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roland coutu car # 26
10-24-2010 7:24:55 PM CST
selling a nice 81 camaro im asking $5000 but if befor the end of the week the sale is made ill take $3500 need the cash for my truck.e-mail me at chevynut1983@aol.com

RE: Rain
10-24-2010 6:57:21 PM CST
Its way too early to start looking at the forecast!

10-24-2010 8:05:49 AM CST
whats the rain date for the howrller

Howler Needed
10-23-2010 3:31:06 PM CST
To Roland. I'm interested in the Continental. If it starts, and runs, I have no problem taking it for $300. Could we meet at Hudson to make the exchange though?

Nichols Racing
10-23-2010 8:46:46 AM CST
Howler/ race truck: Ford Ranger race truck, 2.3 motor, 2 bbl. carb. full cage built by Watts racing, 3.73 locked rearend, 5pt. harness, needs seat, lots of spare parts, If not sold by Howler, it will be parted out. 500. or b.o. Call Andy (603)235-8982

roland coutu
10-22-2010 8:26:33 PM CST
my tell # 1-978-973-6901 if intrested

roland coutu car # 26
10-22-2010 8:25:19 PM CST
anyone looking for a full size or 4 cyl enduro car for the howler i have a 92-93 continental, and a 90's grand am 5 speed. $300 ea

Jason Carroll   jason@angrypork.com
10-22-2010 2:51:23 PM CST
Yeah, Johnny, it was a great race I really feel bad that Loren didn't make it out of that and I am still trying to figure out what I could have done differently to avoid punting the #16...either way, it was a great year of racing with a great bunch of people at Hudson!

JohnnyReefer 11X
10-22-2010 8:51:19 AM CST
watched your video jason, man did you get ripted.i would be so pissed off at that 16, you looked very impressive. and so did the 42 out there in the second groov for most of the race. hellwell and myself were right on you, then louis was there, that was one awsom race. except for my two wins, that was the best race all year.that was deffinetly your race though, see you at star next weekend.who knows, that guy might be there.

10-21-2010 5:25:10 PM CST
Can't wait for the HOWLER! Cars will be done and ready to roll tomorrow!

John Swain   brimstone10x@yahoo.com
10-20-2010 5:13:48 PM CST
HOWLER car for sale or use as winter beater. 88 olds delta 88 fwd v6 . battery dead some rust runs and drives was on the road last winter.300.00$ obo. call John 603 944 1754

Get Excited!
10-20-2010 3:16:05 PM CST

Leon 13K Road Runner
10-20-2010 10:30:54 AM CST
I noticed pictures being taken last week from the infield at STAR Speedway. will they be available at Star for purchase this weekend? if so where abouts should we look for them?

just a fan
10-20-2010 7:39:42 AM CST
spectator that wasn't one of the miller in the during the enduro that was his step son that was getting seat time. But it was him in the rr and yes he did learn how to drive that car. it was nice to see him make it back after wrecking a few weeks ago. both brothers actually ran a good race sun. hope they can keep it going next season.

Leon 13K
10-19-2010 9:21:56 PM CST
a peep mirror in each car could have avoided that last lap mess. its time to aloue one small mirror in each of these cars to avoid these messes

10-19-2010 7:00:23 PM CST
any video of pumpkinfest??

10-19-2010 2:06:17 PM CST
agreed.. #07 got robbed but either way they'd have handled it he was screwed. a green/white/checker if they had thrown the yellow would have put him even further out of position due to the flat. /me is a friend who has helped work on the #07 car this year and it was pretty heartbreaking to see that happen to Jason.. and then to hear people were actually placing the blame on #07 for the fracas. The incar vid of #07 shows #16 semi oblivious to the actual race that was going on and cut down on top of #07 in the lead.. doing a pit maneuver on himself. oh well.. Congrats on 3rd for the season Jason.

another RR fan
10-19-2010 1:25:07 PM CST
i agree with RR fan. the 16 needs to learn to stay out of the way if he is too slow to keep up. he wrecked the leaders on one of the best races of the year.

10-19-2010 12:05:15 PM CST
Glad to see one of the Miller brothers finally learned how to drive. Did you see him go in the Four cylinder Enduro.

car 31
10-19-2010 11:22:37 AM CST
as far as the jump went i really didnt se it and there is no video to see , but bill the 79 car is a good guy and i was happy to see him win a race he deserves it . he has been working on that car all night and day to get it right after the flip so lets not take it away from him .we had alot of fun this season with all the guys ... hope to see a few at oktoberfest and star for the end.. glad to know we have fans though!!!!! thanks all

RR fan
10-19-2010 10:16:15 AM CST
I couldn't believe how the lap traffic (16) wrecked the end of the road runner race. it was a really good race up until the last turn on the last lap when he just dove down on the leaders

10-19-2010 9:42:05 AM CST
please update points as soon as possible so we can see where everyone finished for the season. thank you.

Rookie Jump
10-19-2010 6:53:06 AM CST
The 31 rookie car got hosed. During the first restart (lap 2 I believe) the 79 car jumped the gun big time and held the lead for the rest of the race. He didn't deserve the win. It's too bad too, it would have been a good race.

Travis Nevers
10-19-2010 6:51:24 AM CST
Thanks for another great season at Hudson. See you all at the Howler.

69 enduro
10-18-2010 10:42:44 PM CST
665 i think he hit every but me out there i seen what he was doing and picked my spots passing him carefully

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