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question on flags
07-14-2010 8:13:27 PM CST
when the yellow comes out... and there is a wreck or spin out what is the rule for what cars go to the rear?

turn left turn right
07-14-2010 7:55:04 PM CST
maybe its not safe for you cause your not winning? this class is to have fun... start out with a stock car see if you can learn how to handle a true race car... your choice to keep them home..... think anyone else out there or the fans are going to care.... show u can race either direction is a well deserved trophy

07-14-2010 5:30:53 PM CST
I'm not saying that every enduro car is built to smash, but a lot of them are. And for the roadrunners that build up there bumpers, they tend to use them a lot, and that is not the division for it either. so basically they need to make people choose one or the other. like jeff said no one is there to tell you where to run. so until they figure it all out. we will see what the next week brings...

v-8 enduros
07-14-2010 5:01:12 PM CST
we have 2 v-8 enduro cars we wont be running till we turn left 100% off the time sorry to the fans but for 1 it is unsafe and 2 thay are both stock but for saftey and yes thay are set up to turn left but like i said its a stock 305 with a 150k on it

red 86
07-14-2010 4:41:34 PM CST
any new roadrunner cars havent raced in weeks

Jeff #00
07-14-2010 3:08:00 PM CST
Leon i agree 100 percent with you. Its a lose lose situation. The track took the approach to run them backwards and it didn't make anyone happy. At the beggining of the season they didn't let rr race with enduros. The problem was not enough cars showed up which pisses the fans off. Theres not much for the track to do except recruite and be guaranteed enough enduros to fill a field and make a good show for the fans. I just would hate to see this division fade away becuase it can be a great division for drivers and fans alike. I used to look forward to the wed night battles at star between the Legere family in the m cars and the douphinette family cars. Thats what the enduros need is a good rivalry to get the fans interested again

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-14-2010 2:49:43 PM CST
#20 if you'd like to come over and find the reinforcement in my front bumper your welcome to help out cause ive never seen any reinforcement in my car in all the time ive had it. im not sure how thats a problem as ive seen some crazy things behind the road runner front and rear bumpers. and Jeff, no its not really fair BUT its no more or less fair then our Sub $500 cars racing against stuff that recently sold for about $1200 until the track steps in and has someone sort this out its only going to get worse. how hard is it to have someone look at a car and say no, this is over built, this is not and enduro car and you cant run that but you can run that as a road runner. or say No, this is not a road runner its and enduro and you'll have to run it as such. if i wasnt racing id be 10000% willing to volunteer to do it for free (ok not Free, maybe for a hudson chicken tender basket YUM)

Boo Hoo
07-14-2010 2:46:06 PM CST
If you don't want to come out and race your 4cyl car then fine. Stop crying about it. The 8's go left and right as well and none of them are on here complaining. They are out there having fun. Your line about turning right being unsafe is crap too. Stop making excuses. When you're done pouting and ready to come racing again we'll see you at the track, until then keep it to yourself cause nobody likes a cry baby. The 5 enduro cars that do show up will get their laps and have a great time. And the V8 enduros will continue to do their thing without complaining.

07-14-2010 2:00:26 PM CST
exactly my point. enduros are reinforced in the bumpers for contact. they dont have much saftey to them. plus most of them would pass through on the scales with no cage.

jeff #00
07-14-2010 11:58:24 AM CST
So now people that race roadrunners are going to be racing against enduros that have partial to no cage? People who spend good money to build a roadrunner get to race against something that cost under $500 to build. How is that fair?

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-14-2010 10:40:27 AM CST
i agree with the 3 and the 26. its not safe going the other way there. And that line about going the other way helping the low budget cars is complete BS! i am one of the low budget cars and it does nothing but hurt us. I want to be there but there is no point. i can turn low 17's when its set up with air pressures alone cant crack a sub 18 when we have to be "neutral" to go both ways. the fun is gone in enduros there. and we wont race them until were going left 100% of the time. Will race Road Runners when time and money permit. cause i too am done feeding someone elses pockets. weve paid to race Road Runners and no entry fee there. so we will run that and just take our back gate money back at the pay window and have some fun to boot. Heres to hoping that Bob and Randy see this and realize that turning cars around is only dropping the counts week by week

07-14-2010 5:32:21 AM CST
way to go 42jr, first of many methinks! attention to detail and some hard work finally prevail, on a side note with enduro cars staying home, you are only signing off on the enduro death warrant the less you are the less chances of running again! thank god!

Paul H #65 4 cylinder enduro   pkdjsholds@verizon.net
07-13-2010 10:15:55 PM CST
Does anyone have any room to store a couple cars for the rest of the racing season?? Near the track.

07-13-2010 7:51:25 PM CST
Real racecar drivers can go left or right your out their for the thrill.Your gonna crash left or right it doesnt matter.If you feel safer with your cars home on the trailer so be it we wont miss you.

07-13-2010 7:38:15 PM CST

If you want to only turn left, then put in a full cage(adding a lot of weight) and run it as a rookie or a roadrunner. the enduros are meant to be CHEAP, and competitive. when people spned money hopping up the motor. that adds up. Simple. Enduros are for stock cars. As far as running backwards, it helps keep it fair for the lower budget cars, and any time your on a race track there is a risk of getting hurt.

07-13-2010 6:26:14 PM CST
the reason for the turning the cars around is because it came to the point where most enduro cars were setting there cars up to turn left and thus turning faster damn laps than the rookie stocks and even turning faster laps than that enduro cars are supposed to be STOCK ! period not 355 bored out motors with 4 barrell carbs and high rises etc. so when you take a car set up like that turn him the other way guess what ? you should have left it STOCK !!!! that's why the turnaround

07-13-2010 4:37:42 PM CST
let me rephrase cute I meant hot!

enduro car # 26
07-13-2010 4:26:54 PM CST
same hear my 2 cars will not run till i know were not running backwards it is way to unsafe.well be back some day i hope!going the right way

07-13-2010 4:07:36 PM CST
congratulations to Jessie Tellier on his Chirstmas in july enduro win... oh wait it hasn't be run yet... cause they are going to turn the cars around so no one can dominate the enduros. Have fun with all 5 enduro cars that show up this sunday. Were not running for the simple fact of how grossly unsafe the place is running backwards. head on into turn 4 wall.. forget that. head on into the trees in turn 2 No thanks the front straight wall that hangs out like 8 inches into on comming cars. well be back someday when they run it like a race is supposed to be run. Untill then, cars stay parked

07-13-2010 10:32:44 AM CST
the girl in oink car is sooooooo cute

07-13-2010 9:57:30 AM CST

07-13-2010 9:54:23 AM CST
Better late than never on the results. Happy with quick update on points!

Big Sandy   NHEngineer@Gmail.com
07-13-2010 8:41:30 AM CST
I'm sorry for the delay in posting the July 4th results. We had some technical problems. Results are posted now and I'm now working on the July 11 results.

The Watcher
07-11-2010 9:38:49 PM CST
I couldn't watch the rookies tonight. Fix the dam lights!!!

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-11-2010 8:44:24 PM CST
the Pure Stocks in cannan is what im referring too. not quite a streeter class but not really a V8 enduro class. just making the point that Monadnocks "enduros" are anything but enduros (4 cyls and 8 cyls) How was racing at the H today?

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