2015 Results  
(All text & photos by Bob Hayes unless otherwise noted)

 October 18, 2015  

V6 Modifieds

V-6 Modifieds battling for the lead - (#2) Bruce Harrison with Keith Caruso on the outside

Keith Caruso and Bruce Harrison started the feature separated by just a few points for the championship and whoever finished in front of the other would be crowned champion.  As the race began Caruso and Harrison found themselves in first and second. After some great wheel to wheel racing and trading the lead back and forth a few times n the first half of the race, Harrison took over the lead one last time at the crossed flags and held on to win the race and the championship. Caruso was second followed by Henry Sirigory, Allan Reiser, Walt Boucher, Rex Trailer and Johnny Sixx. Reiser won the heat.

Roadrunners Paul Wainwright

Paul Wainwright won his second feature in a row. Wainwrght was followed by Max Dolliver , Chris Fultz, Andrew Firecracker, Jarrod Soucy, Justin Faford, Jon Fultz, Bobbo Williams and Melinda McCarthy. Faford and Jon Fultz won the heats.

R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Bran Parker won the Thunder Light feature

Brian Parker won the feature followed by Jimmy Renfrew Jr, Tyler Chase, Dan Sweeney, Chase Curtis, Mikayla Duval, Taylor Svenconis and Andrew Hennessy.

Rookie Stocks

Rookies winner Austin Erickson

Austin Erickson won the feature and picked up a championship to go along with it. Jason Ryan was second followed by Jason Kozacka, Oscar Leclair, Jerry Lepage, Scott Duval, Kris Schroeder in the 66k, Tonisa Macleod, Rob Roberson, Ron Robinson and Roy Rowlinson.

4 Cyl Enduro

4 Cyl Enduro winner Keith Walton with hs daughter Felicity

The legendary Keith Walton snatched another win. Walton was followed by Fultz, Josh Adie, Johnny Reefer, and Dylan Felding.

Grand Enduro

Grand Enduro Rick Woodside (orange car) was leading until he wrecked on the final lap

Rick Woodside was leading and  had the Grand Enduro checkers in sight when he got caught up in a wreck. John Desilts was able to pass Woodside and won. Woodside was able to get going and finshed second. Roland Leplante was third.

Flagpole Race Caddie doing the hugh jump

Flagpole Race action

Ron Lord, Jr. won the Flagpole Race

Scott Duval won the Spectator Race

 October 04, 2015  


Outlaw Feature: Ben Bosowski performing a complimentary landscaping service in the infireld during a caution

Chuck Dehney won his first feature race at Hudson Speedway in over a decade. Dehney was a standout Rookie and Strictly Stock driver at Hudson in the mid/late 90’s through the first part of the new millennium before heading over to Star Speedway and he competed for and won championships there.

Outlaws Chuck Dehneyi

Barry Raymond led the first part of the race until slowing with a bad ignition coil which ended his race. Dehney took over the lead at that point. Todd Warren started in the last row and was able to make it to second but couldn’t catch Dehney and had to settle for second. Kevin Kephart was third. Pete Jarek was fourth. Kephart won the heat.

Outlaw Feature: Chuck Dehney taking the checkers

Warren was the picture of consistency this season and won the Outlaw championship. Warren finished in the top three in every heat and feature that he competed in.

New England V-6 Modifieds

V-6 Modifieds Allan Reiser gets some air

Henry Sirigano, Jr. won followed by Bruce Harrison and Keith Caruso.

R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Thunder Lights Tyler Chase

Tyler Chase won his third feature of the season. Chase started fourth and had the lead by the time the field came around to complete the first lap. Brian Parker was second followed by Dan Sweeney, Jimmy Renfrew Jr and Jared Curtis. Chase won the heat.


Roadrunners Paul Wainwright

Paul Wainwright started fourteenth and did a great job making his way forward and won his second feature of the year. Jon Futz was right on Wainwright’s bumper at the finish and was second. Max Dolliver was third followed by Biily Osborne, Ricky Fisette, Derek Carrion, Andrew Firecracker, Bobbo Williams, Nick Bettencourt and Chris Fultz. Carrion and Jon Fultz won the heats.


Geoff Rollins won the feature followed by Jason Ryan, Austin Erickson, Jerry Lepage, Oscar Leclair, Brian Thompson, Scott Duvall, Jason Kozacka, and Rob Roberson. Ryan won the heat.

Rookies Geoff Rollins

Spectator Race and Spectator Drags

Chuck Clark won the Spectator Race and Spectator Drags.

Spectator Race and Spectator Drags-Chuck Clark with Flagman Steve Gran

Flagpole Race

Buddy Wilkins won the Flagpole Race.

Flagpole Race winner Buddy Wilkins

4-Cylinder Enduro

Keith Walton won the 4-Cylinder Enduro followed by Jay Townsend, Leon Keniston, Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. and Jessica Coulter.

4-Cylinder Enduro winner Keith Walton et al

Grand Enduro

Barry Schonberg won the Grand Enduro followed by Corrie Merritt, James Seagroves Decourcey, Tom Hough and Nathan Jones.

Grand Enduro winner Barry Sehonberg

 September 20, 2015 

John Swain Memorial

The second annual John Swain Memorial race for Rookie Stocks was won by Steve Dickey who drove for Swain and was driving the car he raced for Swain. The race honored the well liked driver/owner who passed away in 2014.  The race was a two feature race event with the best combined finish determining the winner.

Steve Dickey taking a victory lap after the first segment

Dickey was freaky fast in the first feature and easily won. Dickey started 10th in the second feature and made his way to 4th by the end of the race for a combined finish of five. Austin Erickson won the second feature but finished fifth in the first feature giving him a combined finish of six and was 2nd overall. Jason Ryan was 3rd overall followed by Steve Douphinette, Geoff Rollins, Ronnie Robinson, Jason Kozacka, Oscar Leclair, Roger Tanguay and Ryan Foley. Kozacka had a great run in the second feature and finished 2nd.

Steve Dickey with Flagman Steve Gran

Steve Dickey in Victory Circle

Thunder Lights

Chase Curtis won the Thunder Light feature in a car purchased just twelve hours earlier. Tyler Chase was 2nd followed by Brian Parker, Dan Sweeney and Jimmy Renfrew Jr.

Thunder Lghts-Chase Curtis


Billy Osborne won the Roadrunner feature followed by Paul Wainwright, Ricky Fisette, Billy McCarthy Jr, Bob Williams, Nick Bettencourt, Haywood Jabuzoff, Max Dollver ,Derek Carrion and Bob Fields.

Roadrunner-Billy Osborne with some of his crew

 Spectator Race & Spectator Drags

Chuck Clark won the Spectator Race and Spectator Drags.

Chuck Clark won the Spectator Race and Spectator Drags

Flagpole Race

Buddy Wilkins won the Flagpole Race.

4 Cyl Enduro

Joe Holden won followed by Josh Adie, Jessica Coulter, Donnie McCaffrey and Mike Harlow

Grand Enduro

James Seagroves-Decourcy won followed by Mike Wollwea, Nathan Jones, Tim Sullivan and Dave Karstok.

 August 30, 2015 


Todd Warren takng a victory lap after his Outlaw win

Todd Warren won his third Outlaw feature of the season. Warren is having a terrific year in which he has finished in the top three in every Outlaw feature.  Pete Jarek led the race in the early going but once Warren got passed him Warren ran away from the field.  Jarek had to contend with Ben Bosowski after Warren passed him but Bosowski slipped back a bit mid-race.  Bosowski made a charge late in the race and caught back up to Jarek but wasn’t able to mount a successful challenge.  Jarek was second followed by Bosowski, Kevin Kephart and Geoff Rollins. Warren won the heat.

New England V-6 Modfieds

V-6 Modifides Sonny Reiser

Allan (Sonny) Reiser won his second feature of the season at Hudson Speedway.  Reiser started on      the outside pole postion and led every lap of the caution free race.  Keith Caruso gave Reiser a reason to worry as laps wound down and Caruso reeled in Reiser.  With two laps to go Caruso was bumper to bumper with Reiser on the front stretch but couldn’t get a run on Reiser as laps ran out and Caruso had to settle for second.   Bruce Harrson was third followed by Walter Boucher and Ron Potter. Harrison won the heat.


Roadrunner Heat: Nick Bettencourt had a wild ride but came back in the feature to finish sixth


Roadrunner Heat; Tight racing in the corner

Derek Carrion started on the pole and led the first laps of the race.  Billy Osboune was on the move at the drop of the green from his fourteenth place starting spot.  Osboune was ninth by the time a caution came out at lap three. He was leading well before the halfway mark of the race. Paul Wainwright moved into second place just a few car lengths behind Osborne and keep pace with him as they snaked through lapped traffic.  Osborne was able to keep Wainwright behind him to capture the victory. Max Dolliiver was third followed by Jon Fultz, Bobbo Williams(?), Nick Bettencourt, Chris Fultz, Carrion, Ken Goodrow and Adam Prinze.  Williams and Jon Fultz won the heats.

Top Three Roadrunners; Paul Wainwright, Bill Osborne & Max Dolliver

R & R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Thunder Light Feature; Jaret Curtis gets into his btother Chase Curtis on the start

Thunder Lights points leader Jimmy Renfrew Jr won his sixth feature of the season.  Brian Parker was second followed by Tyler Chase, Dan Sweeny, Taylor Svenconis, Chase Curtis, Jaret Curtis and Milkayla Duval. Renfrew Jr won the heat.

Thunder Lights Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. & crew


Rookie Austin Erickson with his dad Mike Erickson

Austin Erickson won his ninth feature of the season.  Jason Ryan was second followed by Jason Kozacka, Oscar Leclair and Bob Riopelle.

Spectator Race & Spectator Drags

Chuck Clark won the Spectator Race and Spectator Drags

Flagpole Race

Leon Keniston won the Flagpole Race.

 August 30, 2015 


Outlaw feature; Kevin Kephart (#79) passing two cars at once on his way to victory

Kevin Kephart won his first feature of the season. Kephart has had nothing but bad luck this season and until his win. He had only finished two races this season. Kephart started third and was soon leading after flagman/photographer Steve Gran waved the green flag. Todd Warren started fifth and got to second before the halfway point of the race. Warren began reeling in Kephart and got to his bumper with just a few laps remaining. Warren got a run underneath Kephart coming out of the last corner and got up to Kephart’s door but Kephart beat him to the finish line. Ben Bosowski was third followed by Chuck Dehney and Dave Blanchard. Dehney and Kephart won the heats.

Kevin Kephart in winner's circle


Derek Carrion started on the pole and led the first laps of the race. Nick Bettencourt was right in Carrion’s tire tracks trying all he could to get by him but couldn’t make it by him. A caution flew about five laps in and Bob Williams snatched the lead from Carrion on the restart. Paul Wainwright slid into second place and kept pace with Williams but couldn’t make up any ground and had to watch from second place as Williams crossed the finish line for his second win of the season. Max Dolliver was third followed by Jon Fultz, Billy McCarthy Jr, Harry Winston, Bettencourt, Carrion, Jon Fultz and Bob Fields. Bettencourt and McCarthy Jr won the heats.

Roadrunner feature; #66 'Captain' Kris Schroeder and Alan Archambault

Roadrunner Feature Winner Bob Williams


Jason Ryan (#82)passing Tonisa MacLeod

Jason Ryan won his second feature of the season. It was Ryan’s eighth podium finish this year.  Austin Erickson was second followed by Bret Cullenton, Chuck Roberto, Gage Harron, Roger Tanguay, Scott Duval, Jake Joslin, Ronnie Robinson and Tonisa MacLeod. Tanguay and Erickson won the heats.

Rookie Feature; #2 Baldwin Racecars battling for position with Austin Erickson up high,Roger Tanguay on the low-side.

Rookie top 3;  Austin Erickson, Jason Ryan & Bret Cullenton

R & R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights  

Brian Parker won his first feature of the season. Parker has four 2nd place finishes this season. Taylor Svenconis jumped out to the lead early in the race but Parker was soon in second place and just needed a few laps to get by Svenconis to. Behind the front two there was an awesome race for third between Chase Curtis and Dan Sweeney. Sweeney and Curtis were side by side for more than five laps with Sweeney on the outside. Sweeney slapped the wall on the front straight and that ended his battle for third although he soldiered on to finish seventh. Svenconis finished second followed by Chase Curtis, Tyler Chase and Jaret Curtis. Svenconis and Jimmy Renfrew Jr won the heats.

Thunder Lights-Brian Parker with Steve Krupski


Leon Keniston won the Four Cylinder  Enduro. Mikayla Lord was second followed by Scott Duval and Keith Walton. Jim Decourcy won the Grand Enduro followed by Dave Karstok, Nathan Jones and Robert Bergstrom.

Grand Enduro Jim Decourcy with 4-Cylinder winner Leon Keniston

Flagpole Race

Buddy Wilkiins won the Flagpole Race.

Flagpole winner Buddy Wilkins made it two in a row

Spectator Race

Vincent Davis won the Spectator Race.

Spectator Drags

Ben Dover won the Spectator Drags.


 August 16, 2015 

New England V-6 Modifieds

Keith Caruso won his first feature of the season. Caruso was followed by  Bruce Harrison and Allan Reiser.


V-6 Modifieds Keith Caruso with his wife Barbara and son Domenic



Ben Bosowski led the first few laps before being overtaken by Todd Warren. Eric Sands soon got passed Bosowski and set his sights on Warren. Sands chased Warren and finally got to his bumper as the laps wound down. With two laps to go Sands got inside of Warren and the two bounced off each other down the front stretch with Warren ending up in the infield and Sands ending up driving into Billy Ryder’s door. The caution flew and Bosowski found himself on the pole for the restart with Warren next to him. Bosowski managed to hold off Warren after the restart and won his second feature this season.

Outlaw feature: Eric Sands spins coming off turn two


Outlaws Feature Winner, Ben Bosowski & Crew


Point’s leader Austin Erickson won his eighth feature of the season. Erickson started sixth and quickly blasted to the lead. Bret Cullenton ran second and chased Erickson but couldn’t catch the stout Baldwin Racecars machine of Erickson. Jerry Lepage finished third as usual. Oscar Leclair was fourth followed by Rob Roberson, Tonisa Macleod, and James Seagroves Decourcy. Jason Ryan finished last. Erickson won the heat.

Justin Storace, Paul Wainwright & Kris Schroeder 3-wide in the Roadrunner main


Roadrunner feature winner Jon Fultz

R & R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Jaret Curtis won the first thunder Light feature of his career. Curtis started on the outside of the front row and led from green to checkers. Curtis built a big lead by the halfway point of the race. His brother Chase was in second place at this point but wasn’t able to make up any ground on his brother and had to settle for a second place finish. Taylor Svenconis was third followed by Tyler Chase, Jimmy Renfrew Jr, Dan Sweeney, Brian Sweeney, Mikayla Duval and Curtis Tyler. Jaret Curtis won the heat.

Thunder Lights Jarret Curtis

Rookie Stocks

Rookie Stock winner Austin Erickson & Auston Elliot

Grand Enduro

Grand Enduro winner James Seagroves Decourcy in the #11

4-Cylinder Enduro

Jason Terrio won the 4-Cylinder Enduro followed by Keith Walton, Leon Keniston, and Alex Mahaer.

4-Cyl Enduro Jason Terrio

Spectator Drags

Nick Dombroski won the Spectator Drags.

Spectator Race

Steve Clark won the Spectator Race.

Flagpole Race

Buddy Wilkins won the Flagpole Race

 August 08, 2015 

Roadrunners; Don Hayes Memorial Race

This was the 13th annual race held in memory of Hudson Speedway’s first photographer/videographer who was associated with the speedway from its first opening season in 1948 until 2001.

Hayes Memorial Segment 2
Billy Osbourne down low passing a lapped car with Max Dolliver and Bob Williams up high

Billy Osborne won the second Don Hayes Memorial Race of his career. Osborne also won the 2013 race. Osborne joins Louie Maher as the only two time winners of the race. Maher won the 2009 and 2010 races.  The race was held in two twenty-five lap segments with the overall winner being decided by best combined finishes in each race. Ricky Fisette won the first segment. Fisette was bad fast and got the lead early and ran away from the field. Osborne finished second in the segment followed by Max Dolliver, Bob Williams and Brian Healey Jr.

Billy Osborne (center) with Rich (L) and Bob Hayes (R)
(Tim Webber Photo)

For the second segment the top ten from the first segment were inverted for the start which put Billy McCarthy Jr on the pole. The second segment went green to checkers without a caution. In the first few laps McCarthy Jr held the lead. Dolliver caught McCarthy Jr first and was soon joined by Fisette who went to the high side trying to get by Dolliver. McCarthy held the point while Dolliver and Fisette were side by side right behind him. While Dolliver and Fisette were having trouble getting by McCarthy Jr it enabled Osborne and Williams to catch the leaders. Dolliver was the first of the four to get past McCarthy and soon the other three made it by him.

Don Hayes Memorial feature winner Billy Osborne

Dolliver held the lead for a few laps until Osborne slipped by him. From there it was a four car cluster weaving through lapped traffic with Osborne playing the role of the Pied Piper. Dolliver, Fisette and Williams all took turns in second place but none could get by Osborne. Fisette began to overheat and slowed quite a bit in the final laps and Williams slipped back leaving Dolliver and Osborne up front. Dolliver wasn’t able to mount a challenge and Osborne won the second segment and was first overall. Dolliver was second overall and Fisette third.


Rookie Feature Top Three
Jason Ryan, Austin Erickson & Rob Roberson

After taking a week off from winning, Austin Erickson won his seventh feature of the season. Jason Ryan was second and Rob Roberson was third.

R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Thunder Light Top Three; Jimmy Renfrew, Jr., Tyler Chase & Brian Parker.JPG

Tyler Chase won his second feature of the season. Jimmy Renfrew Jr and Brian Parker were also in the top three.

Falgpole race

Flagpole Race winner Leon Castroneves


 August 02, 2015 

The first turn of the Thunder light feature got a little on the wild side.

Thunder Lights; Mikayla Duval (blue car) got some air during the first lap dust-up with Mariah Evans (#17)

R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Dan Sweeney won his third Thunder Lights feature of the season. Sweeney started in the second to last row on the starting grid. Sweeney was able to dodge spinning cars and made his way forward. Sweeney had the top spot by the crossed flags and wasn’t challenged the rest of the way. Tyler Chase was second followed by Jimmy Renfrew Jr, Brian Parker, Taylor Svenconis, Bryce Howard, Jarrett Curtis, Chris Curtis and Mikayla Duval. Chris Curtis and Tyler Chase won the heats.

Thunder Light Top 3  (L-R); Jimmy Renfrew Jr., Dan Sweeney & Tyler Chase

Mr. Rooter Truck Series

Mr. Rooter Truck Series Roger Turbush ((#88) passing Frank Dumicich, Sr. for the lead and win


Rookie Feature  -  Bill Helliwell celebrates his win with crew chief Amanda Rose and his brother "Hollywood Dave" Helliwell 

Austin Erickson looked to be on his way to another win in the Rookie Stocks until a caution flew. Erickson held the point with Bill Helliwell to his outside for the restart. When the cars came around turn three to go green Erickson’s tire had gone down and the field raced by him. Another caution then flew for Erickson’s car which had stopped on track. Helliwell took over the lead at that point and didn’t look back as he crossed the finish line ahead of Jason Ryan, Jerry Lepage, Bret Cullenton, and Erickson made it back out on the track and finished fifth. Cullenton and Erickson won the heats.

Roadrunner feature action -  Two young chargers "Gentleman" Jon Fultz races hard with Derek "the Demon" Carrion.


Point’s leader Max Dolliver picked up his fifth win of the 2015 season. Dolliver had to work hard for this one. Paul Wainwright led most of the race with Dolliver in his tire tracks. As the laps wound down to a precious few the duo came up on lapped traffic and the young charger Dolliver drove like a veteran making a great move under the lap car to takethe lead and go on for the win.  Wainwright had to settle for a hard earned second. Jef “Enos” James had an impressive race when he made a mad dash from his twenty second place starting spot and finished a solid third. Jon Fultz was fourth followed by Josh Demers, Brian Healey Jr, Alan Archambault, Derek Carrion, Andrew Firecracker and Bob Fields rounded out the top ten with his getting to be usual tenth place finish. Jon Fultz and Andrew Firecracker won the heats.

Roadrunner feature top 3 (L-R); Jef James, Max Dolliver & Paul Wainwright

Grand Enduro

Ryan Symonds won and Dave Karstok was second.

Grand Enduro winner Ryan Symonds and runner up Dave Karstok celebrate with family and friends

Four Cylinder Enduro

Keith "The Legend” Walton picked up his 35th feature win of his storied career that began in 1988. Paul Hurteau was second and Leon Keniston was third.

Four-Cylinder Enduro winner Keith Walton

Flagpole Race


Flagpole Race winner Josh Adie


 July 26, 2015 

Outlaw Sportman

Outlaw feature Pete Jarek lost a hoodpin

Then Jarek lost another hoodpin or two along with his hood and windshield

Eric Sands won his third Outlaw Sportsman feature of the season. Todd Warren was second followed by Ben Bosowski, Pete Jarek and Matt Robinson.

Eric Sands (#09) & Todd Warren put on a "Smoke Show"  with their right rear tires lit up coming out of turn two

Wicked Cool Midgets

Dylan Duhaime won the Midget feature followed by Richie Morrocco, Ben Mikitarian, Jim Cataldo and Joey Fraulino.

Wicked Cool Midgets Feature Winner Dylan Duhaime celebrates with his proud father Shaun


Roadrunner feature: Three wide didnt work out well for Nick Bettencourt (#49)

Defending Roadrunner champion Jarrod Soucy won his third feature of the season. Soucy started in the seventh starting spot and quickly moved up through the field and had the top spot before lap five. Soucy had current points leader Max Dolliver following in his tire tracks but Dolliver wasn’t able to mount a challenge and had to settle for second place. Last week’s winner Paul Wainwright was third followed by Josh Adie, Billy McCarthy, Billy Osbourne, Bobbo Williams, Jon Fultz and Jef James.

Roadrunners Jarrod Soucy


Austin Erickson continued his dominance in Rookie Stocks with his fourth feature in a row. Jason Ryan was second followed by Jason Kazaka, Oscar Leclair and Rob Roberson rounding out the top five.

Rookies (L-R) Jason Ryan, Austin Erickson & Jason Kazaka

R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Thunder Light feature: Taylor Svenconis (#55) went three-wide enroute to her victory.  Bryce Howard is in the #51 & Mikayla Duval in the purple #14

Taylor Svenconis won her first career feature in the R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Light division. Svenconis didn’t waste any time at the drop the green flag going to the outside to pass two cars and took over second place. She then set her sights on leader Mariah Evans and soon took the lead from Evans. Svenconis drove a smooth race and hit her marks enroute to a popular win. Tyler Chase was second followed by Jimmy Renfrew Jr , Brian Parker and Bryce Howard

Thunder Lights Feature Winner Taylor Svenconis

Spectator Race

Spectator Race winner Donnie Mccaffrey celebrates with Andrea "the Boss" / Crew Chief / Top Wrench



 July 19, 2015

Outlaw Sportsman

Todd Warren won the feature followed by Eric Sands and Ben Bosowski.

Outlaw Sportsman Todd Warren
(Pictures by Richie)


R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Jimmy Renfrew Jr  won his fifth feature of the season. Renfrew Jr. was followed by Brian Parker, Dan Sweeney, Tyler Chase, and Taylor Svenconis.

Thunder Lights Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.
(Pictures by Richie)

Rookie Stocks

Austin Erickson won the Rookie feature followed by Jason Ryan, Jerry Lepage, Rob Roberson and Oscar Leclair.

Rookie Stock feature winner Austin Erickson (center behind flag) celebrates with his buddies
(Pictures by Richie)


Roadrunners #41 Bobbo Williams under Paul Wainwrigh while Donnie Mccaffrey watches in the crazy taxi
(Pictures by Richie)

Paul Wainwright won the first Hudson Speedway Roadrunner feature of his career. Josh Demers led the first five laps of the twenty lap event.  Wainwright moved up quickly from his third row starting spot and hounded Demers until he got a run on Demers off turn two and took the top spot. Bobbo Williams soon passed Demers and ran down Wainwright. Williams was all over Wainwright for ten laps. Williams first tried the outside groove but couldn’t make it by Wainwright,  then went to work on the inside of Wainwright and got up to his door on the straightaway but Wainwright held him off in the corner. A caution with two laps to go bunched the field up. Wainwright had a lot of talent around him with Williams next to him and defending Roadrunner champion Jarrod Soucy and this year’s point’s leader Max Dolliver in row two for the restart. Wainwright had a great restart and finished off a strong run for the well deserved win.  Soucy was right there in second followed by Dolliver, Williams, Josh Adie, Jon Fultz, Demers, Nick Bettencourt, Jen Lord and Chris Fultz.

Roadrunner Paul Wainwright celebrates his first career Feature Win at Hudson
(Pictures by Richie)

Spectator Race

Spectator Race Bobbo Williams won with his prisoner  / co - pilot  / driving instructor Josh Adie calling the shots from  the back seat
(Pictures by Richie)

 July 12, 2015

V-6 Modifieds

Bruce Harrison won the feature followed by Keith Caruso, Walter Boucher, J.R Gorham and Eric Vilandre.


V-6 Modifieds: Walter Boucher, Bruce Harrison & Keith Caruso

Wicked Cool Midgets

Ben Mikitarian leads John Townsend early in the Wicked Cool Midget feature

Ben Mikitarian won his first ever Midget race. John Townsend was second. Richie Morrocco was third.

Ben Mikitarian with his dad John after his career first Midget Feature win


Roadrunner feature (#80) Josh Adie and (#41) Bobbo Williams passing Jen Lord

Mad” Max Dolliver won his fourth feature of the season. Dolliver started eleventh and quickly zoomed through the field to capture his eighth podium finish in as many races this season. Josh Adie ran into trouble early in the feature and found himself restarting last after a caution flew. Adie made all the right moves and was able to come home with a second place trophy. Bobbo Williams was third followed by Jen Lord, Jon Fultz, Peter Raby, Derek Carrion, Bob Fields, Donnie Mccaffrey and Leon Keniston.

Roadrunners (L-R) Bobbo Williams, Max Dolliver & Josh Adie just happy that he isn't Max

R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Thunder Lights Tyler Chase smoking his front tires

Mikayla Duval and Dan Sweeney put on a side by side race for the win that won’t ever be forgotten. Duval started on the front row and took the lead at the drop of starter Steve Gran’s green flag. Duval held off the challengers of a few different drivers but held onto the lead. Sweeney’s race didn’t start as good as he was involved in bringing out the first caution of the race. Once racing resumed Sweeney started marching towards the front as Duval held her lead. At the half way point of the twelve lap race Sweeney was in the outside groove and up to Duval's bumper.

Thunder Lights Tyler Chase smoking his front tires

With five laps to go Sweeney was side by side with Duval. The next five laps were some of the best racing of the year with Sweeney pulling ahead by a few feet on the straightaways and Duval driving hard into the corners and pulling even with Sweeney. The two were even in the last corners of the race and Sweeney pulled ahead coming to the checkers and won by just a few feet. Tyler Chase was third followed by Taylor Svenconis and Jimmy Renfrew Jr.

Thunder Lights (L-R) Mikayla Duval,Dan Sweeney & Tyler Chase

Rookie Stocks

Cars prepared by Baldwin Racecars captured the top two spots in the feature. Austin Erickson won his fourth feature of the year and Ronnie Robinson finished second. Jerry Lepage was third. Chad Wendell was fourth. Oscar Leclair was fifth.

Rookies (L-R)  Ron Robinson, Austin Erickson & Jerry Lepage

Spectator Race

Ryan Simmons won the Spectator Race.

Spectator Drags

Carlos Esquivel won the Spectator Drags.

Flagpole Race

Buddy Wilkins won the Flagpole Race.

 July 05, 2015

Outlaw Sportsman

Outlaw feature: (#17) Pete Jarek leading Todd Warren & Kevin Kephardt

Pete Jarek debuted a beautiful Impala skinned Outlaw Sportsman and in the feature led the first few laps. Jarek was soon passed by Kevin Kephart. Todd Warren followed Kephart past Jarek. Kephart and Warren, good buddies off the track, had a fantastic battle for the lead, beating and banging, trading paint, both smoking their rear tires coming off the corners and trading the lead a few times. Warren finally passed Kephart for good as Kephart slowed and went into the pits. Eric Sands was watching Warren and Kephart go at it from his third place position and wanted in on the fun. He ran hard to catch Warren and when he did there was more paint trading along with synchronized slipping, sliding and rear tire smoking in the corners. Sands made it by Warren after a few laps and built a big lead on his way to victory lane. Warren was second. Matt Robinson had an impressive race and finished third. Jarek was fourth followed by Pete” the Travelin’ Man” Fiandaca.

Outlaws: (L-R) Matt Robinson, Eric Sands & Todd Warren


Austin Erickson won his fourth feature of the year in the Rookie Stocks. Chad Wendell made his first appearance of the year and came home second. Jerry Lepage was third. Jason Ryan was fourth. Ronnie Robinson was fifth.

Rookies: Things are about to go bad for Ron Robinson (#71)

Oscar Leclair, Sr. gets into Robinson

Rookie Austin Erickson with Chassis Specialist George Baldwin

R & R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Tyler Chase won his first career R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Light feature. Chase is a fourth generation driver; he is the great grandson of Hudson Speedway legend Buzzie Bezanson Sr. Chase, like his grandfather, races with a number 64 on his car doors. He started the feature mid-pack and took to the outside groove and marched to the lead. Chase Curtis was leading the race when Chase made it to second. Curtis was running a good race and made it difficult for Chase to get by him but Chase eventually did. Curtis hung on to finish second followed by Jimmy Renfrew Jr, Brian Parker and Dan Sweeney.

Thunder Lights (L-R) Jimmy Renfrew, Jr., Tyler Chase & Chase Curtis


Mad” Max Dolliver picked up his fourth win of the season in the Roadrunner division. Dolliver started deep in the eighteen car field and didn’t waste any time in charging forward the twenty lap caution-free event. Paul Wainwright led most of the first half of the race. Dolliver chased him down and was able to grab the lead with plenty of laps left. Wainwright was second followed by Jarrod Soucy, Josh Adie, Bobbo Williams, Fultz, Billy McCarthy Jr, Andrew Firecracker, Jen Lord and Jon Fultz.

Roadrunners Max Dolliver

Spectator Drags

Jason Young won the Spectator Drags.

Spectator Race

Chuck Clark won the Spectator Race.

Flagpole Race

Rich Payne won the Flagpole Race.

 June 14, 2015

R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Dan Sweeney picked up his first feature win of the 2015 season. Sweeney started mid-pack and took the lead by lap five. He has been strong all year finishing in the top three every week except one time. Once Sweeney got the lead he stretched it out over the rest of the field. Jimmy Renfrew Jr had a win streak of four in a row going into the event that was snapped by Sweeney. Renfrew started deep in the field and was mired in traffic but broke free of the pack to finish second. Taylor Svenconis had a fantastic race picking up her first podium finish in third place. Mikayla Duval was fourth and Brian Parker was fifth.

Thunder Lights-(L-R)Jimmy Renfrew Jr.,Dan Sweeney, Taylor Svenconis


Roadrunners (29) Max Dolliver driving towards the front

Max Dolliver picked up his second win of the season and his sixth top 3 in as many features this season. Dolliver’s win was an early birthday gift for his dad Brian Dolliver who had his birthday on Monday. Dolliver started thirteenth in the fifteen car field and had to work through heavy traffic and avoid a few spinning cars on his trek to the lead. Matt Gauttin made his first appearance at Hudson this season and finished second. Jarrod Soucy has a solid run and finished third. Fourth through tenth were Bobbo Williams, Paul Wainwright, Nick Bettencourt, Harry Robinson, Jon Fultz, Josh Demers and Mike Richardi.

Max Dolliver in Victory Lane

Rookie Stocks

Rookies (22) Austin Erickson & Jake Joslin tangled going into turn one

Everyone was chasin’ Racin’ Jason Ryan across the finish line in the Rookie Stock main. Ryan won his first Rookie main of the year easily outpacing Jerry Lepage won finished second. Gage Harron was slip sliding his way to his first top three in the Rookie Stocks. Rob Roberson was fourth and Chuck Roberto was fifth.

Rookie (L-R) Gage Harron, Jason Ryan & Jerry Lepage

Spectator Race, Spectator Drags, Flagpole Race

Buddy Wilkins won the Spectator Race. Donnie McCaffrey won the Spectator Drags. Gary Wheeler won the Flagpole Race.


 June 14, 2015 Gate City Classic

Griffith Shines in Front of Hometown

Crowd in Gate City Classic

Derek Griffith continued his stunning season, as the 18-year-old driver picked up his second victory of his career in the Gate City Classic at Hudson International Speedway.

Derek Griffith Victory Lap
(Crystal Snape Photo)

Griffith led the field to green, with Matt Frahm matched to his outside. Mike Parks and Cory Casagrande made contact before the field completed one lap, with Parks spinning to the infield. One the restart, Griffith began to flex his muscles, jumping out to a quick lead, before series rookie Nick Boivin spun off turn 4, bringing out the second caution. The field would settle in for a long green flag run, until Casagrande and Jeremy Harclerode made contact on lap 41, erasing Griffith's sizable lead. The final caution of the race occurred on lap 47, when George Helliwell and Mike Sullivan tangled off turn 2, subsequently ending Sullivan's night.

GSPSS Nicholis Boivin (11MA) & and Billly Joerres (99) using up all the track
(Bob Hayes photo)

On the restart, Griffith lost the lead to veteran Larry Gelinas, resulting in Gelinas leading lap 48. That would turn out to be the only lap the youngster would not lead, as Griffith powered under the veteran Gelinas to retake the point on lap 49. Griffith would not be challenged again, as the pilot of the FEP/Tyngsboro Motors/M.O.M. Toyota nabbed the victory, to the cheers of his hometown crowd.

An excited Griffith would say, after the race, "I'm shocked. I'm out of words. It's awesome to finally come here and win a Pro Stock race. I've gotten a couple wins here in smaller cars, and finally to show them I'm a driver that can win some bigger races, I'm more than happy to do it here in front of my fans."

Not only did Griffith pick up the victory, but the Louie Mechalides-owned team gave away two bikes to children in the crowd, a new program the Granite State Pro Stock Series has created, and will continue to do for the remainder of the season.

Gelinas would settle for second, after engaging in battle with Barry Gray in the closing laps. Gelinas would go on to say, "Barry stuck his nose in there a couple times, but we had enough bite off the corner, so it worked out for us."

Gray, after starting eighth, would round out the podium, finishing third. Gray would comment on the battle with Gelinas, saying, It was a lot of fun. He ran me clean at Monadnock [Speedway], and we told him we'd repay the favor. It's fun running when you can run like that, and not get wrecked.

GSPSS Jaime & Timmy Webber with Derek Griffith.JPG
(Bob Hayes Photo)

Brad Babb fought his way from his ninth-place starting position to cross the line fourth, with Tommy O'Sullivan completing the top five, unofficially. Matt Frahm, who fought an ill-handling car all race long, held on for sixth, with Jeremy Harclerode, in just his second start with the series, finishing seventh. Casagrande, Helliwell, and Josh King completed the top ten. Gelinas and Parks picked up qualifying heat victories.

Derek Griffith and Crew in Victory Lane
(Crystal Snape Photo)

The Granite State Pro Stock Series will be back in action on June 27, as the series travels to Star Speedway. For more information on the Granite State Pro Stock Series, visit www.gspss.net.


Hudson International Speedway - 06/14/15
1. (1) Derek Griffith Hudson, NH
2. (5) Larry Gelinas Buxton, ME
3. (8) Barry Gray Belchertown, MA
4. (9) Brad Babb Windham, ME
5. (3) Tommy O'Sullivan Wilbraham, MA
6. (2) Matt Frahm Hampstead, NH
7. (13) Jeremy Harclerode Newmarket, NH
8. (7) Cory Casagrande Stafford Springs, CT
9. (6) George Helliwell Derry, NH
10. (10) Josh King Vernon, VT
11. (16) Geoff Rollins Groton, MA
12. (17) Nick Boivin Belchertown, MA
13. (14) Billy Joerres Somerset, MA
14. (4) Mike Parks Walpole, NH
15. (12) Bobby Cabral Kingston, NH
16. (11) Mike O'Sullivan

Springfield, MA


Sponsor Car Number Driver
AR BODIES (Hard Luck) 7 George Helliwell
BOND AUTO PARTS (Last Car on Lead Lap) 1 Cory Casagrande
BOND AUTO PARTS (Halfway Leader) 12 Derek Griffith
DRACO SPRINGS (Most Positions Gained) 51NH Jeremy Harclerode
FIVE STAR AUTO BODIES (5th Place) 16 Tommy O'Sullivan
MACLELLAN METAL FINISHING (Heat 1 Winner) 37ME Larry Gelinas
MACLELLAN METAL FINISHING (Heat 2 Winner) 66 Mike Parks
RB PERFORMANCE (3rd Place) 29 Barry Gray
RB PERFORMANCE (7th Place) 51NH Jeremy Harclerode
SHERWOOD WHEELS (Most Laps Led) 12 Derek Griffith
SUNOCO RACE FUELS (Heat 1 Winner) 37ME Larry Gelinas
SUNOCO RACE FUELS (Heat 2 Winner) 66 Mike Parks
VDL FUEL SYSTEMS (5th Place) 16 Tommy O'Sullivan
COIL-OVER COMMANDER (Feature Winner) 12 Derek Griffith

 June 07, 2015


Ben Bosowski won his first Outlaw feature of the season. Bosowski started third and led every lap of the feature. Bosowski was untouchable as he cruised to the win. Jay Sands won the battle for second place over Todd Warren who finished third. Matt Robinson was fourth and Dan Maki was fifth.

Outlaw's Feature Winner Ben Bosowski with his dad Matt Bosowski

New England V-6 Modifieds

Five time New England V-6 Modified champion Allan Reiser won his first feature of the season. Bruce Harrison was second followed by Keith Caruso, Walter Boucher and Eric Vilandre.

V-6 Modified Feature Winner Allan Reiser


The Roadrunners had double features with Jarrod Soucy and Robert Williams both winning one.

Soucy won the first feature driving from deep in the 24 car field to get his second win of the season. Soucy had to hold off hard-charging “Mad” Max Dolliver who finished second and Bobbo Williams who was third. Jon Fultz and Paul Wainwright were fourth and fifth.

Roadrunner's Jarrod Soucy

Williams started tenth in the second feature and quickly moved through the field to grab the top spot. Williams has been fast all year in his beautifully built Honda but was haunted by a loss of power at some point during most races but has worked on the problem and it all came together for this race. Max Dolliver ran second again. With five laps to go Ricky Fisette was in third trying to hold off Josh Adie when the two made contact going into turn three. Fisette’s car got turned sideways and Adie slowed to avoid hitting him. Fisette was able to get his car going in the right direction but both he and Williams lost momentum and a gaggle of cars led by Billy McCarthy Jr. did a great job avoiding them as the pack of cars passed them. McCarthy Jr had cars on his rear bumper and cars outside of him for the rest of the race but held his line perfectly and picked up his first podium finish at Hudson this season. Jon Fultz was fourth and Paul Wainwright was fifth.

Roadrunner's Bob Williams


Charlie Baldwin won the Rookie Stock main. It was Baldwin’s second win of the season in the Clement Realty sponsored car. Jason Ryan beat the bag out of Bill Heliwell’s rear bumper lap after lap trying to wrestle second place from Heliwell but Heliwell wasn’t rattled and held onto second. Ryan finished third. Gage Harron was fourth and Rob Roberson was fifth.

Rookie's Feature Winner Charlie Baldwin

R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Jimmy Renfrew Jr won his fourth straight Thunder Light feature. Renfrew has had a stranglehold on the winner’s trophy as the only winner so far in the young season. Brian Parker was second. Tyler Chase continues to improve week after week and picked up his first trophy with a third place finish. Taylor Svenconis ran in third most of the race but got a bit loose off a corner and had to lift to correct allowing Chase to pass her but she still finished in fourth. Bryce Howard filled out the top five.

Thunder Light's Feature Winner Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.


Flagpole Race Winner Buddy Wilkins

 May 25, 2015

Flagpole Race

R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. won his third consecutive R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights feature on Monday May 25th. Renfrew was followed by Dan Sweeney, Brian Parker, Taylor Svenconis and Mariah Evans.

R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. (55) on his way to the feature win


Roadrunners Max Dolliver winning a close one with Jarrod Soucy and Ricky Fisette 2nd and 3rd

Max Dolliver won his first Roadrunner feature of the season. It wasn’t easy for Dolliver as he had Jarrod Soucy all over his bumper for most of the race and Ricky Fisette wasn’t far behind them. When the white flag flew Dolliver was still leading but Soucy and Fisette were waiting to pounce on any mistake Dolliver might make. Soucy got beside Dolliver coming off turn four and headed for the checkers but didn’t have the run he needed to beat Dolliver to the line. Soucy had to settle for second with Fisette third. Jon Fultz was fourth and Paul Wainwright was fifth.

RoadrunnersMax Dolliver

Rookie Stocks

Austin Erickson was looking to make it three wins in a row to start the season in the Rookie Stocks. Erickson had a comfortable lead when he took the white flag but slowed on the final circuit handing the win to Charlie Baldwin. Following Baldwin across the finish line were Bret Cullen, Jason Ryan, Erickson and Gage Harron.

Rookie Stocks Charlie Baldwin

V-6 Modified

V-6 Modifieds Allan esier out of shape on the first lap of the feature

Bruce Harrison won the V6 Modified feature followed by Keith Caruso, Allan Reiser, Eric Vilandre and Walter Boucher.

V-6 Modifides Allan Reiser, Bruce Harrison & Keith Caruso

Full-Size Enduro

Ed Flanagan won the Full-Size Enduro.

Ed Flanagan won the full size Enduro

4-Cylinder Enduro

Paul Hurteau won the 4 Cyl. Enduro followed by Buddy Wilkins and Leon Keniston.

 May 24, 2015 

R and R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights

Jimmy Renfrew Jr made it two feature wins in a row to start the 2015 racing season in the R and R  Public Wholesalers Thunder Light Division. Dan Sweeney took the lead early in the race with Brian Parker close behind him. Renfrew was closing in on the front two as Sweeney and Parker made contact in turns three and fourth sending Sweeney spinning and bringing out the caution flag. Parker was sent to the rear for the restart along with Sweeney handing the lead and win to Renfrew. Parker and Sweeney recovered to finish second and third.

Thunder Lights Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. with Annette and David Joyce.

Outlaw Sportsman

Peter “The Travelin’ Man” Fiandaca took the lead on the first lap of the Outlaw feature and stretched his lead over second place runner Todd Warren each lap. Fiandaca, a NEAR Hall of Fame race driver, looked as if he was on rails and might just cruise to victory. Dan Maki’s car came to halt in the upper groove of turn four that brought out a caution and erased Fiandaca’s big lead. On the ensuing restart Todd Warren was able to get the lead from Fiandaca as Fiandaca’s handling went away. Warren then stretched his lead as Fiandaca slipped back. Fiandaca was able to hold off Kevin Kephart  who finished third. Ben Bosowski was fourth and Matt Robinson was fifth.

Outlaws Todd Warren on the left won.  Peter Fiandaca sitting in his car was second.  Kevin Kephart (right)was third.

Rookie Stocks

Austin Erickson won his second straight Rookie Stock feature to open the season. Erickson is in his first full season in the Rookie stocks and had to pass talented veteran Rookie drivers Charlie Baldwin., Geoff Rollins and former champion Jerry Lepage.  Erickson was running third behind Clement Jr when he took to the outside groove and got to the lead at the halfway point of the feature. Erickson was smooth as silk after that and wasn’t challenged. Baldwin got by Rollins and finished second and Rollins was third. Jason Ryan was fourth and Lepage was fifth.

Rookies Austin Erickson passing Bill Clement, Jr. with Geoff Rollins right in front of him.


2014 Roadrunner Champion Jarrod Soucy won his first feature of the new season. Soucy started deep in the field and methodically made his way towards the front. Max Dolliver also started deep in the field and was mired in traffic but was able to break free and get some running room long enough to finish second. Paul Wainwright made the jump up from Enduros and had his first podium finish in third place. Josh Adie raced his beat and battered Honda del Sol to a fourth place finish and Nick Bettencourt finished fifth.

Roadrunner Jarrod Soucy.

Spectator Race and Spectator Drags

Mexican Racing’s Carlos Esquivel won the Spectator Race and the Spectator Drags.

 May 17, 2015 

A beautiful summer-like day met the Hudson Speedway fans for the opening day of the speedways 68th consecutive racing season.

Thunder Light Feature:

Thunder Lights-Jimmy Renfrew Jr.

Jimmy Renfrew Jr won the Thunder Light feature. Brian and Cody Parker were second and third. Taylor Svenconnif and Mariah Evans rounded out the top five.

Outlaw Feature:

Outlaws-Eric Sands

Jay Sands picked up the Outlaw feature win. Kevin Kephart was second followed by Todd Warren, Ben Bosowski and Danny Maki.

Roadrunner Feature:

Roadrunner winner Ricky Fisette in victory lane

Ricky Fisette won the Roadrunner main followed by Bill Osborne, Max Dolliver and Jarrod Soucy.

Rookie Stock Feature:

Rookie Stocks-Austin Erickson

Austin Erickson won the Rookie Stock main followed by Bill Clement Jr, Chad Wendell, Jason Ryan and Mark Parenteau.

Four-Cylinder Enduro:

4-Cylinder Enduro - Keith Walton

Keith Walton won the Four Cyl Enduro.

Spectator Drags:

Carlos Esqiuvel won the Spectator Drags.

Flagpole Race:

Wheels Wheeler won the Flagpole Race.

Flagpole Race - Shane Dillon

Shane “The Villian” Dillon made his first appearance on the Hudson high banks in more than a decade and gave the fans a show by flipping his racevan on its side and standing atop of it after and gave a bow to the crowd.

It’s a doubleheader weekend on Memorial weekend with racing on Sunday and Monday. Both days feature the Rookie Stocks, Roadrunners, Thunder Lights, Spectator Race, Spectator Drags and Flagpole Race. Sunday also includes Outlaw Sportsman.

On Monday its kids bike races beginning at 11AM and also included are the New England V-6 Modifieds and Enduros. Gates open at 11AM and the first race is at 1:03 on both days.