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Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-22-2010 11:15:27 AM CST
extra nights, and extended hours, fall more on the selectmen and the town then mr webber. im sure he would love to run more hours and more dates and more laps. As stated, the curfew is very TIGHT. we couldnt even have pit lights on at the pumpkinfest last year to load up cars.

07-22-2010 6:46:30 AM CST
Maybe we should start an hour earlier, or we could do divisions one night, and enduro/spectator another night, the stands tend to empty out after the divisions, which leaves about 1/2 the people in the stands for the enduros.

extra laps
07-22-2010 6:01:35 AM CST
they wouldnt be able to do more laps for the weekly divisions because of time restraint. as it is we cut it close with the curfew.

07-21-2010 9:21:49 PM CST
How about if more than 20 cars show up for a division, then they can do 25 or 30 laps instead of 20 laps. Makes sense, and it will give more time to work through the filed.

07-21-2010 6:59:10 PM CST
will you guys shut up about the enduros

roland coutu car#26
07-21-2010 4:34:17 PM CST
i would be up for the challenge for the v-8 enduro ican have 2 cars out there running the#26 andanother car thay are both slow but the more the better the show some 1 talk to weber andlet him know.

Enduro Challenge
07-21-2010 6:11:58 AM CST
I think this sounds like a great idea. If people show up maybe the Hudson cars should all put an "H" after their number and the Monadnock cars should all put an "M"? I don't think the powers that be will have any problem with the challenge, essentially the track doesn't have to do anything different. To them, it will just be an enduro with more cars than usual. If they agree to a larger pay out (with a minimum of some amount of cars) that would definetly help. Has anyone emailed the track about the payout yet?

enduro challenge
07-20-2010 8:02:15 PM CST
well you set the rules up front no rookie cars.. and have the rules set up on line here. if ya have a rookie car show up then have them enter the rookie race.... all cars teched prior to starting time so there is no issues. the reason we have rookie cars in our enduro race just a few extra cars to add to the field... then you have additional rookie cars then the rookies have their own dual with outside cars from from other tracks... I think this enduro challenge could work just depends on the powers to be to allow it to happen. if we have to many cars turn out there is going to be a division thats going to possibly lose out running.... possibly not have the spectator drag or spectator race that would open some time slots..

Leon 13K enduro
07-20-2010 7:51:57 PM CST
Jessie, we have quite a few REALLY good cars, some that are much slower then i as well as some that are much faster. the 39, 62, 162, the 68x and the 55 could probably win road runner races at Hudson. I think if the best of the best came down and ran it would be a GREAT GREAT race. hopefully i can get some people interested in this event. For some reason my car likes monadnock better then hudson this year.

car 31
07-20-2010 5:29:05 PM CST
i think if you make the purse to big your going to have racecars running with you guys.you will be getting bigger payouts then we are . just my thoughts.

endro challenge
07-20-2010 4:51:12 PM CST
I think that would be incredible idea... but maybe all the enduros pitch in to put a purse up.Just think everyone puts up $20 -25 could have a great payoff... and maybe hudson match it? or maybe take up a collection from the fans supporting the hudson enduros to help the purse...

86 vw
07-20-2010 4:48:18 PM CST

cant wait had a lot of fun doing a lot of thing to car this week

07-20-2010 3:18:18 PM CST
im all about the ENDURO CHALLANGE!!! bring on the "dog" cars... no offence to you leon if you run mid pack up there then monadnock car dont stand a chance at hudson!!

re: Car #26
07-20-2010 6:24:32 AM CST
Good job 26, race for the love of the game. Definetly run 20/50 oil. a thermostat is a cheap fix for over-heating problems, or if you're willing to spend some money an aluminum radiator will make a car that usually runs at 240 run at 170. drive it in 2nd gear or low to wind up your RPMS, put your bigger tires on the right side and drop the pressure in the left side. oh ya, and just side-swipe the fast guys as they go by. good luck and have fun!

07-19-2010 9:51:27 PM CST
If you cause a yellow flag by spinning out, and then sit there for a lap so they throw the caution instead of pulling back on the track, they should leave you one lap down. Makes sense for most of us, and if you spin, down shift, and get back on the track, they shouldn't have to throw a caution every time someone "up front" spins. Just my 2 cents...

yellow flag favorites
07-19-2010 8:21:43 PM CST
there are favorites when there is a caution.. it happens in all divisions... if your running in the top 5 for points and cause a spin out you keep the spot other car(s) gets sent to the rear.... just keep an eye on who does what and where they are for points.... some cars sooner or later are going to end up pond fishing

07-19-2010 8:02:32 PM CST
im not moron jr, im just a racing fan

roland coutu car #26
07-19-2010 7:42:35 PM CST
i need to see what i can do befor the next v-8 enduro race my car was slow but it was a stock 305 with 185k on it. it over heated and no longer likes me. might put thicker oil in it and see if she will take 1 more beating.now we are running left i hope to be back to enduro racing and get my buddys back out there to put on a better show for the fans . i was the slowest car out ther but had a blast with the faster cars. u dont have to be fas u just have to have fun.hope to see morev-8 cars out there.

07-19-2010 7:35:56 PM CST
dean [21] he cheats more than any one dadys money leave them be thay might cry

Re: Question
07-19-2010 7:18:50 PM CST
Shut up Moron Jr.


How come dean (21) got his spot back after he was involved in the caution. I dont get this track everyone else gets sent to the back. Go ahead watch the video on youtube.

Leon 13K enduro
07-19-2010 9:15:37 AM CST
ENDURO CHALLENGE - Yep, im a full time Monadnock car. Mid packer over there. I'll do what I can to get some guys to come over. Id like to see some Hudson guys come over and try it. Ask louis about Monadnock its alot of fun but watch yourself cause the Dog enduros are fast and can get a bit "rock em sock em"

Spectator Race Girl
07-19-2010 8:38:08 AM CST
who was the girl in the red mustang during the spectator race running around looking for a helmet? good job! haha

50/50 for enduros
07-19-2010 8:15:12 AM CST
Have a 50/50 raffle at Hudson! (every week from now until the next scheduled enduro) Half goes to the winning ticket, the other half as the prize $ for enduros!

07-19-2010 7:53:07 AM CST
Leon, you're a monadnock guy aren't you? Well spread the word over there that the Hudson enduros are calling out Monadnock on Sept. 6. Hudson challenges the Monadnock enduro cars to show up to Hudson to see whos faster. Hudson says their last place enduro cars will lap the fastest Monadnock cars. A little friendly rivalry anyone?

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