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fan for yrs
05-04-2010 5:24:07 PM CST
I have enjoyed watching many years of racing and why doesnt hudson do anyhting to a driver when they are aggresive and attentionally runing cars off the track or spinning them because they cant pass them or going to pass?(other than putting them in the rear) park them!! rookies had a few goons in helmets and enduro class as well that ran the car off the track in turn 2

17 enduro
05-04-2010 3:43:13 PM CST
tell ya, i liked those classic lites, i want 1,who has 1

love hudson speedway
05-04-2010 1:07:34 PM CST
that dam 40 roadrunner car up to no good again 1st he takes out the 47 vw last year now he toke out the red vw this year before u no it every roadrunner out there will be after him wouldnt be suprise if he ends up in the lake or wall this year keep racing like a DICK it catches back up 2 you people don't forget

Rookie Fan
05-04-2010 9:15:21 AM CST
Who was driving the 04 rookie car? Real fast car it seemed but he was getting into it pretty good with everyone out there.

05-04-2010 6:57:24 AM CST
looks like the same dirty drivers are back at it again. this shouldnt be tolerated. other than the few that ruin it for the rest it was a great opening day.

05-04-2010 5:24:16 AM CST
where was integra14?

Leon 13K enduro
05-03-2010 9:15:04 PM CST
its hard to tell where the 72 was before the wreck. i went to the pits when the wreck happened to get ready for the enduro so i missed this. first time i saw it was just now but it does look like the 72 gained one spot under yellow then one when Maher had his problem. would he have got threw anyways? most likely, the only guys that really have a gripe would be the 40, the 07 and the 11X. 72 was fast, so wasnt the 40. 07 fell off when the car got hot, Jef James almost got him at the line

a different fan
05-03-2010 7:05:45 PM CST
fan, what i saw on the lap before that red flag was the 40 69 7 11x 72 and i dont know who was after that. thats why lining up for that restart took so long. a few cars new what position they were in but, it did not go down that way.then the 69 went in the pit. so that restart was not right at all ?

hudson fan
05-03-2010 3:45:37 PM CST
Hey fan... if you watch the video and correct me if i am wrong but the 72 had 3rd place in the last full lap prior to the red flag which i believe how the rules are. that they go back to position they were running on green prior to a yellow red flag?? anyone agree

racing time
05-03-2010 3:30:11 PM CST
good racing this sunday but is the black flag still in storage?

05-03-2010 1:53:57 PM CST
sunday great racing hot as hell good fields except for v-6 mods{5 started feature and thunderlites had6}

05-03-2010 1:36:22 PM CST
anyone care to explain how the fuck the 72 car passes 3 cars under a red flag and gets to keep is position? not like there isnt VIDEO PROOF that he totaly passed them THEN went back by them under yellow in turn 3! cheating prick got caught on tape. go to youtube, type in Hudson Speedway May 2, 2010 its in the first part when the Red V-dub goes upside down. you can clearly see the 72 pick up nuberous spots, then while the field is resetting he goes from 6th to 3rd... and the speedway lets this happen? thats BS! no wonder the fields keep dropping if they let this crap keep happening i wont be watching races anymore. happened all last year too, can remember a rookie stock race where half the field just took off when no signal was given but oh well let them go.

enduro runnher
05-03-2010 12:54:05 PM CST

Leon 13K enduro
05-03-2010 9:15:26 AM CST
how interesting is it to watch 3 or 4 road runners lap the enduro field? They take the money and the trophies from guys that are trying to have some fun on a budget. Not many enduro cars cause people were sick of running against road runners. i cant afford it and i know a lot of the guys in that 4cyl race couldn't have afforded to run a roadrunner. They have classes and divisions for a reason. my self and Maher would have made a great battle for the win if we were going left i know we were both set up to go left so the right hard turns made it more competitive for the other guys. as a driver in that race i loved it. and im willing to bet by the 100 lapper on 4th of july well be looking at 20 car fields in the enduros again

race fan
05-03-2010 8:43:40 AM CST
i think the 3 cars glen is talking about were the 3 outlaw cars that were running practice laps. and coming from the racing fans perspective it sucks they arent allowing rookie or roadrunner cars in the enduros. theres a small enough amount of cars in the enduros as it is. a 5-10 car enduro (turned around or not) is BORING. the extra cars are needed to keep things interesting.

Leon 13K enduro
05-03-2010 5:01:33 AM CST
Glen, thoes cars you speak of are old Enduro cars that had to run against streeters and rookie stocks for the last 3 years at hudson, the cars were a little over prepaired thinking they would have to run against rookie stocks. i think the reason they turned the 4 cyls around was cause of me and louis (#69) congrats to 199jr THANK YOU MR WEBBER for making the call to kick the rookies and roadies out of the enduros. Louis was running his enduro only car and i think thats a great way to do it, if you have 2 thats fine but no double dipping (buschwacking as it used to be called in the big series) our enduros :-)

05-03-2010 3:38:09 AM CST
what was those 3 cars that ran circle's around the field????

enduro car
05-02-2010 8:52:37 PM CST
thats right kudos to mr webber no rookies in the grand enduro and no road runners in the 4 cyc spreed the word enduro cars only thank you mr webber

happy enduro racer
05-02-2010 8:47:49 PM CST
hey 17 what street stocks kudos 2 mr webber no more rookie can run in the grad enduro and the same in the 4 cycl enduro thats why the car count was down but it will grow when the word gets out no more race cars in the enduros

05-02-2010 7:21:21 PM CST

I had a blast, but you can't put street stock race cars in with the ENDURO cars,that sucked !!!

05-02-2010 4:15:20 PM CST
Our car count was very low this weekend.I just wanted to take the time to say I am sorry to the track fans, and the local racers.

John Esburnett
05-01-2010 3:46:24 PM CST
I am soooo exited for tommorow

#13 Rookie Car For Sale   travis.nevers@gmail.com
05-01-2010 9:10:33 AM CST
#13 Hudson Rookie Stock/Enduro car for sale. Blue and yellow 1977 Monte Carlo as seen at Hudson last season. Car is sold as it came off the track at the end of last season minus seat, rims, and tires. $2,000 email for details. Thanks

memoirs of the big blue bus
04-30-2010 12:56:51 PM CST
you learn to park tight at star and hudson...it is a requirement....lol

Leon 13K enduro
04-28-2010 4:13:51 PM CST

for the most part the spectator cars do park outside. i know of a few that come in with other teams, usually on a roll back or something. if anything, its the Enduro cars that don't get to go in. There ARE some cars/teams that REALLY need to learn how to park. There is room, but you gotta get cozzy with your neighbor.

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