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10-01-2010 5:23:01 AM CST
I think its pritty funny

roland coutu
09-30-2010 7:41:23 PM CST
grow up.ur the 1 using a ????? insted of ur name ur just a fake like somany others on here.thats y this site is bad.

09-30-2010 7:30:12 PM CST
me because your talkink like a preschool teacher

roland coutu
09-30-2010 7:27:31 PM CST
who is this telling me to shut up

roland coutu
09-30-2010 7:26:04 PM CST
how is this telling me to shut up?

09-30-2010 7:20:39 PM CST
roland shut up

roland coutu car # 26
09-30-2010 7:19:27 PM CST
people if u dont have anything to say thats nice dont post it.u need to grow up and if u arnt out on the track just keep ur mouth shut all together.

09-30-2010 7:05:34 PM CST
i'm sorry but did it say anything about your name and about killing somone it's a new thing called sarcasim and if anything i did not start this you did I just made a comment and meegan responded back politly

#24's #1 Fan (Meegan's Mother)
09-30-2010 5:00:28 PM CST
John, before you "jump to conclusions," it was actually Meegan's mother who wrote that comment. And where did it even mention my husbands name. So, ya maybe I did jump to a conclusion, but why did you have to comment to my daughter. Because she stuck up for her cousin??? Yes, I was mad, she commented about her cousin and you bring up her name. Sorry, but I don't think that's cool. So again, it was me Meegan's mother who made that comment, not her father. And in no mention did anyone say anything about killing someone (before you again, "jump to conclusions.")This is the problem with these web boards, you stick up for someone and it gets turned around on you.

No Name
09-30-2010 4:27:13 PM CST
Leon, regarding the no mirror rule, I agree with you 110%.

Leon 13K enduro
09-30-2010 3:44:35 PM CST
I dont know one person on that track that isn't guilty of hack driving at some point in their lives lol. remember "fan" we have no mirrors in these cars. (which is the stupidest thing i can think of doing) i think they just dont waat mirror driving but if they aloud one "peep mirrior" on the inside post you could avoid the chopping a little bit. i dont think many people are going to drive like that on purpose. when youve got 5 cars all around you sometimes its hard to hear where cars are around you. Also if you look at Jason carrols onboard you can see jen is racing hard with the 11. im sure she didnt want to plow into him, and just didnt see the 40 under her. think before speaking guys, come on.

09-30-2010 7:23:26 AM CST
thank you buzzman you get what I was saying just because I talked about his daugter he wants to kill someone

09-29-2010 9:22:35 PM CST
i think someones got a bad case of jumpin to conclusions, no one attacked the 24 he made a simple statement, so now you want to meet him in the pits....why? so he can remind you of his 1st amendment rights? john attacks no onereread his statement john attacks no one.good luck to all this week

09-29-2010 7:25:13 PM CST
like I said no disrespect to the lord family

Meegan Lord #24 Thunder Light :)
09-29-2010 7:22:45 PM CST
That Honda's been racing for 3 years i think we wouldve been told to not race it by now.

09-29-2010 7:21:39 PM CST
I was not picking on her I was just telling her to watch out thats all I mean no disrespect

#24's # 1 Fan
09-29-2010 6:23:35 PM CST
John,How old are you???? Do you have nothing better to do than pick on a 15 year old girl???? Why don't you grow up and get a life, instead of picking on my daughter.. And by the way, why don't you tell me who you are and what you drive, I would LOVE to have a word or two with you on Sunday. Yes my daughter is driving a Honda right now, is she winning every week??? I think not, so tough guy, rethink what your saying and mind your own business. And if your a grown man, shame on you, you must have been bullied as a child to pick on a child, better yet a girl. All she was doing was sticking up for her cousin.

Meegan Lord #24 Thunder Light :)
09-29-2010 6:14:54 PM CST
Yes, My Honda is a backup car because the motor blew outta the Mustang. I understand the rules very clearly but its only to keep my points up.

09-29-2010 6:01:26 PM CST
not trying to be mean at all but isn't your car a honda meegan if it is look at the rules it says NO HONDAS allowed

09-29-2010 5:28:44 PM CST
AGREED vvvvvv

Meegan Lord #24 Thunder Light :)
09-29-2010 5:24:26 PM CST
Hey fan, I hope you actually raced a car because then you know all the hard effort and work that actually goes into the car. My cousin may hack SOMETIMES but if you watch other drivers they do the same exact thing, even in other classes. I absolutely cannot stand how fans sit there and judge us when we go out there and do our best every week. We video tape our races and we watch them every week for the most part my cousin drives clean. Jen is just starting out in the roadrunners and it’s a tough class to race in verses the thunder lights (roadrunners being rougher.) And to call someone a hack driver, well you better know what you are talking about. Most people drive the middle groove on the track then come down in the corners which gives us more momentum, instead of looking like a slow car and driving the inside the whole time. So buddy I hate people like you who make fun of other drivers. To me its sounds like you’re a driver, cause fans like accidents if you actually listen, so if you are a driver don’t be a FRIGGEN baby about it grow up and race. I deal with some hack drivers too in my class and you don’t see me or my family sitting here wasting our lives complaining do you, nope so why don’t you do what you do best, either race your car and SHUT THE HELL UP, or be a fan and just watch and cheer on people instead of picking on racecar drivers. JUST SAYING (:

09-29-2010 5:24:25 PM CST
DO NOT Be Talking Crap On here..

09-29-2010 12:25:28 PM CST
sohas there been a race in the last 2 years that jen lord hasnt wrecked herself by chopping people off? seriously, every race last year she would come off high out of 4 and just drive to the bottom and just spin off from who ever tried to pass her on the bottom. now this year its the same story, just in road runners. ok, I get that accidents happen, and if you dont have your nose to the door you dont have the inside line, but this is crazy. even if someone is all the way up door to door with her she just keeps chopping down untill they either spin her or she drives them in the grass. HACK DRIVER!

Leon 13K enduro
09-28-2010 10:30:45 PM CST
babs, i talked to mr. webber on sunday, nothing is SET IN STONE at this moment, hes hoping to have information as soon as it comes down. clean ups and points that the fire department are concerned about are being adressed. as of right now mr webber REALLY wants to get this track open for the howler and thats the focus right now. also, The guy that runs this enduro tour facebook page, thank you for everything youve done for enduros this year. Id love to run one of the tracks if they open up. my plans for next year are wide open as of right now.

09-28-2010 6:42:19 PM CST
thanks again 2 the manadock enduros that came 3 hudson once again a fine show once more nothing but class ty guys

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