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05-18-2010 7:17:27 PM CST
Most come in on trailers, so not sure about inspection etc!

roland coutu car # 26
05-18-2010 5:17:44 PM CST
any 1 know if the spectater drages and race if thay need to be registered & inspected this year

05-18-2010 3:43:44 PM CST
The first year I had the corrado I broke 3 Axles, the second year I didn't break 1. I fixed it by changing how hard I cut the wheel one way or another. Coming off of the track and making the immediate right to go to the scales KILLED the axles. Make a 3 point turn instead of the sharp turn. Doing so, I didn't break any axles my second year!

Jeff Gilman
05-18-2010 3:17:53 PM CST
passenger side, no pattern really though

05-18-2010 3:06:18 PM CST
Jeff, not sure of the format. I was talking to your bother about the axles. Is it the pass or drivers side?

Jeff Gilman
05-18-2010 3:00:23 PM CST
Should be interesting, im gunna try making both races if the roadrunner doesn't break another axle. Any word on the format they're running them in?

05-18-2010 2:58:10 PM CST
I can't wait for the Don Hayes races!

Jeff Gilman
05-18-2010 2:22:17 PM CST
I hear ya Timmy it is what it is. Its just ashame that people bring trash like that to a site that kids go on

05-18-2010 2:12:44 PM CST
Jeff, Don't take these boards serious. Me and you know who makes Hudson, and well so does everyone else.

05-18-2010 12:07:46 PM CST
Seriously guys? Your comments show what kind of people you are. Jeff Gilman is one of the very few who actually used his real name in his post. Everyone else cowards behind a name they can't be identified by. I don't know him, never met him...but respect him for that fact alone! These posts are out of control. All anyone was saying is that the flagpoles are becoming more & more dangerous, which is true. The fans want to see crashes...noone said don't crash at all...just steer clear of the drivers side door. How hard is that? An accident is one thing, intentional is a whole other story. There's no need for name calling. Most drivers at Hudson are respectable guys. Treat them as you would like to be treated. This "friends of hudson" forum is nothing but trouble & should be deleted!

Jeff Gilman (real one)
05-18-2010 11:35:32 AM CST
That wasn't me talking , someone thought it'd be funny using my name to talk smack. I have a little more class then to go on a public forum and talk like that. This online stuff is dumb i have no problem with you ha and if you want to talk to me at the track i'll be more than happy but if people are gunna log online and use my name forget this

05-18-2010 11:32:09 AM CST
ok buddy talk shit kid idc my daddy doesnt have the money for a big badboy race car that doesnt mean shit to me building a car like that is as usefull to me as a fucking screen in a submarine swearing makes u sound tuff and hey just cus u give out bjs doesnt mean u can point fingers i barely ever win cus i like to have fun but ok no name have fun going nowere in racing by

jeff gilman
05-18-2010 11:27:52 AM CST
Mech973 the best way to find a good classiclite is to go to the pits this weekend and just talk to the guys racing. There's plenty of cars out there and all the guys in the club are great and would be more than happy to tell you where there are cars out there.

Jeff Gilman
05-18-2010 11:27:25 AM CST
Alright whoever ha is honestly shut the fuck up you probobly cant even race you bitch your blowing all the drivers in the back so they'll let you win shut your fat mouth bitch!!

05-18-2010 11:22:57 AM CST
hoping they announce the roadrunner drivers for the don hayes memorial race (since they were the only division last season who didnt have it done for them)

05-18-2010 11:19:41 AM CST
Hello been reading alot here and im trying to get a car to race im looking for a classic lite if anyone knows one for sale. I like the lite's small cheep but you have to know how to setup a car. So any help would be cool

Jeff Gilman
05-18-2010 11:09:02 AM CST
I've raced spectator races and i've won them, actually with real spectator cars that i've driven home. The problem is idiots out there that like to hit real spectator cars. I've turned more laps at Hudson then you and all of your little friends combined in divisions ranging from spectators, thunderlights to classiclites. Here's an idea if you think your so great why don't you build a real racecar and race with guys who are out to race and not crash? I never would hope for someone to get hurt it sucks for their families in the stand who are watching. In fact this whole thread started becuase of people who were out there hitting ppl in the door. I never meant to get this involved in the conversation but if anyone want to find me to further discuss this i'll be at the 00 classiclite or the 02 roadrunner this sunday your more than welcome to discuss this topic with me.

New Racer
05-18-2010 10:44:45 AM CST
Im not trying to talk and should like the man im just saying for a sport like this is sounds like a bunch of little girls. Like where someones saying i hope u leave on a strecher next week and be banned or something along those lines he should be banned thats retarded. You go there to race junk cars and mess arround the people down there and making it sound like touching someones a catastrophy. And i saw the crash they were yellin at him for and it wasnt really dirty wat so ever its just a little rediculas for what were talking about here.

05-18-2010 10:38:27 AM CST
gilman ur trying to say we dont no how to race then do a spac race ill race ur ass straight up i rly dont care if u guys dont like flagpole racing i dont hit doors i spin people out so enough bs race me or stop talking like fucking jeff gordan jr

05-18-2010 10:28:59 AM CST
It is for Classic lights and the RR. I spoke to Mrs Webber about it. New Racer: Please join the flag pole racing, they need all the cars they can.

Jeff Gilman
05-18-2010 10:08:46 AM CST
New Racer are you blind? We didn't say stop the hitting just the cheapshots (drivers doors) You talk a huge game for someone thats never even been on a racetrack, Ya it looks cool from the stands but get t-boned in the drivers door with no protection then talk a big game.

New Racer
05-18-2010 10:02:51 AM CST
I was considering getting into the flagpole scene. Ive neverreally raced before and i thought it was all about hitting... and i thought that was half the funof it. After reading this im kind of reconsidering considering everyone and their mother is bitchin more than my girlfriend aftyer a long friday night i wanna race with a real flagpole racer. All you guys should probably go home and beat it to nascar if your that conserned about hitting people that "ha" kid sounds like the man. I wanna race with people like him. Thats real flagpole racing.

05-18-2010 9:58:06 AM CST
is the Don Hayes for Road Runners or has that been changed to classic lites now? the schedule is confusing me a lil

05-18-2010 9:49:39 AM CST
thank you thats what im trying to say cheap shots and door shots need togo but hitting needs to stay

05-18-2010 9:48:39 AM CST
Car soccer has been canceled. It was planed for Saturdays (If Lee went Saturdays). Hudson needs School bus races, trailer races etc.

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