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Ralph   ralph481@verizon.net
05-25-2010 5:57:35 AM CST
Mech973 I have a classic lite for sale race ready comes spare wheels,extra gears,spare motor,asking $5200 / best offer phone # 1-1413-245-0137

The rockstar.
05-24-2010 7:04:35 PM CST
Unfortualy I did not win the thunderlights the #2 of Dylan Bilodeau won the feture.

Winners from 5/23
05-24-2010 1:23:16 PM CST
Thunderlights #12, Roadrunners #69, Rookies #30, V6 Mods #11 & Classic Lites #07

Who won?
05-24-2010 11:00:59 AM CST
...for each division?

Leon 13K enduro
05-23-2010 9:22:16 PM CST
yea the first feature was a little rough but if people would learn how to line up then half or more of the laps under yellow would be averted.

05-23-2010 6:23:36 PM CST
ok so ihope everyone enjoyed todays don hayes enduro cause it didn\\

05-21-2010 7:32:31 PM CST
if we cant see photos here,can someone post the photographers e-mail??

Jason Carroll   jason@angrypork.com
05-21-2010 8:08:11 AM CST
Timmy, What are you bringing out on Sunday?

roland coutu car #26
05-20-2010 7:54:28 PM CST
anyone know were there is a chep car under$200 for the figure 8 perfur full size

05-20-2010 2:30:29 PM CST
I am going to come out on top of the RR!

love hudson speedway
05-20-2010 1:16:19 PM CST
so who gonna come out on top in the don hayes memorial roadrunner race rr-72 cl-07

pink wheels for a cause
05-20-2010 11:25:23 AM CST
& that goes for ANY and ALL divisions including spectator and flagpole drivers!!!

pink wheels for a cause
05-20-2010 11:14:36 AM CST
Leon, DEFINITELY paint the weels PINK!!! Hoping other racers will follow in Keith's lead of painting their wheels pink for a cause to raise awareness for all types of cancer. Come on guys!!! Let's see some pink wheels out there :)

Leon 13K enduro
05-20-2010 9:39:46 AM CST
23rd... a great day to debut some pink rims on my ride ;) maybe the Monday Enduro i can be the first racer with the pink rims to win a race this year

Leon 13K enduro
05-20-2010 9:37:23 AM CST
yea were not planning on moving up the 13 to road runners YET. Its like when you go swimming and the water is freezing and you just kinda stand there for a few seconds lol yea thats what im looking at this sunday. Im getting a little bit tired of the drama in the monandock pits surrounding the 4 cyl enduros and thinking maybe its time to explore the possibility of moving up to road runners this summer/fall or for 2011. just want to see where the Geo stands with the other Roadies right now. I talk to Mr Webber every time im at the track but never thought about asking him for the Don Hayes. im thinking i should be all set seeing how its a one time think... for now

Jeff Gilman
05-20-2010 6:53:13 AM CST
Leon i'm sure they would being a special situation, but i can't speak for the track. I believe that they just dont want roadrunner cars pulling "double duty" on enduro days, again best thing to do would to ask Mr. Webber directly

05-19-2010 10:30:25 PM CST
leon run it

Leon 13K enduro
05-19-2010 9:26:41 PM CST
also, id like to run the Don Hayes with my enduro car. its got a cage BUT its still got a stock seat. it would be the only Road Runner race i run this year cause id rather stick to Enduros for another year. Would the track let that happen or would i blow my enduro eligibility with my Geo if i was to run the race?

Leon 13K enduro
05-19-2010 9:19:55 PM CST
Nick, was that the black neon #08 car that had the glowing brake rotor? i passed a neon on the outside once last year and you could FEEL the heat just simmering off that thing lol might have been the rain race.

05-19-2010 1:15:20 PM CST
pretty much put in a water pump and go racing also willing to trade for parts for my outlaw car

05-19-2010 1:13:21 PM CST
the car is stripped and was raced last year once in a 4 cyl enduro finished 4th now the suspension is tweaked a little and should do better the motor is 2.0 16 valve

Jeff Gilman
05-19-2010 1:02:43 PM CST
Nick is the car still complete or stripped? Do you know what motor it has? Definitly interested

05-19-2010 12:24:56 PM CST
Jeff, not sure if you would be interested but there are some rabbits on CL for sale. I raced a couple of them and they are fast. It is the 003 rabbit.

response to ha
05-19-2010 12:02:04 PM CST

05-19-2010 11:46:58 AM CST
ok so we can agree that the hitting is part of flagpoles but cheapshots should stop?

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