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05-11-2010 7:01:49 AM CST
i just wanted to see how the 69 and 47 and the other roadrunners would do opening day. from what i saw something happened to the 69 and the 47 was joke out there he couldnt even get out of his own way. but that 72 and 07 look good out there some one should just put the 40 car in the lake for takin out that 86 vw like that!

Leon 13K enduro
05-10-2010 9:42:45 PM CST
he was probably the guy that raced the Integra in the Flag pole and 10 lapper. Speaking of which.. wouldnt it make more sense to put the 10 lapper race before the Flag pole race? this way you could actually have a field of cars to do the 10 lapper, then have the flag pole last cause that IS the main event for the Redneck olymipics these days

05-10-2010 5:13:53 PM CST
has integra14 disappeared already? we hardly knew ye did the big field keep you away?

Leon 13K enduro
05-10-2010 10:58:57 AM CST
i wasnt talking about the Howler enduro races as im aware that Pumpkinfest has season ending enduros. i was more or less referring to an entire nonpoints open show. outlaw type mini stocks, Fast 4's/roadrunners, streeters, mechanics races, that type of stuff and of course the enduros.

05-10-2010 9:09:19 AM CST
Leon, Pumpkinfest does include a big, year-ending enduro. The only difference between that and the Howler is that more people know about the howler so more people show up. Spread the word about Pumpkinfest and it could be almost as big as the Howler...I say almost because Hudson doesn't have as much parking as Star.

John Esburnett
05-10-2010 8:57:24 AM CST
sorry helpful

John Esburnett
05-10-2010 8:56:31 AM CST
does any one have a race ready car for the thunder lites for $200-$250 you would realy be healpful

mech973   lokey1973@hotmail.com
05-10-2010 8:54:28 AM CST
Hello looking for a classic lite car to start racing so anyone know of anyone selling one please let me know.

05-10-2010 8:06:08 AM CST
why arent there any pictures in the PHOTOS section of this webpage? how come they're all in the results tab instead? doesnt make much sense.

05-10-2010 3:55:37 AM CST
leon you are talking FIVE months down the road...............patience! what is noq wont be the same 5 months from now. i just wanna see the outlaws get it on this weekend along with the other 3 divisions

Leon 13K enduro
05-09-2010 1:20:54 PM CST
with the recent news of Star not being open in 2010, could we maybe see the Halloween Howler run at Hudson this year on Pumpkinfest afternoon?

Witty screen name here
05-08-2010 7:31:30 PM CST
Thank You Leon.

Leon 13K enduro

Yes, i have the onboard from the 4 cyl Enduro. Type in "Hudson speedway May 2nd 4cyl Enduro" should come up, if not looks for LKRacing13K

05-08-2010 11:45:31 AM CST
i have a neon ready for enduro needs water pump you can hear it run asking 150 email me if interested nickbodyshop@live.com

derek   flamme987@yahoo,com
05-08-2010 9:21:52 AM CST
how did i do in the ten lap race i was driving the last chance 12 car i love to race

05-08-2010 8:09:06 AM CST
good win pat,what ever the restart,no one had any thing for you any way. i no i didnt, my tires were on fire,plus i wasent handeling. also,an other fan,that was me in that enduro. if i could have got out of that day,as any one that knows me knows, i would went to jail. as fare as im concernd,that person tried to kill me. do you know who it was. i was dead wood on the front strait, got my car started,backed up then headed for the infeild. the car stalled but i would have maid it but, that person came out of four, could of went around me insted never lifted and drove right in to my door, like there was a bulleye with a prize. people that get off buy crashing you on purpose should get exterminated.

Witty screen name here
05-06-2010 3:44:35 PM CST
Anyone got a video of the 4 cylinder enduro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-06-2010 3:01:09 PM CST
All drivers know what position they are running and if they are placed in the wrong position then its up to them to pull along the flag man and say something. If someone gets placed in front of a driver and they know they werent there then do the same. All drivers see the list prior to going out for a qual race and a heat race and many many times cars are not lined up correctly.....Its your race your money your throwing away.

Leon 13K enduro
05-06-2010 5:00:07 AM CST
starting 3rd 4th or 5th, Pat was going to get that win, he was about the fastest car on the track.

05-05-2010 9:43:45 PM CST
First i would like to congratulate Pat on his first roadrunner win. its not Pats felt he was in the wrong spot it is the tracks. they are the ones setting the line ups. An who does not race fair?

Pat D'Alba's Win Controversy..
05-05-2010 5:18:48 PM CST
He won. Got his Trophy. Let It Be. Stop Whining over it. He's a good racer and deserved that win and that trophy. He raced and always does race pretty fair unlike the other two winners. So he definately dererved his win. Congratulations Pat. but whatever,that just my opinion....

Pink wheels for a cause
05-05-2010 9:59:18 AM CST
Keith Slika Ennis (8 ball Rookie) has painted his wheels PINK as a way to help bring awareness to the fight against all types of cancer! So many of us have been affected by the wrath of cancer whether it’s in our own lives or in the lives of people we love. PLEASE JOIN KEITH IN PAINTING YOUR WHEELS PINK!!!! It’s a wonderful thing that he has initiated for such a great cause! COME ON GUYS, BRING ON THE SUPPORT!!!! Let’s see a bunch of cars out there with pink wheels for the next race! ANY driver, ANY division!

long time fan
05-04-2010 8:15:48 PM CST
saw that roadrunner restart on utube that line up was messed up and that 11x was that the same dude i saw get t boned intentionly in an enduro a few years back i liked that guy he helped me out with my car that day

05-04-2010 5:43:16 PM CST
hey rookie fan the 04 rookie car come on ? you dont run someone off the track to pass.. i can see a few rookie cars having a target on the rear bumper with weeks to come ....

my opinion
05-04-2010 5:36:55 PM CST
one of the rookies i believe was kicked out that was riding rough out there

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