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05-16-2010 10:27:43 PM CST
haha finally hurt sumone maybe they barley got hit and spun and made a big scene the flagpole hits dont hurt ive been hit in those for the past 3 years i aint crying

05-16-2010 10:26:21 PM CST
sooo i heard they finally hurt someone in the flagpole race today.. any truth to this one?

real flagpole winner
05-16-2010 10:26:17 PM CST
i love that people cry about getting hit ina flagpole race get into a different devision if you cant stand being spun out the track was real cool to pull the trophy away from me cus i spun 3 people out which 2 of them were driving cars i got for them haha what a joke

05-16-2010 7:34:06 AM CST
my picks are tl 2 rs 01 rr 40 outlaws 135

car 31
05-13-2010 8:51:27 PM CST
maybe the 8 ball could finish second? lol

05-13-2010 5:34:15 PM CST
going to Dover this weekend gona miss the show

8 ball fan
05-13-2010 4:26:04 PM CST
any picks for this weekend rookie 8 ball outlaw 70 johnny b dont know other divsions

Zombie Boy
05-13-2010 3:28:30 PM CST
I like turtles!!

Annoyed by you
05-13-2010 1:35:07 PM CST
hey integraracer in case u didnt notice the 69 & 47 cars arent the ones to beat this season. u need to come up with some new comments cause now your just getting annoying!

05-13-2010 12:09:28 PM CST
integraracer shut up

05-13-2010 9:47:37 AM CST
ready to come take care of them 69 and 47 cars

05-13-2010 8:32:52 AM CST
Who is ready for Sunday?

Deryl Morley   racin_radio@hotmail.com
05-12-2010 12:15:40 AM CST
Timmy, Lee is running Car Soccer this week, why not an enduro? Although I believe Watson was actually talking about the Star Classic (ISMA race). Either way I hope SOMEONE opens STAR this year (All-Star on the other hand is a different story. Yes, it's the same track but different people "running" it)

Leon 13K enduro
05-11-2010 9:24:11 PM CST
yea, turning someone into the pond wouldnt be good. Gage got lucky last year. had he ended upside down where his car stopped... it would have been bad. let the guy run his mouth, you guys just ruin your cars :) with my one interaction with bob watson, i would have to say that the Howler would NEVER happen at Lee, its got more of a chance of coming to Hudson. buzzy, i think 30 may be a bit much in the outlaws, id say 24 would be a great count for them. most of what ran the last 2 outlaw races last year were guys that were done at other tracks for the year. is the don hayes going to be more of an open type show like it was last year?

05-11-2010 5:50:02 PM CST
LMFAO !!!!

05-11-2010 3:48:05 PM CST
ITHINK. Ok, so the corrado in the thunder lights is a 21?

I think
05-11-2010 3:42:55 PM CST
i think your talking about the white 21, its Mitch's son i believe

05-11-2010 3:38:08 PM CST
This is awesome, another board for me to troll, lol.

05-11-2010 3:30:37 PM CST
Does anyone know who is driving the white corrado in the thunder lights?

05-11-2010 3:27:22 PM CST
Word has it that Bob Watson (lee Promoter) made a comment along the lines of " If star ever shut down, we would have a go at the Howler". Not sure how much truth to it there is, but hey, enduro at Lee?

05-11-2010 1:46:52 PM CST
i agree with the LOL comment that the only thing this integraracer? smart a&& has said that makes sense is about the 40 car. jeff james must be a decent guy cause if miller put me in the wall the way he did james i would have made sure he found the lake on opening day. he wouldnt have had a car to win 2nd with. hes lucky hes not driving with us rookies. we would never let him get away with driving the way he does without repercussion. but as for you integraracer? the don hayes roadrunner race is next sunday. you better be planning on being there to back up these ridiculous claims of yours.

05-11-2010 1:37:49 PM CST
interesting reading the fued going on about running someone off the track or into the pond in the back... just remember if you seriously hurt someone to prove a point or kill someone is it really worth it? dont think for once going 30 40 50 etc mph wont allow someone to get hurt... so when you strap in this weekend think before you do something stupid on the track

05-11-2010 1:06:11 PM CST
predictions for this week 30 outlaws 24 rookies 18 roadies and 8 thunderlites 80 cars in the pits, im not picking winners thats up to you guys!

05-11-2010 10:25:26 AM CST
LOL,I know what you are talking about this guy cant shut his mouth about the roadrunners. Integraracer,you better shut up before someone like the 69 or 47 shuts you up by putting you in the lake.So watch out and try too get a swimsuit to go under your race suit just in case and you know that is all gonna happen because you opened your mouth.

05-11-2010 10:10:34 AM CST
integra racer? your a frigging joke kid. the 47 got 4th... so much for staying out of his own way. but hey he was out there racing... unlike you. the only thing youve said in the last few months that makes any sense is the 40. Hes going to get he ass wet before the year is over driving like a tool shed. im sure James hasnt forgot how Miller dumped him for no reason on the straight last fall. Face it, your a dreamer at most. your probably some thunder light driver at best. but even the Thunder lights kids dont run their mouths like you. you probably dont even race an integra, most likely youl'l show up in some corolla, s-10 or an enduro car or something cause you ain't got the balls to show up in a car painted like what you posted before. and if you do, the way your on here flapping your lips if you DO show up in a red #14 integra, youll find your self upside down in the drink or out in the bone gravle off turn one in no time. keep running your mouth boy, youll alst all of one heat race

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