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Leon 13K enduro
07-05-2010 10:52:49 AM CST
last enduro for the #13 at Hudson. If im going to feed the pockerts of road runner cars then ill just race the road runners. Eventually they will get it, The road runner and rookie stock cars that race the enduros only will keep the enduro cars away flipping them does nothing cause you take any skill in setting up a car away and just hand it to the HP cars. No quitting the track, just moving to a division where i can have fun racing again.

07-05-2010 9:45:05 AM CST
Love the enduros! They should always have 100 laps makes it more interesting.These guys put alot of time into their cars. Maybe do away with the flag pole race and have a demo derby instaed!

07-05-2010 8:21:40 AM CST
7 cars running for the last 70 laps of the 4cyl enduro! can we now do away with them in favor of something else? didnt stay to see the 10 car 8cyl enduro. 1/3 of the bleachers emptied out during the 4cyl enduro with a months worth of promoting and talking it up 12 cars were there. if only 10 or less show cut it to 25 laps or 20 or more 50 laps,or just do away with them altogether.doafb

roland coutu car# 26
07-05-2010 5:48:15 AM CST
so much for keeping my spectater car dent free its all ways the same people that go out to smash wont let u pass clean i tryed 6 times till i got sandwiched. u didnt see me hit the 4cyl. racecar that passed me just befor the checker flag even though my car is registered and was the only 1 road legal, ILL BE BACK

07-05-2010 1:42:29 AM CST
i wanna drive that 31

07-03-2010 7:49:34 AM CST
Every class was updated but the roadrunners. That and it looks like thet messed up on the v6 points

07-03-2010 7:20:20 AM CST
the points now, are the same as they were a few weeks ago on this sight. but the date has changed

#20 RR
07-02-2010 7:46:00 PM CST

I dont think it matters what way the enduros run. The fans show up for competitive racing, if it evens things up let them run it that way. p.s. if the roadrunners are turning 20+ cars, cant we do a few more laps. maybe 30?

Leon 13K enduro
07-02-2010 7:01:46 PM CST
Also, the track NEEDS to be wattered down for the Fig 8 or they might as well not even run it. you cant see threw the dust in the day let alone the wonderful lighting that Hudson has. not to mention, last time we had a HUGE passengers side door impact... next time they may not be as lucky and that very well could be a drivers door impact.

Leon 13K enduro
07-02-2010 6:59:37 PM CST
yea Recon, getting hit by a v8 would NOT be fun. just thinking about ways to have a good full field of cars for a 100 lapper and keep us going the right way lol.

07-02-2010 5:38:15 PM CST

oh ya !!!!

Zombie boy
07-02-2010 4:25:32 PM CST
Figure 8, That would make for a more interesting show and with the water down we [and the drivers] would be able to see it all!!! I like to watch!!!!!

figure 8
07-02-2010 1:27:12 PM CST
if they water down the infield for the figure 8 you realize that water will end up on the hot top making it difficult on the turns.....

John Esburnett
07-02-2010 8:30:43 AM CST
for the figure 8 race they shouuld bring in a water truck

Points were updated...
07-01-2010 6:08:02 PM CST
The points posted on the website for roadrunners are different than the points that were posted sunday at the registration booth before the race. I'm pretty sure they were updated. Of course I don't remember what they all were, but the few that I pay attention to have changed. Maybe you should send Hudson Speedway an email if you think yours are wrong.

07-01-2010 11:24:34 AM CST
Not all divisions are updated. Roadrunners arent.

Toyz racing
07-01-2010 11:03:12 AM CST
The blue and silver truck will be back. Its is near completion and hopefully will make it there. Looking foward to seeing every one!

The points...
07-01-2010 9:47:49 AM CST
are up to date.

07-01-2010 6:32:37 AM CST

06-30-2010 8:45:36 PM CST
Roland, Yes we are running the enduro I think I will leave a little more air in the left side tires just in case other than that I will run the same set up. Loen, That's a good idea the only problem would be a BIG V-8 running over a 4 cly. (OUCH!) Maybe they could have a "overall" winner also. Some of the 4's run real good I would not be surprised to see a 4 win it all.

Leon 13K enduro
06-30-2010 7:36:10 PM CST
what they could do is run the 4s and the 8's at once, and have each division competing separately yet at the same time. youd still have a top 3 V8's and a top 3 4-bangers, but this would keep more cars on the track and keep people interested.

roland coutu car #26
06-30-2010 7:15:39 PM CST
recon u running the enduro? did u set iup to turn both was? im trying to will see if it works see u then

06-30-2010 1:47:04 PM CST
All the Thunder lights are doing AWESOME!! They run cleaner than most of the adults! LOL! Thunder lights are the future of this sport they should all be proud of themselves. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

thunder lights
06-30-2010 12:37:49 PM CST
any comments on the kids?

lepage #31
06-29-2010 5:36:06 AM CST
billy great race. first win? the car looks like its getting better. & andy nice job. should have came over for a victory hamburger lol!!!

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