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07-07-2010 7:53:58 PM CST
why not make enduros [enduro car spec.s] a weekly class 20-30 laps no qualifing but also a 6 cyl enduro div. KEEP THE FLAGPOLE RACE! enduro=low dough clean racing, flagpole = crazy start but the chase is on after the herd thins, spectater drags = the guy outta the stands who wants to give it a shot! spectater race = 10 laps of mayhem if you get out without a dent YOU WERENT THERE!!

07-06-2010 8:33:18 PM CST

I had a blast out there.didnt quite make top ten, but... hoping for a good top ten this week. and my new tires should help with that if they are here by then.

The Rockstar
07-06-2010 7:30:32 PM CST
Thanks all you roadrunners for running me clean I had so much fun agian.

roland coutu
07-06-2010 7:13:38 PM CST
lastchance racing im not mad at u its just bull shit that i get yelled at for hitting befor i ever even had a scrach on the car and now acused of having racing tires on my car.i wont be back this week i have my kids baptism this sunday. hope to race aclean racewith u the week after see u then. this other fool thats running his mouth probaly has never even been out on the track so he wont give a name or car what ever.steve u are right its not about the money u will never make money at racing its all about having fun i hear u on the heads out of ur a$$ part also. hopefully ill have my enduro car for that week also.see u all in 2 weeks

07-06-2010 6:24:04 PM CST
Its not about the money because if you do the math no matter how many times you win, you lo$e, money wise. its all about going to the track racing, and having fun, enduro guys like to run lots of laps and build cars that can last, try running 100 laps with rookies road runners and thunder lights, hopefully some day you all will pull your heads out of your asses and realize you not nascar drivers, and the kids that want your autographs after your major 15 lap races don't even care who you are. see you in 2 weeks while we bore you with a half enduro. /end

just racing
07-06-2010 5:54:37 PM CST
I am not hiding behind a name just amused by the statements.... find it kinda strange when someone from spectators or enduros goes out and complains their car get scratched dented etc... i was out there racing i passed you with my ride on lawn mower on the back straightaway!! Think I lapped you as well

lastchance grandmaquy
07-06-2010 5:22:34 PM CST
Sorry for sanwiching u guys in the ten lap race I just wanted to get to the bottom of the cornor sorry guys I understand if u guys spin me next time I'm out there I hope there is no hard feelings but it was a fun race thanks guys I will run a clean race next week. That I race ok guys

roland coutu
07-06-2010 3:42:30 PM CST
the tires are lemans sr which were on the car last summer when i bought the car

rokland coutu car #26
07-06-2010 3:39:04 PM CST
i didnt have race tires on the car so i have no idear what u are talking about. the car that hit me had strickly stock tires on it. my car is a stock 305 with 209,000 on it and lucky to have 130 hp from the factory new.i really dont care much that the car is only good for the track now but,race fear.and who are u do u race out ther? and leon 13k is right if u have to hide behind a sreen name and cant let others know who u are shut up!!

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-06-2010 2:10:12 PM CST
Buzy, i totally agree with you. if thats what the enduros are going to be then just scrap em. its no fun to run 50 laps with out much passing and no cars to really race with. i was happy i got to race with that #83 civic the 2nd segment or i pretty much wouldnt have bothered running the whole way. dont get me wrong i LOVE ENDUROS but its just no fun anymore. the 10 lapper is more of an enduro then anything. And to the guy thats racing the street legal monte, you really need to just race the one on ones. thats the "clean race" the 10 lapper is going to result in damage. by the way, how did the american racer tires do for ya?

just racing
07-06-2010 1:30:18 PM CST
now that we all know you are running a registered car makes it better to hit.... fool to bring a registered car and race it out there and not expect to get bumped etc .. some race car if a 4 cyl can pass a monte carlo ... guess i would be mad as well with dents scratches and a 4 cyl passing all in the same night

07-06-2010 11:20:18 AM CST
sorry leon dont know what race you were watching because there were only 2 cars out of 7 on the lead lap by lap 30 the 17e and the 72,hopefully this will end the enduros, or like i suggested under 10 cars 25 laps 15 or more cars 50 laps or better yet none at all.

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-06-2010 8:40:25 AM CST
"Fan" for one i dont really care what you have to say while hiding behind such a genaric screen name. for second, they flipped the 4 cyls what were having somewhat of a decent RACE. and the v8 parade just went round and round and round. Its fine tho your right, complaining about it will do nothing, so that is why i will no longer be an enduro car. might as well only pay 25 to get in the pits, go race the Road Runners and get 20 or 25 of it back. more fun in the end for me and less money to run. Thank you to the speedway for saving me some money :-)

07-06-2010 7:48:28 AM CST
roland he paid the same amount of money as you did to go out there and race, not to go out there and "move so the faster street car can go by". if he wants to block you, so be it. you signed the waiver, you've been to hudson, you knew what to expect.

07-06-2010 5:30:16 AM CST
hey leon 13k all you do is bitch race cars in enduros etc bring some damm enduro cars and bob wont have 2 mix them we havent been letting race cars run fn enduros till 2 weeks ago and all you guys bring is 5 or 6 enduro cars wake up wow what a show 5 cars make come on enduro cars show up n we wont have 2 mix you 2 make a good enduro

roland coutu car#26
07-05-2010 7:48:48 PM CST
o by the way my car is registered what about the rest of the cars out there, its a spectator race not a enduro. so what was the running me up to the wall and off to the tires not my falt he was driving a slower ford,talk about blocking the hole track. if u are slower let them buy i let the 4 cyl enduro car buy with out running him off the track coming out of the last corner for the win thats what u call a clean racer.

just racing
07-05-2010 7:06:54 PM CST
geeze you try to run three wide going into turn 1 and the two LTD'S try to close up the whole ... doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out someones car is going to get dented or scratched. Welcome to Hudson Speedway!! you leave Hudson without a dent or scratch or a donut mark on the side of your car.. you werent racing!! Tennesse has Bristol New Hampshire has Hudson!!

The Watcher
07-05-2010 6:28:38 PM CST
So I was watching the races last night, and during the flagpole race I hear people yelling at the drivers to slow down just so they can see a hit. When most of these drivers start this race they expect to get hit. When it thins out they are racing. They want to win. Who wants to wait and take a hit. I you want to see more hitting get your own car and enter yourself. Even better would be a demolition derby. The track should try and schedule one and have drivers register beforehand and that could give the track an idea of how many cars they could get. Also to the lady in the 4th turn stands who was yelling at the winner of the Grand Enduro because her friend in the #10 street stock, I mean enduro car, was leading 99 laps but not the last one. Thats racing, stuff breaks down and fuel runs out. Don't try to steal someone else's thunder.

car 31
07-05-2010 4:17:50 PM CST
well you could still try the beating up thing lol

07-05-2010 4:04:21 PM CST

not to well for where

07-05-2010 2:48:10 PM CST
haha i dont know what happend to the rest of my post but it was suppost to say (i wanna drive that 31 with all that power i felt as he pushed me off the track)

car 31
07-05-2010 1:46:05 PM CST
hey slika you will have to beat up fuzzy and get in the car before he wakes up !!!!!

07-05-2010 1:11:43 PM CST
I also thought the 100 lap enduros were great this weekend. Turning the 4cyls around DID seem to make a difference, seeing as the car that ended up winning was not in the top 3 until the got flipped...at least I don't think. The V8s put on a great show too; good, hard, close race all the way to the last lap. It was great to see 100 laps for both divisions. I think this should be done every time there are no special division (outlaws, v6s mods, lites). Granted, this is not very often but the Enduros def put on a top notch show. And the hazy figure 8 was entertaining as well. Good job Hudson.

07-05-2010 12:12:16 PM CST
Pat D'Alba selling his for 1200 race ready with lots of spare parts

Jeff #00
07-05-2010 11:56:53 AM CST
Looking for a CRX or Civic Hatch to race. Doesn't have to be raceready but nothing to crazy. Email me at jgilman00@yahoo.com if theres any you have any lead

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