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04-28-2010 12:00:35 PM CST
I was at every race at Hudson last season, and I think the only times they let spectator cars in the pits was on days when they ran enduros after all of the regular weekly divisions were done and some room had been freed up. I believe the spectator cars are parked outside of the pit gates until their races take place. Afterwards they seem to load back up in the pits but most other teams are gone by then. Could be wrong but thats how I remember it.

Travelin circus
04-28-2010 11:33:34 AM CST
if its make due with what they got, dont tell people they cant bring cars and stuff in to the pits cause we need to save room for the other cars. if its going to be first come first serve make it that way, dont play favorites and treat every car the same, tho i still dont think the wrecked excuses called spectator race cars should be taking up 4 or 5 pit spaces for 2 cars

04-28-2010 4:54:59 AM CST
does enyone have a trailer for sale,call me 4014476671

racing time fan
04-27-2010 4:35:03 PM CST
any car that goes on the track is considered a "race car" no matter what division they are in. Drivers have to start somewere or somehow with what they can afford. I can look back over the years being at Hudson that started with a not your average race car and are some of the biggest racing names around from New England. plus some of these guys/girls are pretty talented in the spectator races. with the size of the pits have to make due and enjoy the day racing!

roland coutu car # 26
04-27-2010 4:06:49 PM CST
hey my car is registered and inspected i drive it every day right now but i know it will get smashed no one brings street cars in i was just wondireng. and yes people dont know how to park there or any were

Travelin circus
04-27-2010 11:26:00 AM CST
here is a GREAT idea for Sunday. Make the Spectator cars park in the parking lot along with the one on one cars, that way the race teams can actually bring in the RACE cars on trailers and have the tools where we can actually get to them rather then having to carry shit in and let it get stolen again this year, or have to park our trailers outside so 4 of the 5 lug nuts can be taken off or backed off from the scum bags that run around outside the place. So sick of seeing 1/2 the pit area taken up from people that don't know how to park or take up a ton of space needlessly. Maybe instead of having 3 people stand at the pit gate, have one of them direct people where to pit so we can get all the RACE CARS into the pits.

roland coutu car# 26
04-26-2010 6:13:30 PM CST
any one know of a chep car for the figure 8? about$200 and under perfer bigger car but all full size cars considered

roland coutu car #26
04-26-2010 6:04:43 PM CST
are the spectator cars parking in the pits ? i wonder if my my daily driver will get smashed the first time out.

04-26-2010 3:33:31 PM CST
more the merrier roadrunner are gonna be fun!!

04-26-2010 3:22:01 PM CST
trailer,i hate this no spell check

glen   racejunkie64@aol.com
04-26-2010 3:16:28 PM CST
the SHO is ready for the show,now i need a trealer, does anyone have one for sale,i'm borrowing one now but i'd like one of my own please email me

04-26-2010 2:02:49 PM CST
i love the races...........i hope they built some additional benches finally and made some improvements to the restrooms......as alot of the restrooms had no locks and needed alot of sprucing up

04-26-2010 1:59:01 PM CST
i had been bed ridden for well over a year...........and yahooooo i can finally enjoy my spring and summer.............i will be at the races may 02 as long as the weather permits...................

04-26-2010 1:54:02 PM CST
im getting all ansy...........because car racing is finally back again...........and this year i can enjoy it after being seriously ill for 15 months.............yahoooooooooo

04-25-2010 4:30:32 PM CST
good luck next week

04-25-2010 3:06:21 PM CST
so,i guess i need to weld it back on

Leon 13K enduro
04-25-2010 2:17:12 PM CST
Glen, Mufflers because they want to kep the noise down as much as possible. people have sat outside the track with sound monitors before waiting for the limit to get broken so they can call and complain. typical neighbors around race tracks. 2X thats pretty understandable. was just wondering cause im going to run the race but don't have my RR legal car ready yet. better get my butt in gear

2x   streeter2424@yahoo.com
04-25-2010 10:36:04 AM CST
Leon, We moved my dads race to May because night races wasn't working well for my family to attend.We chose May to be close to his birthday(he would have been 89 on May 10th)-Bob Hayes

04-25-2010 4:54:47 AM CST
MUFFLER ???? why

Leon 13K enduro
04-24-2010 5:37:22 PM CST
anyone know why the DON HAYES was changed from august to May?

PMH   pkdjsholds@verizon.net
04-24-2010 1:01:01 PM CST
Does anyone know someone who has some outside space to store some enduro cars? Hopefully near the track. E-mail me with location and price. Thank You.

roland coutu car #26
04-24-2010 10:58:37 AM CST
are the spectater cars parking in the pit? and should i wast my time registering it or does that nolonger mater? any one know

04-24-2010 6:37:06 AM CST

04-24-2010 6:34:04 AM CST
thanks Lion 13k, just want to have fun

69roadrunner   lmenduro69@aol.com
04-23-2010 10:20:04 PM CST
jonhny r 11x you are right neither me of the 47 spun or wrecked anyone racing last year the only time something happened is when i checked up on a car coming down on me a the 47 got onto the back of me a spun me but that was it. most of the roadrunner races went caution free or they where for car breaking not wrecks . My theory is race other driver the way you want to be raced.

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