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06-28-2010 7:12:39 PM CST

car 31
06-28-2010 3:00:21 PM CST
andy nichols and billy clement both drove awsome great job guys

06-28-2010 2:48:13 PM CST
please update the point standings

Roadrunner Winners
06-28-2010 1:48:17 PM CST
Timmy, there were two seperate winners since there were double features. The 1st feature was won by the red/yellow #42. The second feature by the yellow/black #5.

06-28-2010 12:33:25 PM CST
Who one the RR?

Congrats Billy
06-28-2010 9:56:21 AM CST
Great race! That car came to life. Does anyone have the race on video to post on youtube?

Jason Carroll   jason@angrypork.com
06-28-2010 6:31:26 AM CST
Thanks to everyone that helped change my tire and get me back out during the first road runner feature...I really appreciate all the help!

06-27-2010 10:58:27 PM CST
Congrats Billy on your win.....awesome job, you truly deserve it.

lepage #31
06-27-2010 5:23:55 AM CST
nice job slika.your one of the cleanest drivers out there. i saw the vid.you did exactly what they told us at the drivers meeting.good luck today but i hope its me this time

car 31
06-24-2010 6:29:50 PM CST
well thanks for the interest in my car but i think ill keep it for now . but there some pretty good deals around if you check . there is one in hudson on lowell road close to mieneke it looks like a nice car

06-24-2010 2:29:57 PM CST
whats the car worth to ya 31 realistically maybe we can strike a deal

Jeff #00
06-24-2010 9:36:11 AM CST
And no one said anything about cheating, You can build whatever you want for the enduros, but its tough to build a car thats gunna dominate when you don't know what direction your turning. For example a few years ago at star in the truck enduros the #7 trucks used to dominate and win everyweek. The track decided to turn them to go right and the 9N of Andy Nichols took off and kicked ass, no one could race a track backwards like him. You have to remember that the fans are who makes the enduros happen. If they get bored and don't show up your gunna have a $20 to win enduro. I agree the fans like to see a car count and when more people build enduro cars becuase they feel like they don't have to spend a lot and have a valid shot at winning the field will grow. Thanks to everyone on this topic that can have a good debate about a track we are passionate about. It's refreshing and i appreciate it.

Jeff #00
06-24-2010 9:22:22 AM CST
I agree that setup and preperation can beat "Raw Hp" but lets face it the cars that have hp for the most part know how to set there cars up to turn left. The enduros are meant to be "run whatcha brung" the only way to weed the "race cars" out and give the guys a shot to beat the weekly cars is to turn them right. People were complaining for years about enduro cars being capible of being a roadrunner or rookie, so the track make a good effort in fairing up the enduros by turning right. I have raced enduros with an "enduro" car and got my ass kicked, had we turned right i might have had a chance. The car counts will come with time, just like every division. It was only 4 years ago the then dwarf cars were told to go home becuase they didn't have more than four cars show up. With some reconfiguration and good leadership they bring 20+ cars everyweek. As people in the stands see that they can build a real enduro car and not get run over by roadrunners or people building ridiculous fast cars they will build them and go out. It will just take some time. You just have to trust the track management, I thought the concept of the Outlaw division was crazy a few years ago and its one of the best divisions and most exciting in southern nh as of right now. Just my opinion

06-24-2010 8:11:44 AM CST
ill be glad to race going right... when they put something up at turn 4 to avoid a head on in that wall. Its just not safe. And how is it cheating? THERE ARE NO RULES POSTED HERE for the enduros! I do like what they did in the Grand Enduro. they let anything and everything run in that. maybe they need to look into having the 4cyl enduro, then for the GRAND enduro let 4's 6's 8's or trucks come and run. 25 laps one way 25 right. You almost had a Saab win the grand enduro, that would have been great. sounded like it was cutting out in the middle of the corner (probably low on fuel)

06-24-2010 6:27:23 AM CST
just wanted to add one note here randy the flagman tells us every week that all starts are at the line coming out of four when chuck hit that line my front bumper was on his rear he didnt go i moved him up and drove under him the strip on the front stright means nothing on starts. maybe i got it wrong but thats how it is told to use at the drivers meeting.

06-24-2010 6:05:43 AM CST
roberto fan can post a link to the video and thanks for coming out to the speedway sundy, if chuck keeps runnig like that he'll get one for sure that car was fast.

Rookie Restart
06-24-2010 5:56:31 AM CST
I couldn't find the youtube video either, and I agree with Car 31 that the leader was leading at the starting line, but I'm pretty sure that was a single-file restart. In the picture the 8 car is clearly already down on the inside making the pass. Alot of those rookie cars jump out of line on the restart. If you can't beat em, join em.

Backwards Enduro
06-24-2010 5:53:04 AM CST
First of all, take notice that the past 2 enduros have been turned around at the halfway point (maybe all 3 have, I don't remember). My guess is that the next will be the same way. So here you go, here is your official warning: YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TURN LEFT AND RIGHT. If you ask Mr. Webber up in the booth he will tell you outright why he turns the enduros around. I think his exact words were "to weed out the cheaters". Set up will help you catch HP, yes. But that's the beauty of Enduros. They are supposed to be stock. Are they stock? No, most aren't. Running them backwards is the tracks way of saying "sure we know what you're doing, and we're gonna let you run what ya brung, but we're gonna give the stock guys a chance too". Did you see that V6 mustang in the Grand Enduro? He was stock, and he was running away with the race until he ran out of gas...it evens the field. Just my 2 cents. Long Live Hudson, keep up the great work.

Leon 13K enduro
06-24-2010 5:00:11 AM CST
its hard to race a race every week a one track where its left all the time and thats how were always set up, to going the other direction. Set up and preperation is the only way to beat HP. ill be the first to admit, there is not many horses under the hood of a Geo Prizm. 105 i think. Set up in the car is nothing more then air pressure and a spring rubber. Anyone that dont believe that is welcome to come by and look. I dont mind going right, id just like to know before hand. especilly if they give us practice. if were going right, send us out right for practice. thats all im saying. if they turn us around ill go the other way tho. just think going left would help counts. having someone help people park and making sure people get cozy with the neighbor would let us all get in the pits. maybe just tell enduros that the car has to stay up on the trailer. you can take it off for practice but when its not on the track you gotta keep it trailered. (they do this at monandock almost weekly now(

car 31
06-23-2010 10:30:57 PM CST
i looked for the video but couldnt find it. but the leader did lead at the starting line correct?

roberto fan
06-23-2010 8:12:01 PM CST
that pic is taken after ennis jumps the gun dives inside roberto and pushes him up from the inside. watch the video its on youtube. that 8ball car jumps the start every week. everyone gets a win and congrats to him. but the quote "ennis caught roberto sleeping on the restart" is crap. just saying.

8 ball fan
06-23-2010 5:45:42 PM CST

they start coming out of turn 4 there almost at the stripe and ennis is still not past roberto.

roland coutu car #26
06-23-2010 5:42:32 PM CST
i think thay should only run left and more cars will come. thats the way its been for ever.im not wasting my time bringing my car to turn right thats stupid. it should stop.and my farther inlaw will come to he runs the H5 car that was running enduro nights at star whan that was going.but thats just my point so well see what happens.it could be 2 more cars that would be out there for july forth.and the new england enduro acc.would probaly go for the enduros to.

Jeff #00
06-23-2010 3:31:03 PM CST
I can agree on the pit thing with you to a point, but as far as running backwards i totally agree with the track. This is the only TRUE way you can keep people from building roadrunner worthy enduro cars. There's no point in building a fast car if you can't make it handle and you can't build a car to handle if you dont know the direction your going in. I think this is a smart idea from the track and will prevent the same guys winning week after week. But i could be wrong and if i am tell me.

Leon 13K enduro
06-23-2010 3:24:35 PM CST

if were turning left then more cars are going to show up for enduros. being able to bring our trucks and trailers in would be nice too. we all pay the same amount to enter the pits we should all be treated the same. dont tell us no you cant bring stuff in when there are 3 or 4 spectator/flagpole cars sitting over in the corner. just be fair to everyone and more cars will show up for these enduros. I've been trying to talk some people into coming down but the major hang up is the way they handle pitting, and not knowing what direction were going in.

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