June 30, 2019 Results

Pure Stock:

Pure Stocks Heat: Taralyn Timmons (28) & Clark Brooks (21)

Pure Stock Feature: Donnie McCaffrey Pulls Into Victory Lane

Pure Stock Feature Winner Donnie McCaffrey


Mike Lewis Memorial:

Mike Lewis Memorial Feature: Jim Storace (22) & Chris Curtis (88)

Mike Lewis Memorial: Alby Ovitt finishing his pass for the lead

Mike Lewis Memorial Feature Winner Alby Ovitt with Car Owner Jimmy Renfrew, Sr.



Legends Feature:  Joshua Parsons (09) with Jack Walker to his outside

Legends Feature Winner Shawn Buffington


Street Stock:

Street Stock Consi: Kenny Scott (72)




Bandolaro winner Nickolas Hovey


June 9, 2019 Results
(Photos by Bob Hayes unless noted otherwise)

Late Model

Late Model Feature Todd Warren (65) &George Baldwin (15)

Late Model Feature

Late Model Feature George Heliwell Leading Ricky Bly & Frankie Eldridge

Late Model Feature Winner Ricky Bly

Late Model Top 3 - George Heliwell, Ricky Bly & Frankie Eldridge

Mini Stock

Mini Stock Heat Andre Harmon (14)

Mini Stock Feature Cory Plummer (1) battles Jon Fultz for Third Place

Mini Stock Top 3 - Jon Fultz, Matthew Kimball & Tyler Chase

Pro-4 Modifides

Pro-4 Modifieds Heat

Pro-4 Modifieds Sonny Reiser (37)

Pro-4 Modifieds feature winner Brett Merservey

Six Shooters

Six Shooters


Mini Cups Shelby Kirk

Spectator Drags

Spectator Drags Buddy Wilkins

June 2, 2019 Results
(Photos by Bob Hayes unless noted otherwise)

Pure Stock

Pure Stock feature Taralyn Timmons (28) and Donnie McCafferty (0no)

Pure Stock , Clark Brooks, taking the checkers

Pure stock, Clark Brooks, flossing

Pure Stock Taralyn Timmons, Clark Brooks & Cooper Roberge



Star tour feature Rich Eastman (0) and James Allen (44)

Star tour feature Arthur Merchant (64) and Tom Beauregard (51)

Star Tour Feature Jocelyn Laliberte

 Star Tour Sportsman Winner Dave Butler


Classic Lites

Classic Lites 3 wide in the feature

Classic Lite feature Joey Deguio (12) and Glen Cray (1)

Hudson Speedway Fire Chief, Sonya LeCalir, in action

Classic Lites winner Stew McCormick

Classic Lites winner Stew McCormick with his biggest fan Tanner

Classic Lites Dash for Cash Winner, Duane Skofield


Street Stocks

Street Stocks, Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.


4-Cylinder Enduro

4-Cylinder Enduro Winner Mike Harlow & Leon Keniston


Spectator Race & Drag

Spectator Race and Spectator Drag Winner Steve Clark with Flag Man Gage Osbourn and Scott Duval


May 27, 2019 Results
(Photos by Bob Hayes unless noted otherwise)

Steve Kolofsky Memorial

 (82) Jay Sands into the wall

Kris Schoeder (66K) with George Helliwell on the Outside

First Segment Winner Jay Ryan

Second Segment Winner Ricky Bly

Memorial Winner George Helliwell

Steve Kolofsky Memorial Winner George Helliwell with Steve's Family, Friends, Neighbors (and a few passer-by too)


Street Stock

Street Stock Feature (33) Bill Clement with Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. on his bumper

Street Stock's Oscar LeClair Had The Hottest Car on the track  after the feature was over


Hudson Speedway Fire Chief, (and Oscar's wife) Sonya LeCalir,  took care of the Flames


Street Stock Top Three - Jimmy Renfrew. Jr, Bill Clement & Max Dolliver



Six Shooters at the Feature Finish

Mini Stocks

Jef Jame (47) &  Peter Raby (54)

Mini Stock Feature Matthew Kimball, Andrew Harmon & Tyler Chase


Spectator Race

Spectator Race Three Wide

Spectator Race winner Leon Keniston

Grand Enduro

Grand Enduro Action


Grand Enduro Last Lap

Grand Enduro Top Three

May 6, 2019 Results
(Photos by Bob Hayes unless noted otherwise)


Pass Modifides

Heat- Billy (33) leads the way


Heat- Mike Carignan (21) & Spencer Morse (34)

Feature - Kate RE, Jairet Harrison & Spencer Morse

Street Stocks

Feature - Brothers Chase & Jaret Curtis in the Tow Bandit Chevys

Feature Winner Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.

Top Three: Bill (Old Man) Clement, Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. & Max Dolliver

Street Stocks Feature Results
Finish Position Car Number Driver
1 #00 Jimmy Renfrew Jr.
2 #33B Bill Clement
3 #29 Max Dolliver
4 #13 Stephen Dubois
5 #33W Chuck Deheney
6 #17 Kenny Dureault
7 #51 Bryce Howard
8 #33R Jaret Curtis
9 #88 Chase Curtis
10 #8 Jay Sousa
11 #35 Alby Ouitt
12 #26 Chris Curtis
13 #45 Oscar J. Leclair Jr.


Six Shooters

Six Shooters - Chris Howard

Six Shooters Feature Results
Finish Position Car Number Driver
1 #28 Chris Howard
2 #10 Nathan Leclair
3 #20 Jeff Ramsdell

Mini Stocks

Feature - Nate Wenzel (03), Adam Perkins (87), Tim Wenzel (83)

Feature - Jon Fultz (32), Andrew Harmon (14), Dan Sweeney (12)

Feature At Finish Line - Tim Menzel (83) by a nose a (front nose as some would say) over Cory Plummer

Mini Stock Top Three, Tim Wenzel, Cory Plummer & Chris Fultz

Mini Stock Winner Tim Wenzel

Mini Stocks Feature Results
Finish Position Car Number Driver
1 #83 Timothy Wenzel
2 #1 Cory Plummer
3 #35 Chris Fultz
4 #87 Adam Perkins
5 #64 Tyler Chase
6 #30 Melinda McCarthy
7 #4 Jim Walsh
8 #14 Andrew Harmon
9 #12 Dan Sweeney
10 #03 Nathan Wenzel
11 #10 Jay Sousa
12 #77 Steven Johnson
13 #32 Jon Fultz
14 #50 Matthew Kimball
15 #47 Jeff James
16 #54 Peter Raby
17 #31 Billy McCarthy

4-Cylinder Enduro

4-Cylinder Enduro #6 spreading grass and mud all over turn 3

#13K Leon Keniston

4-Cylinder Enduro winner, Mike Harlow

Spectator Race

Spectator Race Winner- Steve Clark

Spectator Drag

Spectator Drags Winner - Danny Gill with runner up Steve Clark on his left and
track promotor Ben Bosowski on his right
(kind of like a rose between two thorns)

Flagpole Race

Flagpole race began in a rather orderly  manner....

...but soon things began to unravel....

...and unravel some more.

Flagpole Race Winner - Tim Walsh