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06-15-2010 5:19:10 PM CST
I agree with ya deryl, what i was implying to those who do make the accusations maybe joking,but some are justified that they plan of wrecking another drivers car. Mostly in the spectator races there have been some serious crashes just to wreck someone or for a driver to show off. The impact for a non racing car with no roll cages or protected harness system can be very serious in a crash. I dont think some of the drivers realize that when they are out there racing.When someone attent is to show up on a sunday just to smash or destroy another car there is no care for others safety. Its a great way for someone to get experience but when they get their car trashed by some idiot it takes the enjoyment out of the sport. why would someone invest in a race car to know on a sunday that someone is showing up to just destroy another drivers car? Thats all I am implying. I didnt call out a single driver just stating why bother investing money into a very expensive sport just to ruin someone who does want to race win and grow in the sport. for those who feel it was attended to them i apologize for it.

Zombie boy
06-15-2010 3:54:12 PM CST
I like fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Deryl Morley   racin_radio@hotmail.com
06-15-2010 1:08:21 PM CST
racinfan, as odd as it may seem, the drivers that run at Hudson are all pretty friendly with each other and they JOKE with each other on the internet. Yes, there are times when they may not like one another (happens all the time at ALL tracks) but the majority of "threats" you see here on the internet board are just friends joking with each other.

06-15-2010 1:04:07 PM CST
Thats what its all about, Glen.

06-15-2010 11:26:20 AM CST
I know nothing, I only made half the effen race and did'nt see the end, all i know is i can't keep up with them, but its fun

06-15-2010 7:11:06 AM CST
There was no DQ in the grand enduro. The only full-size cars that run racing tires at Hudson are the Outlaws. Nobody in the enduros runs those.

Leon 13K enduro
06-14-2010 7:24:41 PM CST
no one was DQ'ed the 53 had the lead but the blue car (138 i think maybe) got in his way and cost him the victory when the XXX dove under and took it. They always check Mirrors and anti-freeze. again "ME" since your in the know... WHAT is a racing tire according to your "sources"?

06-14-2010 5:28:50 PM CST
Me, I can't understand your post?? The XXX won that race out right. They always check antifreeze and mirrors.

06-14-2010 4:41:24 PM CST
the xxx won it yes the other car was dq the was win given 2 xxx no antifreeze or mirrors tires will be checked no rumor

Leon 13K enduro
06-14-2010 10:50:48 AM CST
i know us 4 cyl guys almost all run Faulken tires not only because they are the best highway rated tire on the market but they are SAFE and hold up to the punishment of racing. lots of \\\

06-14-2010 10:24:05 AM CST
I assume "me" is joking around?? The XXX that won the last enduro was not disqualified, the tires are 100% stock goodyears (with lots of dry rot. LOL) no mirrors or antifreeze. You should try to keep the "rumors" to a minimum or we will have NO enduro cars show up. Just my 2 cents.

Leon 13K enduro
06-14-2010 10:15:34 AM CST
*anything but H rated i assume*

Jeff #00
06-14-2010 10:14:57 AM CST
I assume any tire marked "Not for Highway Use"

Leon 13K enduro
06-14-2010 10:08:22 AM CST
lol what are "Racing tires"? Highway (h rated) tires i assume?

06-14-2010 8:57:09 AM CST
endutro cars are checked for safty and other stuff oh by the way the last enduro the winner of the grand enduro was dq for racing tires no mirriors no antifreeze racing tires etc they will be checked next enduro

car 31
06-13-2010 7:38:42 PM CST
well lets figure out if you can then we will see

racing fan
06-13-2010 5:38:46 PM CST
car 31ad329 how many times am i allowed to lap you before i get taking out?

06-13-2010 11:24:47 AM CST
they called the races

Leon 13K enduro
06-13-2010 9:36:05 AM CST

car 31ad329
06-13-2010 7:52:43 AM CST
well racing fan build a car and bring it to race and teach all of us how to do it!!

06-13-2010 5:49:18 AM CST
sooooo is there racing today or what

06-12-2010 6:42:40 PM CST
funny when you read various postings so many drivers talk about running some one down or spinning this one.... why you bother investing money into a race car just to wreck someone or take out drivers there to race? never make a successful race car driver they way some of you compete(if you want to call it competing). talent is not in your book of racing thats for sure

06-12-2010 1:58:38 PM CST
spin i don't do things like that come on now. billy i cant pick myself i suck haha

last chance team   flamme987@yahoo.com
06-12-2010 10:03:08 AM CST

this sucks two weeks of rain i need to race im going nuts i need speed

car 31
06-12-2010 9:17:30 AM CST
slika you rule!!!! just save that spin you owe use for another time ok?

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