-24-2010 5:53:06 AM CST
Is it me or does anyone else miss the hudson hornets.

03-23-2010 1:25:50 PM CST
Sending a big THANK YOU to all you Hudson Speedway drivers! All the work you guys put in every week is respected and appreciated! Looking forward to the 2010 season! GOOD LUCK to all of you! Have fun, be safe, party hard, RACE HARDER!

car 31
03-21-2010 7:54:05 PM CST
i hope all you guys know i really was not ready to stop snowmobiling, nw i have to work on a damn racecar .....thats it im going to alaska

Leon 13K enduro
03-21-2010 3:38:59 PM CST
yes, there would be a large amount of cars but i think with all the space available on the track and infield it could be done. If that was to happen i think they would have to open the track early. like if it was a 6PM start time open and start things 2 hours early. youd have 1/2 hour time to set up all the race cars, one hour for the fans to do the meet/greet, then 1/2 hour to get all cars back into there proper pit stalls.

03-21-2010 12:53:09 PM CST
Leon thats a great idea but think of all the divisions listed and all on the front straightaway? maybe around the whole track if they all fit? have to commit over an 1/2 hour and with time issues finsihing all races on time.... might have to commit maybe each weekend a different division? I think with all the division would we be talking about 100 cars?

roland coutu car # 26
03-20-2010 7:15:09 PM CST
haffners in hudson on lowell road sells it. near burger king.

03-20-2010 5:24:26 AM CST
There is a sunoco station across from t bones(lowell road) Hudson inquire there for racing fuel. Dont know if they carry it but its a start.

03-19-2010 2:22:41 PM CST
does mahoneys still sell race fuel?i know not a dealer.

Leon 13K enduro
03-19-2010 11:53:56 AM CST
How about an open track party? one race in the early evening have all the racers come out, park the cars from every division (Thunders, Roadies, Rookies, Outlaws, Enduros, Flagpole, spectator race cars, V6 mods, Classic lites) out on the front straight let the fans come down and meet the drivers, let the kids collect autographs, get pics taken with them next to the cars and such. monadnock does this once a year and its a hit each year.

John Esburnett
03-19-2010 10:57:24 AM CST
no there is not

03-19-2010 10:52:12 AM CST
Is there a dealer close to the track that sells race fuel?

03-15-2010 12:49:36 PM CST
rookies r not rookies they r streeter and not cheapl lol buy the 57

derek forest   flamme987@yahoo.com
03-14-2010 9:58:26 AM CST
Looking for cheap cars races and for a rookey car

03-14-2010 7:58:51 AM CST
I agree more parking would be very helpful but I'm not sure any of the surrounding areas would work or allow it. I agree with Kyle we are all anxious to get to the track. Roland, I think running the rookies and outlaws on every other opposite week would be perfect.

03-14-2010 7:27:45 AM CST
How are the teams supposed to work on there cars,if their equipment is down the road? I think we are all anxious for the upcoming season and coming up with ideas. I guess all we can do is show up on Sunday give the fans a great race and any thing inbetween what we all do let the powers to be sort it out. If it means adding another division I dont think the fans will not enjoy it in the least. Every fan last year walked away well enjoying them selves and its up to every driver again to put on another great time for the fans no matter how many (new)divisions are there this year.

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