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16 Valve road runners?
07-01-2011 12:34:17 AM EST
ive got a question! when did it become ok to simply disregard the rules because they were inconvenient? i was told not to bring my 16 valve saab back a couple years ago because it was illegal just for the fact of being an unapproved 16 Valve. I went to Hudson this weekend walked threw the pits. 07 is an Infinity g-20 (16 valve), the 25 is an MK3 Jetta which only came as a dohc 16 valve, the 13 probe is a V6! the 2 car is also a 16 valve as far as i know, even if it was slow. The 47 is an Acura which are not even aloud to compete in road runners per the rules. come on, either enforce the rules or just throw the rules out all together.

Re: Recon XXX
06-30-2011 9:24:32 PM EST
I was just wondering if you would take any less then $600 for the caprice???

06-30-2011 11:25:04 AM EST
Ya know over the years we have seen some great names come from Hudson Speedway and Derek is sure to have his name mentioned. Thats what Hudson Speedway is all about.. Look at the Helliwells ,bouchard,Dion,Moe tweety,Peter Fiandaca, Mike Murphy,Baldwins and Dereks name surely belongs with all these great drivers as his success continues.

Dereks dad
06-30-2011 9:21:03 AM EST
Hey everyone, We love all the support! Derek is a good kid and is doing a great job driving. When we built his car we followed every "rule". Yes we put 4 tires on for the feature last week and yes we have a stout LCM motor and the kid won... isint that the whole reason we all race to try and win? Last time I checked the name of the place was Hudson speedway not Hudson cruze night!! Anyway... the people who post on here and use their real name thanks for the comments to the people that don't use real names and make crappy coments that we cant even understand ("all any one has to claim is his motor"????)they need to get a life. As for Star this week is out... we have something we are doing but we will be racing at star in the up coming weeks. Any one that has any questions come over in the pits and ask take a good look at the car we dont care. One other thing... Geoff Rollands has been great we even used his tools last week and I know we could ask any of the outlaw guys for help and they would as would we.

06-29-2011 11:42:39 PM EST
i like to see what derek has if he ran star on a saturday night with alot more cars and better drivers all any one has to is claim his motor

spectator race
06-29-2011 9:11:21 PM EST
Anyone selling a car for cheep for the 1 on 1s flag pole or 10 lapper????

car 31
06-29-2011 9:02:37 PM EST
slika in an outlaw,,,,,,derek is doomed , come to think of it everybody is doomed....lol

06-29-2011 6:11:35 PM EST
derek is not only a hell of a driver but he seems like a good kid always has a smile and is very respectful. that goes a long way on and off the track. dont go bashing this kid hes the real deal. i just hope he isnt cup racing by the time im in a outlaw so i can have a chance to "try" and beat him. lol keep up the good work kid you got fans in me and my whole family. my wife enjoyed the woopin you put on them sunday

Announcement System
06-29-2011 3:34:04 PM EST
The text alerts for rainouts that Star uses is great, Hudson should use the same system!

lepage #31
06-29-2011 1:33:42 PM EST
well i am 47 years old and going no were in racing above were i am now. doing it for 3 years & just for fun. he is what 14 ya i give him my support. i hope he does well even if he kicks my ass

no name III
06-29-2011 1:10:09 PM EST
i am masked because i am embaressed to show my face.. i am geting beat bye the next trever bayne wouldn't you be... i sould give this up... had a dream that webber did a promo stunt and too all the thundlight drives and put them in outlaw cars and they kicked every bodys ass.. and the fastest one was the no 10...... who would of thought that .... he even beat derek....

Derek #12 Outlaw
06-29-2011 12:52:03 PM EST
Thanks guys/girls. I apprecate the support.

no name II
06-29-2011 12:28:53 PM EST
4 to 5 years from now you will be hearing his name ...up and coming cup and bush star .... and you can say i ran with him at hudson ....

no mane
06-29-2011 11:40:58 AM EST
hey people are embarrosed that thay got beet by a kid.. if they did there home work ..you might be able to run with him ... but instead they bad mouth and bash ... if feel that the only reason he bet you is the 4 new tires on his car go buy 4 new tires its a free country .. all it takes is money if you want to win buy 4 new tires and lmc motor you might be able to keep up.. all it takes is talent.. not saying that money dosent help put the two toghter and you got the next kyle bush....

Derek #12 Outlaw
06-29-2011 10:15:27 AM EST
Thanks lepage and yea your right there always hiding behind the nonames.

lepage #31
06-29-2011 10:07:28 AM EST
derek dont listen to that crap. your going to be a great driver. at one point i thought ya had a half lap on 2nd. and if you notice its the ones that have no name that are doing the bad mouthing.take the checkers this week see what they got to say

Derek #12 Outlaw
06-29-2011 9:34:24 AM EST
Lepage According to all the "Race Fans" we all suck fourm! lol

lepage #31
06-29-2011 9:19:38 AM EST
ha what did i do wrong.i didnt think i suck that bad?

Derek #12 Outlaw
06-29-2011 9:19:15 AM EST
Thanks johnny. Re:hudson You know I just try as hard as I can no matter were I start. I enjoy racing the outlaw class. Its great. I cant wait for the next race!

Race fan
06-29-2011 9:14:21 AM EST
Why would you discredit the kids(#12) win. The 02 started in the row right behind him and they always put new tires on. I bet the 02 and 12 will have some great races this year. That is a very fast class anyone that drives in that class deserves a pat on the back. So good job Geoff, Derek, Ron, Rick, jay, Dean, and the others that I dont know there names... Keep up the good work!

johnny r 11
06-29-2011 9:10:44 AM EST
congrats. to the 7 car sunday, good job. also rehudson, derik is doing one hell of a job, and hes got one hell of a car. no matter where he starts, he will be a force.

06-29-2011 6:09:53 AM EST
the 12 car only won in outlaws because he started up front and the 02 worked from the back plus the 12 had fresh tires while the 02 did not

06-28-2011 7:45:19 PM EST
dont worry john - car 31 sucks ass . . . your doing a great job .

car 31
06-28-2011 5:34:35 PM EST
you suck .... just kidding but i will pay more attention now

06-28-2011 4:58:10 PM EST
im the new assistant announcer if anyone heard me could u make some comments or suggestions

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