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enduro car # 26
07-13-2010 4:26:54 PM CST
same hear my 2 cars will not run till i know were not running backwards it is way to unsafe.well be back some day i hope!going the right way

07-13-2010 4:07:36 PM CST
congratulations to Jessie Tellier on his Chirstmas in july enduro win... oh wait it hasn't be run yet... cause they are going to turn the cars around so no one can dominate the enduros. Have fun with all 5 enduro cars that show up this sunday. Were not running for the simple fact of how grossly unsafe the place is running backwards. head on into turn 4 wall.. forget that. head on into the trees in turn 2 No thanks the front straight wall that hangs out like 8 inches into on comming cars. well be back someday when they run it like a race is supposed to be run. Untill then, cars stay parked

07-13-2010 10:32:44 AM CST
the girl in oink car is sooooooo cute

07-13-2010 9:57:30 AM CST

07-13-2010 9:54:23 AM CST
Better late than never on the results. Happy with quick update on points!

Big Sandy   NHEngineer@Gmail.com
07-13-2010 8:41:30 AM CST
I'm sorry for the delay in posting the July 4th results. We had some technical problems. Results are posted now and I'm now working on the July 11 results.

The Watcher
07-11-2010 9:38:49 PM CST
I couldn't watch the rookies tonight. Fix the dam lights!!!

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-11-2010 8:44:24 PM CST
the Pure Stocks in cannan is what im referring too. not quite a streeter class but not really a V8 enduro class. just making the point that Monadnocks "enduros" are anything but enduros (4 cyls and 8 cyls) How was racing at the H today?

roland coutu car#26
07-11-2010 7:34:11 PM CST
a trailer race would be great thompson speedway has 1 each year and its fun to see i would enter it.a real pure stock is no mods but for saftey i ran in a class down south and it was fun it was driver that won the race not the moter.

Leon13K endu... Road Runner
07-11-2010 9:21:30 AM CST
watchinging youtube vids gave me an idea. how about a trailer race? that would be right up hudsons ally! And ronald, the reason we never have 8's and 4s together is because the v8's are built almost like hudsons rookie stocks. they are most of a rookie/pure stock then enduros. and if someone in a small 4 cyl ever got hit by a V8 the smaller car would most surly get cut in half.

07-11-2010 8:20:31 AM CST
Great racing last week. We live in Londonderry and brought the whole family up for our first race at Hudson. Can't believe we've never been here before. Needless to say it's now going to be an every Sunday night family event! That's what racing is all about! Hopefully, the weather holds up and the rain stays away. We want to see a figure 8 race followed by a Demolition Derby with whoever is still left!!!!!!! Thanks Hudson Speedway and thank you drivers for the great entertainment.

Weather forecast?
07-11-2010 7:45:00 AM CST
Rainout today?

bryant jackson
07-11-2010 7:19:34 AM CST
for sale #0 roadrunner 2000 obo racer walsh motor,very well built cage,many extra parts and some tires. call bryant at 2076513353 leave a message

glen   racejunkie64@aol.com
07-10-2010 12:50:22 PM CST
is looking for 2 goodyear eagle ultra grip 225 60 16s

roland coutu car#26
07-10-2010 12:40:45 PM CST
Leon 13K endu... Road Runner that would be great maybe do a comined 4 and 8 cyl and give both trophes 1st v8 and first 4cyl

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-10-2010 10:15:59 AM CST
Monadnock does enduros right. there is a reason they get 30 4 cyls and 15 V8's every week. However YES, the enduros over there are far from enduro cars. they are pretty much road runners in every since of the word. 8's one week and 4's the next with a few combined shows. i like the idea of points as Monadnock runs. and a certian amount of tech can keep the cheaters out. (or up in road runners where they belong) i mena you can look at a car as tell if its an enduro or a road runner. obviously if its 4 inches off the ground, cambered all the way around, 6 point cages with the strut towers tied off and the whole inside tinned up. yea thats a road runner. just have someone look at the car if its questionable tell em that if they become dominate they will be asked to move up to RR. Monadnock also draws for position each week, feature winners start in the back and your only aloud to win 3 times then you become uneligable for another win. we have a Saab that has won 3 in a row. if he wins again he will be dropped to 2nd and the 2nd place car will be credited with the win. after 2 championships you also much move out of the division. onto fullsize (grands) or up to mini stock if enough of us talk to bob im sure that he would atleast consider it. however some nights were running up against the curfew as it is. can we fit anoter 40 lap feature into some nights?

07-10-2010 9:58:40 AM CST
I hope the rain stops and we get the race in

Zombie boy
07-09-2010 6:43:44 PM CST
Where are the results? I like results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-09-2010 10:09:59 AM CST
i like it,but its not up to us

Monadnock Enduros
07-09-2010 7:29:45 AM CST
Monadnock has a great enduro schedule. They run the 4cyls one week, they run the 8s the next. 50 laps no heats. That way you still get 50 laps but you only have 1 50 lap race per night and you don't have to go broke racing EVERY weekend. No points is also a great idea to keep people honest. Monadnock runs points and their cars are far from enduros, but their schedule is great. Maybe see something similar at Hudson in 2011?

Weekly Enduro
07-09-2010 7:27:56 AM CST
I like the idea of weekly enduros and I would race in them. All-Star did this in 07 and ran them on Wednesday (Yes, Wednesday) nights. It was a fun division. The following year they switched to "Fast 8s" and made them a points division. In my opinion you would want to make sure the enduro division was NOT a points division, because when people are chasing points they start cheating and adding high-performance parts. Keep it weekly trophies and no points and keep em honest. 50 laps would be nice too...

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-08-2010 7:25:11 PM CST
FlagPole #6, i love your idea, and ive seen to talked about on here before. If i was to offer a set of rules for the division id refer people to the Wiscasset speedway rules set. its simple, stock parts only, H-rated tires, 4 tires all the same size (all 14's or all 15'. may be one series size difference IE 185/60/14 on the left 195/60/14 on the right. NO CAMBER, NO SUSPENSION changes, window net, and SFI suit, for saftey. of course then youll have guys that are runnning 3rd or 4th in Road runner points get mad and want to come down a division so they can win races, but if the track actually says NO this is a road runner your not running an enduro class with this or NO this is an enduro car and your not going to run with the road runners then maybe it would work out good. Ive heard something about the rookie stocks next year being a rookie stock AND streeter division with 2 seperate points standings with both classes running at once. not sure if the guy that told me this wants to be named so ill leave that part alone.

roland coutu car#26
07-08-2010 2:25:48 PM CST
flagpoler#6 that sounds great i would love a weekly enduro/pure stock class.25 laps no heats the only rule dont modify the car but if u want for safty.maybe springs. cost afective and a great entry level.of what the rookies were 15-20 4 years ago. or even use another tracks rules for a pure stock class or enduro rules

07's Girl   jessie@angrypork.com
07-08-2010 12:41:12 PM CST
Wow, this program shrinks the photo a lot! Sorry, I tried. I can't post a link in this program either. =(

07's Girl   jessie@angrypork.com
07-08-2010 12:30:42 PM CST

Roadrunners, Here are the points that were posted at the registration booth last week before the race (since they still weren't updated on the website). I wonder if the points will be updated again before sunday's race!

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