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#665 4 cyl. enduro
10-18-2010 6:48:04 PM CST
i thought the 04 was just after me! Seems you have a few people wound up! Still one more race to go!! See you at the howler!!!

#12 RR
10-18-2010 6:35:23 PM CST
Thanks alot and I had a screw in my right front tire from star and we tried to plug it but it didnt work. And yes I am going to run the 30th.

To Glen
10-18-2010 3:53:03 PM CST
buddy wilkins drove the convertable.

10-18-2010 3:34:43 PM CST

13k's girl, thanks for the concern,trac idiot your right, the guy in the convertable did stop to check on me, who was that?, and I put my window net down to let the flag guy know i was ok, man I had a blast,car was running great, until, then I had the best seat in the house, don't want to do that again though

Leon 13K
10-18-2010 1:52:11 PM CST
To the youngster in the 04 (not sure of your age) you got a fast car and need to learn how to work around people a little better. You just drove threw the 12 in the heat race... THE HEAT RACE!!! Then Watched you drive that 04 Nissan Altima enduro car and take out or hit every car on the track needlessly. It was an enduro, not a demo derby. As was mentioned, your going to become a target cause some of these guys arnt going to just sit back and let you take people out left and right. You got into me pretty good at Star and i just wrote it off as a racing deal. But some people arnt that nice bud. just some advice, take it or leave it.

#12 FAN
10-18-2010 1:18:46 PM CST
What happened to the 12? He was flying it the feature, looked like the car to beat. Good job this year derek and to all the other drivers. That is not a "easy" class for a young driver to do well in. Are you going to star on the 30th?

race fan
10-18-2010 1:07:35 PM CST
The 04 in roadrunners is a total moron!! If he keeps driving like that he will spend more time in the pit fixing than on the track racing. I think he hit every car out on the track. Payback is a bitch!! Maybe he will be at the howler, Hope so!!

Trac Idiot
10-18-2010 12:47:39 PM CST
the convertable DID stop to check on Glen a couple times. Had he been hurt they would have stopped the race. I do agree that in SOME cases they need to use the reds like in a drivers side impact that results in a car stopping. The first seconds are the most critical in any accident. im all about the show, but if you start hurting drivers, you arnt going to have a show. Big props to Jesse in the 17e for punting that jackoff in the 04. Too bad he didnt finish him off. Same young guy drives the 04 Celica in the road runners. not making many friends, going to make himself a target if he keeps driving like that.

10-18-2010 12:23:50 PM CST
an enduro is no place for a convertible

13k's girl
10-18-2010 12:00:04 PM CST
had fun this sunday at pumpkinfest. only thing that made it a little scary was seeing the 17 8cylnder slam the turn three wall driver side door and having to watch him sit there for the last 30 laps not knowing if he was ok or not. i know if that was my boyfriend i would be running out on the track and seeing for my self if he was ok. there is a line between putting on a fun show and just being completely blind to the drivers safety. i like seeing a fun race just like anyone else, but when someone gets in a wreck like that they need to pull a caution and go see if he/she is ok. he turned out to be ok, but if he needed medical attention right away it wouldnt have ended well. i just want to see eveyone have fun and everyone be safe, thats all i care about.

10-18-2010 10:39:53 AM CST
Great racing in ALL divisions this past week. Roadrunners were awesome along with the Classic Lites. Enduros put on a great show for the car counts. All I gotta say is that guy in the #11 Classic Lite needs to learn how to pass and not just push everyone out of the way. I don't think there was one car that he passed cleanly. Hope everyone is ready for the Howler.

question for days
10-17-2010 10:28:20 PM CST
heys days of thunder.. no one attentionaly wrecks other drivers ? what track do you go to? some of your top 5 drivers in couple of the divisions thats how they got there in points not by just racing because they dont know how to pass so they push them out of the way or spin them in the corners etc!

johnny R 11x
10-17-2010 7:54:23 PM CST
i think the RR put on one hell of a show, like today. a little rubbing, a little bumping, a little banging,three and four wide. i think we have the best divion, and i am looking forward to next season.i believe eight or ten of us won,so great job to all. see you at the howler.

Days of Thunder
10-17-2010 12:02:56 AM CST
Read posts from last whole week..All I can say is Rubbing is racing ..everyone has been hit..slammed..bumped and crashed on that track..No one intentionally want to wreck someone else with their own car to have to pay to fix it all over again for the next week ..so all you should be worrying about is ...GET ME OUT BEFORE THE PACE CAR OR THE RACE IS OVER FOR US! bah haha sorry had to do that :)

Cancer Awareness
10-16-2010 10:54:01 AM CST
Heard some of the drivers are painting their rims, Pink for Breast Cancer month!! WHOO HOOO thanks for remembering your Sisters, Wives, Mothers & Daughters!!!

Leon 13K
10-16-2010 6:42:27 AM CST
the only current site for "star Speedway" is the facebook page. seach Star Speedway and add it to your friends list. deyrl Morly, the webmaster for Lee, has expressed much interest in running a site for not only Star in 2011, but a new and improved Hudson Speedway site as well. Yes racing seems to be a go for today, as the sun is out now and the rain has moved on. 20 to 30% chance for a few scattered quick showers for the say. bring out the family for SATURDAY NIGHT THUNDER!!!!!

10-15-2010 6:51:02 PM CST
Thanks guys for the info on the enduros

Star fan
10-15-2010 12:48:18 PM CST
Is star still having racing Saturday? were is it posted.. star old site not up to date?

10-15-2010 12:35:40 PM CST
Whats up at star is there racing Sat 10/16/10

Leon 13K
10-15-2010 11:08:53 AM CST
Racing both the 4's and the Grand enduro the same day**

Leon 13K
10-15-2010 11:06:35 AM CST
we had 12 on memorial day. thats the most. sad :( The rules about road runners is no more then "you cant race the SAME CAR in the Road Runners/Rookie Stocks and the Enduro on the SAME DAY. Louie has raced his Civic as a road runner since his wreck hold one or two races, and used it as an enduro, bringing his CRX on those days. Sunday will probably be the same. I may or may not race the enduro sunday depending on weather or not i can also race the Grand Enduro. id like to try to race both (as Louie, Jessie tellier, Ray Pat, and "hollywood" Helliwell have done on different occasions this year and a couple others.

4 clyinder enduros
10-14-2010 8:44:37 PM CST
Fan i think the most think the most four cylinder they had this year was ten cars and they don't let roadrunner car that race that day run the enduros.

Jessie (07's Girl)   jessie@angrypork.com
10-14-2010 8:33:31 PM CST
Ooo, points are up! So excited for Sunday! What a great summer. Made some great friends, watched some exciting racing, ate some awesome baked goods... I wish it didn't have to end!

10-14-2010 7:56:43 AM CST
yes you are correct leon in the past weve had drivers try to run lap belts only

Leon 13K
10-13-2010 8:44:08 PM CST
im amusing that a 5 point belt is a valid substitute for a stock lap/shoulder belt.

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